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Today, I discovered how old the theory of nepotism, the art of favoritism, really is; it dates back long before Jesus, and even He fell victim to it. Jesus taught the art of loving one another and His Father’s demand to never show partiality to others. But, for that, He was hated by many and crucified. Isn’t it a sad reminder of a glitch in our conscious mind?

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So just what was my earliest sign of nepotism in life? I remember, as a first-grader, playing kickball. We chose two captains. Each one picked their best friends, first, to be on their team. How innocent it seemed as kids, but there were always one or two students left embarrassed and feeling not very liked by the captains.

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In the political scene, no Godly merits nor qualifications of the electoral seem to lead our country, only the glory of preferential participation. The evil here is whatever favors we may use to change what people say or to alter what they see. But, I recall off the top of my head, positions appointed which could not be bought by money or a smile. I know some may not agree with the examples of Henry Kissinger, Condoleezza Rice, and Sarah Palin, for one reason or another. Excluding the personality issues, they remained solvent to their cause. I give any elected official the credit they deserve for not being persuaded amidst the current democracy of now.

Amongst family units, nepotism ranks even higher. One child, one sibling, appears to be a shining star. Is it that one is easier to love than another or does one’s handicaps make them harder to enjoy equally? In either case, this sense of inequity creates damage to the self-esteem instead of building strength to hold each other up in difficult situations. Children are very perceptive to their parent’s interactions with them and their siblings. Yes, it doesn’t go unnoticed!

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I look to God for the answers. How do we abbreviate the part of our mind which undermines merits? The answer lies currently, still, in Jesus’s words… love each other unconditionally, and resist the urge to dishonor those less fortunate or less powerful. Nepotism prevents someone else from receiving the love or attention they need. The highest expression of loving others as we love ourselves, and showing no inequity, is Jesus’s death on the cross. He allowed His life to be taken so He could take ours, rising again with all the power. In the Final Judgment, we will experience the culmination of God’s plans for perfect fairness.

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