Photo Of The Day: Romantic Mystique!!!

In blissful moments like these, your presence brings in some romantic mystique…
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Philanthropy: Love of mankind

Summer is here, All I need now is love,

I rise like a dove in search for a bud,

I don’t want to bear this armor anymore,

I want love,

A green youth turning to a much darker age,

I don’t see myself growing I just stop and wait,

I was a white knight, but now it’s too late,

I want to be known as Alexander the great,

Why not live for life’s sake?

More meaning in the inner most feelings,

I hope to share with my soul mate,

My skin is brown, from another town,

Still I see friends and family with people of another background,

Rainbows all around birds singing in the background,

Why am I so worked out? I’d like to say fuck it and work out,

Fever of love reaching higher degrees,

Sometimes I wished I’d disappear, like never mind me,

I want to be set free, like a slave hoping in infinity,

Is there something wrong about me?

I hope you’re happy when you see me,

Cause I want you and me to be,








Your eyes are like a sea,
the door of my heart’s key…

I don’t know why I love you so much…
that can’t hear anything wrong about you though not being physically in touch..

Staying with you forever is my dream of every day n night,
spending countless romantic evenings with you is the best dream coming true in my sight…

The whole world around seem to be stopped…
first time my love when I kissed you my heart was on the seventh sky’s top…

The warmth of your hug is the best feeling I ever get…
and of course our first hug my love how can I forget…

You came to me with a rose in your hand,little shyness in your eyes and a blushing face…
hugged me tight ,oh my god how beautiful were those days…

your hand in my hand best were those romantic walks……
your pinky finger in my pinky finger and our those long late night talks…

when we both get frustrated after our every fight..
A kiss on forehead just set everything right…

Skype dates are not that bad …
after such beautiful experiences of hugs and kisses we had…

I write you..just by seeing you on my Skype date..
you’re so beautiful in my words then how much beautiful you would be in reality I wonder my soulmate


Something About the Poet:

She is pursuing her graduation in economics honours from
Amity University,Noida.

She write poems in English,hindi and punjabi and most of them based on love,romance and pain.






let my poesy moulder in its thirst
for eyes to recognize the beauty
it captures and displays
but let me be their in your memory
till your final breath, felicity.
remember the verses i composed
with you as my muse for only
you were the true who filled my gaps
and my lips will always carry a smile
sorrow sprinkled or of absolute joy
when i think how you caught my teardrops
and when just a brief walk with you
helped me sleep in peace at night
they might remember only my lunacy
and demonic dreams of dire darkness
but you remember my serenity,
my blissful dawns and delightful vespers
they might grasp only my blasphemy
but you remember my heart’s immaculacy,
the loveliness of the gentleman in me
and liveliness of the child in me.

remember the drunken amble to my bed from yours
remember the delicious delicacies we tried together
and tied our hearts at lanes we explored
and wandered with laughter under an angry sun
let them live their illusion of my reflection
but for you I’ve left behind my shadow
in those letters and verses under your name
for with you, all i needed was what i already had.




In My Arm’s Embrace

Though I hold you in my arms my bride,

And I can feel you tremble with my touch.

In my arm’s embrace,

Your ungathered hair tumbled as such.

The breeze whispers your name my angel,

The sky asks nothing and leaves you free.

One who was so distant came so near to me,

And still nearer when the moment drifted away from me.

We two meet once, all time lost,

To the warmth of your skin.

Of your touch, all those kisses on your arms,

My lips on your hands as I have seen.

Hand in hand we merged,

No word upon our lips.

I lose my way among your smell,

From you there is nothing else to keep.


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I love you

When I go to bed tonight,DSC_0000144
I will sleep soundly;
I will not star blankly
In the sky again,
As I did last night;
Do you know why?
Now, I am sure of your love;
Yesterday, I doubted;
Today, I am sure;
Not just because
You whispered those
Tender words in my ears,
But because of that broad smileDSC_0000143
You had for me;
It said it all;
And your eyes twinkled
With Love in bold print
As you stared
At me.
So much I feel loved;
Thank you for your love;
I love you.