The tragic reality of today’s world

This is a call to all who believe in God and the word of God to humanity.

Why is the world the way it is when we have churches popping up every day?

Are you aware of the acute shortage of love in the world?

What about the devastating surplus of hate?

This is the tragic reality of our world and our most critical challenge as the indigenes of planet earth and believers in God.

The daunting task in our hands has always been, and will for a long time to come, remain to reverse the trend and let love overflow while hate is reduced to the barest minimum, if not completely eradicated.

The critical question is whether humanity can live up to this arduous task.

That is the mission which the Church has engaged herself to accomplish since she was instituted by her Divine Founder.

Her fortunes have been mixed.

The truth is, as long as hate outweighs or supersedes love in the world, we will continue to bear witness to the overwhelming and devastating flow of evil that has already submerged the human race.

But we have neither reason nor excuse to despair. We must keep the candle of hope burning, based on the assurance of heaven, that victory will be on our side. Reason will eventually outdo senselessness in the race and ultimately, good will triumph over evil.

Let us live in hope that our world will eventually sail through the stormy seas of hate to the safe shores of love.

Let our candle of hope burn on, that peace will eventually reign in our midst while chaos, wars, senseless fighting and killing and destruction will go into a downward spiral in a bottomless pit.

If we let hope go, we become hopeless.

Despite the dark reality of our world, let us keep hope alive.

We need to lean on God. He is our only hope. We cannot eradicate hate and the evil that comes from it through our human effort. Only God can rescue us. He alone can grant us the grace of love. He alone can transform the burning human thirst for evil into a thirst for good.


We must take back our land

We must take back our land;
It was designed to be
A love land,
And not a hate land;
But what do we find?
Hate all over the land;
Who has turned it
Into a hate land;
We ourselves;
What an abuse
Of the Creator’s goodwill!
We have a big challenge
On our laps;
To take our land back
To where it was
When the Creator created it;
Remember it was
A Garden of Eden;
Full of the milk and honey
Of love;
We Chased the bees out
Through our stupidity
And greed, and lost our honey;
Then came a barren bee
Of hate, to install itself.
Today, we pay the price
With tears of sorrow;
As we fight and kill ourselves.
What a pity!
But we can’t let it be so;
Let us take back our land
From Hate and give to Love.
This is a must else
We are wiped out of the universe.

Since our chat last night #SIWOPC

Since our chat last night,
I have been savouring
Your words;
Which taste like honey
On the tongue of my ears;
And sugar in my cup of tea,
They sweetened my heart;
Ask me their color,
I would say yellow,
They shone so brightly
Like the moonlight
That suddenly appears
On a dark night;
Ours was a sweet chat;
That pierced my heart delightfully with love
I never before felt.
I hunger for same words;
I thirst to drink
That refined wine of love
That poured from your lips,
Like the spring
That ran down the hill
Through our abode
When I was a kid.
I long to hear
That angelic melody
That rolled out
Of your golden lips;
Those love words
That took me to heaven
Where I wish
I could live forever.

A special time

I have started celebrating;
Can you guess what I am celebrating?
I am celebrating the start
Of the week end;
I am happy
That I will rest;
And have time for you;
If you want it,
We can go up the hill,
And down the valley;
And make fun our breakfast;
Our lunch and our dinner.
It will be a thrilling time;
A time we will never forget.
A special time only for us.

With joy

I went to bed last night
With joy
In my heart;
I went to bed happy;
The reason was simple;
I knew I was loved;
I knew you loved me;
That gave me joy;
Never before,
Had I felt so good;
Awareness of your love
Made me so happy;
What feeling is better
Than feeling loved?
And it’s you
Who makes me feel loved
All the times;
Who then can be
More precious to me?

How do you know God loves you?

Does God love you?
Many people say
God loves them;
If you say so also,
How do you know
God loves you?
For me, God loves me;
I know this because
He preferred me
To thousands of others
When I was conceived
In my mother’s womb;
Many people wanted my place,
And fought fiercely for it;
But it was to me
God gave victory;
And because he made me win,
I came into the world;
And since then,
He has called home millions;
But here I am.
God loves me.
He became man,
And died on the cross
For me;
He really loves me.

You mean the world

Do you know who I thought of
As I started this day?
Who else but you?
I could have forgetten everybody,
But not you;
I thought of you immediately
I opened my eyes this morning;
And that was for a reason;
It was like switching on
The light of my heart
To dispel any darkness;
Or turning on the heater
Of your car on a cold day.
Do you know what this means?
So much to me;
It means you mean
The world to me;
That is exactly what you mean.
I value our relationship.