I am really lost

I am confused;
I am lost;
My arms are cold;
My chest, no better;
My heart, equally so;
Who will warm me?
When you no longer care?
Now, you belong to
And I am left in such cold;
You were mine;
So dear to me;
You have left me,
Without blinking;
Imagine you of everyone;
In whom I put all my trust;
Doing this to me!
How could I have ever imagined!
I am lost;
Surely, I am lost.
I am really, really lost.


Where exactly do you stand?

Are you not aware of my love?
What is wrong with you?
Why aren't you saying anything
When you know what is in my heart?
I have repeatedly told you
How much I love you;
But you have remained tongue-tied;
Tell me what is in your heart;
Are you mine or for another?
Who are you for?
Let me hear from you so that
My heart may know peace.
At the moment, I am totally confused,
Which is not good for me
Because I don't understad you;
You tell me your position.
Where exactly do you stand in this?
See how lonely you've left me.

Christmas Snow

David was thankful to have past through Statesville. The unusual Christmas snow had left the western North Carolina interstates in a mess. There was only one lane on each side of the highway clear enough to drive on. Even those lanes had started to develop a slick slush despite the constant barrage of tire tracks. David was able to release the death grip on the steering wheel as traffic lightened significantly north of interstate forty.

A long jagged breath escaped David’s lips and got his speed back up to forty-miles-per-hour. There were now fewer cars on the road, but more snow. The Nissan Rogue’s all-wheel-drive kicked in, and the car easily traversed the snowy path in front of it. The further north he continued up interstate seventy-seven the deeper the snow got, both on and off the road. By the time he turned off the interstate to highway four-twenty-one, all black tire tracks in the white powder had disappeared.

Normally, he would have preferred to stay in Charlotte and hunker down. The city was expecting only a few inches wet snow, and it would likely melt in less time than it took for it to fall from the sky. He smiled as he thought about his best friend Hank and their work associates at Southend Brewery bringing in the Christmas season. He wished he was there, but he had a promise to keep. No other woman had loved David the way this woman had, and he would not leave her alone on a cold, snowy Christmas in Boone.

David started to descend a small hill not far from the old Wilkesboro speedway when he saw a young woman on the side of the road. Her white, older Cadillac sat with its hood up and steamrolling out. David wanted to press on, but he knew her small frame wrapped in a purple shawl would not fair well with the temperatures expected to drop below twenty degrees as the day wore on. He pulled over and had barely gotten the car stopped when the young woman appeared at his passenger door.

The passenger window lowered with a hum. David was astounded by the young woman’s beauty. Her auburn hair, bright blue eyes, and attractive smile enraptured David, and yet, there was something familiar about the beautiful stranger. “Do you need any help?” asked David.

“Oh, heavens, yes please,” responded the woman. “Do you mind giving me a ride to my home in Boone? I’ll have a tow truck retrieve my car later.”

David nodded, “Sure, hop in.” With a flick of his finger, the door locks shot up, and the young lady quickly got into the passenger seat and shut the door. She looked around his SUV and then at David. “It’s so warm and clean. Where is your wife?”

David blushed, “I’m not married.”

“Then who cleans your truck?” asked the inquisitive young lady.

David shrugged, “I do. I like to keep my belongings in good shape.”

The young woman nodded, “Such a catch. Oh, where are my manners? I’m Minerva. I know it’s an odd sounding name today. My parents named my siblings and me after our dead relatives. Some names didn’t age as well as others I’m afraid.”

Before he could stop himself, David asked, “Do you have any sisters like you?”

Minerva laughed, and then replied, “Careful, young man. You never know who you’re talking to.”

David faced the road and nodded his head, but then turned back to Minerva, “Wait, you’re my age. I’m hardly a young man compared to you.”

Minerva cleared her throat, placed her hands in her lap and patted the seat, “Well, you were acting like a young rascal, but I forgive you. Shouldn’t we be on our way?”

