Come go with me

I am waiting
For you;
Come go with me
My love;
To a land
Far away;
Where we can fully enjoy
Our love;
I am waiting
For you;
I can’t go without you;
I need you by me;
Come stand by me;
Come hold my hand
And go with me;
Let’s enjoy a love
So deep and sweet.


Pour out your love

What can be sweeter
Than to swim in
An ocean of love?
But if you can’t bathe
In an ocean of love,
Go for a shower of
Or you take a bath
In rainfall of love.
How sweet to be so
And as we love to be
So must we also give
Pour out your love
On all you meet;
Pour out your love on

The fullness of love

I knew you were fully mine
The very first day we met;
Something ran through me
Like electrical current;
I could not stop gazing at you;
But it was not time;
Never before
Had a face so magnetized me;
I was completely hooked;
And since then,
You have not left my mind;
Indeed, my heart goes for you;
I am in love with you;
I am deeply in love with you;
It is clear you were created
For me to love;
All these years you were
Being prepared for me;
This is the time for our love;
My love tank for you is full;
Come dip and drink from
This overflowing love tank;
Enjoy love you have
Never known before;
Come swim in my ocean
Of love for you.
Enjoy the fullness of love.

Thanks to our love

Thanks to our love,
I am up and doing;
Thanks to our love,
My spirits are high;
Thanks to our love,
I feel very strong;
Thanks to our love,
Life is sweet;
Thanks to our love;
Life has meaning;
Thanks to our love,
My face is shining;
Thanks to our love,
The challenges of life
Are less daunting;
Thanks to our love,
I know what is joy.

My all and all

I hereby declare
My love for you;
Let me tell you how
Dearly I love you;
You are the one for
Whom my heart dances;
For you I can die;
I hereby say it loudly,
You are my heart;
You are my honey;
You are my nectar;
You are my oxygen;
You are my air;
You are my sunshine;
You are my star;
You are my everything;
You are my all and all.