Come be my love

Your words are sweet;
And touch my heart;
See how I smile;
You are such a honey;
Sweet like nectar;
I wish you were mine;
I would adore you
All the rest of my life;
Shall you be mine?
My heart has begun
To yearn for you;
I need you;
I need your love;
With you as my love,
I will live for ever;
Come be my love;
Let me shower you
With love;
I’ll take you to
The paradise of love
Where you will swim
Everyday in love.


Blue Love


A deep longing.

That’s how I feel right now.



Just a thought of you

makes me want to be

with you.

Just a thought of you

makes me go weak

in my knees.


So far away you are;

yet so close to my heart.

Your absence

tortures me,

tests me.

This torture,

too intense to bear.


compared to the love

you give me,

this torture is



This love we share;

It’s so blue.

Filled with longing

and yearning,

for each other;

yet, so passionate.


I will never

give up on you,

on us.

Please do the same

as me,

and wait.

Someday, I’ll be in

your arms,

looking into

your eyes,

for you’ll be looking

into mine.




Another poem that I wrote today



I have missed her for a day

I have missed her
For a day;
Where is she?
I miss her so much;
When she’s around,
My heart glows with joy;
She has a touch,
That she alone has;
And when she’s away,
I feel empty;
She has become dear;
So dear, indeed, to me;
A very precious friend;
Yet, I have missed her
For a day
And feel the gap so deep;
Where is she?
Who will tell her to come
To me;
That so much I need her.
She will make my heart again
Glow with happiness.

If all were like you

If all were like you,
What a world would we have?
Would I go to bed
And sleep soundly?
Would I have
No reason to worry?
Is your heart full
Of the milk of kindness or
The bitterness of wickedness?
Is your heart full
Of love and goodwill
Or hate and evil plans?
If all were like you,
What would the world be?
A place of joy or a place of suffering;
Are you helping to make
The world a heaven or a hell for others?
I like us to know this:
Weather the world is good
Or the world is bad,
We the inhabitants of the world
Have made it what it is;
And we continue to make it
What it is;
Why complain about evil
In the world
When we are the ones making
It such an evil place?
I like you seriously to tell me:
If all were like you,
What a world would we have?
We must be the change we want
In the world.
All of us must change our ways
To change our world.

Tell me you will be mine

Do you know you are so nice?
Do you know you are so sweet?
Do you know how nice you are?
How Sweet you are?
Do you know you are irresistible?
Do you know I’m in love with you?
That I am dying for you?
What do you tell me?
Tell me your heart burns
With love for me;
As mine burns for you;
Tell me you are mine;
And will be mine for ever!