SIWO Global News 4th June 2018 #49

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The insensitive selfie taker

Italians were shocked at a young man who took a selfie of paramedics treating a woman after a train accident.  The young Canadian woman was taken to hospital and had to have a leg amputed.  When the news photographer who captured this incident put it on the social media, there was an uproar from people at the insensitive behaviour of the youmg man.

The incident happened at the Piacenta station, though investigated by the police, it appears he has not committed a crime.  The news photographer said, “we have completely lost a sense of ethics.”

‘Catastrophic’ Grenfell failures

After two weeks of personal and harrowing stories and experiences of the Grenfell Tower Fire, the second stage starts this week.  The catastrophic failures are being revealed in the public inquiry  in the five reports.  In short it’s  saying the lifts failed, there were inadequate fire doors, the stair well filled with smoke, the smoke control system was not operating well, there was lack of regulation to ensure a central alarm system was in place, existing guidelines and tests allowed the cladding and the ‘architectural crown’ at the top of the building caught fire and fell causing the fire to spread around the building.

Inspirational Story

Husband, 84, helps wife with her make up as her eyesight starts to fail.

Des and Mona Manahan from Ireland had a story that got the attention of many viewers.  Mona had a special engagement to attend but since her eyesight started failing she couldn’t do her make up.  She wanted her makeup done professionally.  Her husband wanted to have a go after watching the beautician and he did a good job.  The beautiful encouraged him to learn and he did.

Their video was seen by a celebrity makeup artist who works with Kim Kardashian.  He invited them to a masterclass in London.  Des and Mona are both happy to continue living their life helping each other.


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