David nodded and eased his car back on to the empty highway that was rapidly changing from a snowy trail to a flowing blanket of white. The thirty-miles-per-hour he was now cruising still left his knuckles white in a death grip around the wheel.

“My, you look tense,“ said Minerva. “What brings you out here on such a nasty day?”

“My grandmother,” answered David.

Minerva reached over and gently touched his right hand. Her cool fingertips felt familiar, and his grip eased on the steering wheel. “Tell me, why is she so special to you?”

With only a momentary glance away from the snowy road David quickly answered, “She raised me.” He looked back towards the road and continued. “Mom and dad divorced when I was in elementary school. I was caught in the middle. Having my parents fighting all the time was more than I could take, and I sort of gave up on life. Grandma and Grandpa took me in and raised me. I don’t know what I would have become without my grandparents. We lost grandpa a few years ago, and now it’s my turn to take care of grandma.”

The touch of Minerva’s young lips on David’s cheek made him jump in his seat. Her friendly kiss lasted only a moment, but it made him feel warm and welcomed. “That’s for being a good grandson. You’ll make some woman very happy one day.”

Looking at Minerva and back to the road, David was not sure what to think. She was certainly beautiful and kind, but she was different. Unlike other women he had met, she seemed more like a sister than a possible date. Before he realized it, Boone was coming into view. “Where should I drop you off?” asked David.

“I live on Delmar Street,” said Minerva.

David nodded, “That’s the same street my grandma lives on. I’m surprised we’ve never seen each other.”

Minerva smiled and said, “Oh, I bet we’ve seen each other before. Perhaps we were both too busy to speak.”

“I wouldn’t be that busy,” muttered David to himself.

A few minutes later Minerva pointed to the side of the road in front of a seemingly empty house a few hundred yards from David’s grandmother’s house. “Drop me here dear.”

“Here? You don’t want me to accompany you up to the door?” David’s voice was tinged with disappointment as he eased his vehicle on to the snow-covered shoulder.

Minerva let a small chuckle escape her lips before replying,“Oh, no. You’re far too young for me. Thank you for the ride. I know your grandmother really appreciated your visits and loves you very much.”

With that, Minerva quickly glided out the opened passenger door and shut it behind her. David wrestled with his seat-belt; he wanted to ask her over for tea later at his grandmother’s. She would love to meet Minerva. After a few seconds, he finally freed himself of the vehicle. Looking around Minerva was nowhere to be found.

He dashed around the vehicle, and then stopped short and reached out for the car’s hood to steady himself.  Minerva seemed to have vanished, and there was no sign of any footprints in the snow near the vehicle. A cool breeze hit David’s body, and the chill shot all the way through him. He rushed over to the driver’s door and scrambled inside the SUV. David checked the back seat and then roared the engine to life and hurried to his grandmother’s house.

David burst through the front door and hollered, “Grandmother, you won’t believe what just happened to me!”

The house was strangely still after his outburst. Only his grandmother’s old cuckoo clock ticked. David took a few steps into the family room and saw the familiar gray hair of his grandmother. She appeared to have nodded off for a nap. He walked around the corner of the chair and found a picture frame in each of her hands. Her eyes drooped half open. He gently reached over to wake her up, but she we cold to the touch. For several seconds, nothing moved.

David’s fingers fumbled to unlock his cell phone. His actions ceased, and the phone fell to the floor. The pictures inside their frames took David’s breath away. In his grandmother’s left hand was a picture of the two of them last Christmas. They smiled and were wearing their silly Santa hats in front of the fireplace. It was an unusually warm Christmas, and both had on short sleeve shirts under the Christmas sweaters they immediately removed after the photo. His grandmother even cracked a window to let out the hot air caused by the fireplace.

In her right hand, she held a picture of a young man about five years older than himself. Next to the man was a young, auburn-haired woman with bright blue eyes. The bikini she wore fit her perfectly. Both had broad smiles on their faces and no daylight between their bodies as they held one another. His grandfather’s writing was in the corner of the photo. “To my Minerva, you make Myrtle Beach beautiful.”

