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Love and faith all I need

Two things O Lord, I pray for; Only two things are Enough for me; Give me these two things, And you give me everything; The first thing is love For you; Make me love you With all my heart and mind; Make me love you with all The might that I have; The second is…

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May your light shine!

A new life has begun, Charming man, Comely lady, A new light has begun To shine; What a sweet joy When you find The queen The hero Of your dream, The pearl that glows Your heart; May this lit candle Light many candles Over many years! May you For all your life Together Swim in…

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My dearest Valentine

Aren’t you my Valentine? Take me out to dine; Make sure you don’t miss To give me a kiss; We’ll drink good wine And really feel fine. I’ll give you love in showers And bouquets of flowers. You will ever be my dearest; Because you are my sweetest.

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Hardest thing in this world is……

I know you are tempted to say ‘Diamond’ ! True to some extent.Diamonds symbolize Status,Love,strength( hardness), beauty and Prosperity. It’s also interesting to know why Β 60 th wedding anniversary is called ‘Diamond Anniversary’ ?. It’s because of longevity of the couple’s relationship both in times of happiness and difficulties and the marriage surviving this long…

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How many times?

How many times Will the word valentine Be pronounced today? How many times Will the word valentine Be written today? How many times Will the word valentine Appear on pages today? How many times Will the word valentine Be watched on video today? Today is valentine’s Day; I join millions if not billions, To think…

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To you my Valentine

This Valentine’s Day Is so special Because of you. I wake up everyday Knowing you are there For me. Of seven billion people In the world, None is like you; And none can replace you In my heart. Wherever I go I feel the joy Of your love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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