A special time

I have started celebrating;
Can you guess what I am celebrating?
I am celebrating the start
Of the week end;
I am happy
That I will rest;
And have time for you;
If you want it,
We can go up the hill,
And down the valley;
And make fun our breakfast;
Our lunch and our dinner.
It will be a thrilling time;
A time we will never forget.
A special time only for us.


With joy

I went to bed last night
With joy
In my heart;
I went to bed happy;
The reason was simple;
I knew I was loved;
I knew you loved me;
That gave me joy;
Never before,
Had I felt so good;
Awareness of your love
Made me so happy;
What feeling is better
Than feeling loved?
And it’s you
Who makes me feel loved
All the times;
Who then can be
More precious to me?

How do you know God loves you?

Does God love you?
Many people say
God loves them;
If you say so also,
How do you know
God loves you?
For me, God loves me;
I know this because
He preferred me
To thousands of others
When I was conceived
In my mother’s womb;
Many people wanted my place,
And fought fiercely for it;
But it was to me
God gave victory;
And because he made me win,
I came into the world;
And since then,
He has called home millions;
But here I am.
God loves me.
He became man,
And died on the cross
For me;
He really loves me.

You mean the world

Do you know who I thought of
As I started this day?
Who else but you?
I could have forgetten everybody,
But not you;
I thought of you immediately
I opened my eyes this morning;
And that was for a reason;
It was like switching on
The light of my heart
To dispel any darkness;
Or turning on the heater
Of your car on a cold day.
Do you know what this means?
So much to me;
It means you mean
The world to me;
That is exactly what you mean.
I value our relationship.

Praying for you

What am I doing
For you?
I am praying for you;
If you hate me,
Know that I am
Praying for you;
It doesn’t matter
How deeply
You hate me;
Know that I am
Praying for you;
If you are trying
To stand on my way,
Know that I am
Praying for you;
If you are rejoicing
Over my misfortune,
Know that I am
Praying for you.
That is what I always do;
And what
I will always do.
I pray for you;
I will always pray
For you;
May I always pray for you,
Regardless of who you are,
And what you do.

Heat of love

Let us, with beauty
Close this day,
As we started ;
Inseparably cemented
By the fire of love;
Do you remember
The burning heat
That puffed out
Of our father’s furnace
In the days of young?
That heat burns my heart
As I sit here;
And the furnace
That generates it is you.
Burn on heat of love;
You answer your call
So well;
Never stop a duty
So beautifully executed.

Talk with love and respect

The world will be
A better place to live in,
If we learn
To talk to each other
With love and respect;
What does this mean?
That we must talk,
Not to hurt
But to sweeten the heart;
That we must talk,
Not to destroy
But to build;
That we must talk,
Not to scatter
But to gather;
That we must talk
Not like antagonists
But like friends.
If we can do this,
We will make the home
A better place for all;
Let us learn to talk
With love and respect
No matter who
We are talking to.
Let us strive to talk
To everyone we know,
Everyone we come across
Everyone with whom
We are dealing,
With love and respect,
And the world will be
An excellent place
For all of us to live in.