David leaned over and kissed the top of his grandmother’s still head. “Thank you, grandma.” He reached down and retrieved his cell phone. David walked over to the couch with tears in his eyes, sat down, and calmly dialed 911.

Why did you marry your spouse? Or what will make you marry someone?

Many marriages are so rough, you are forced to ask how they came about in the first place. Why do people marry the person they marry? If you are married, why did you marry the person you are married to and not someone else?

The reason we marry the person we marry determines how our marriage turns out to be.

What are some of the reasons people may marry someone?

  1. Love: Some people marry a particular person because they love the person and think they will be happy with the person as husband and wife.
  2. Money: Some people marry because of money. What attracts them to the person they marry is the person is rich and they want to enjoy the riches.
  3. Prestige: Some people look for their spouse in a highly placed family so that they can have the honor of a big connection.
  4. Family: Some people marry to satisfy their family especially their parents to enable them to meet their need for honor.
  5. Adventure: Some people marry for adventure.
  6. Benefit: Some people marry to get some benefit through the marriage which may not necessarily be the person’s money. It could be the possibility of obtaining a visa to travel to another country or to obtain citizenship in another country.
  7. Some people marry to have children. They may not love the person they marry but because they think they will have beautiful or handsome children with the one.
  8. Physical attraction: some people marry a particular person because they find the person physically attractive. They want their friends to see them with a beautiful wife or handsome husband.
  9. Proximity: some people marry because of proximity. They grow together in the same locality and know each other and become so used to each other that they decide to get married. They have not been exposed to the world. They meet other people only later.
  10. Conformity: some people marry to conform; to be like their friends. Their friends are getting married and they don’t want to be the only ones not married. Hence, they hurriedly take a decision to marry whoever they find.

These are just some of the reasons someone may end as a spouse to another. Only the first one is love. The others have nothing to do with love. Can there be any doubt that many marriages run into trouble? God instituted marriage so that two people who love themselves should agree to come together and live together as husband and wife, and produce children out of love.

When we put aside love in favor of different considerations, our marriage becomes difficult.

Love should be the primary consideration for marriage. But you will hear many people asking whether one can eat love. They say it is better to marry someone who will provide for you even if you don’t love the person than to marry someone you love passionately, but who has nothing.

The truth is most of such marriages that have an economic interest or other interest outside love end up with a lot of problems.

Love, therefore, should be the main reason we marry someone.

But take that you are already married and love was not the reason you married the one you are married to, what are you to do?

This is a great question which brings us to the concept of love as a decision. There’s a concept that love is a decision not just passion. You can decide to love some one and actually do. You may not be physically attracted to the person or you may not find all that you like to see in a spouse in the person, but you decide all the same that you will love the person and actually do.

Hence, if you got married for another reason different from love, what you must do now is to take the decision to love the one whom God has given you. If you take this decision and stick to it and do your best to make it work, it will.

And whether we married for love or some other reason, our challenge is to take or renew our decision to love our spouse daily. At the start of everyday, renew this decision silently. Tell yourself that you have decided to love your spouse unconditionally today. Do everything within your powers to respect this decision. If you both resolve to do this as a couple daily, there can be no doubt about the success of your marriage.

Love you.

The Humble Mother of a Christmas Savior

The Humble Mother of a Christmas Savior cover

Welcome to Part Two of a three-part Special Edition of Everything Christmas Blogs. As Christians, it is important to know about Jesus. For example, how many details do you actually know about His family? Though most information is minimal, try to use your imagination, along with the details and facts of the Bible, to understand this holy dynasty. Today, we will learn of Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus Christ. Enjoy!

Enjoy this gorgeous Christmas song, “Mary, Did You Know?” sung by Clay Aiken:


Nothing is more glorious or miraculous than giving birth to a child. Who will the baby resemble and what will they become in adulthood? But, can you ever imagine going to sleep a virgin and waking up to discover a baby growing in your womb? And then, to compound the mystery, you are told the child will be a Savior to all mankind! What?? How does this happen? God’s power over man is astounding, if not scary. It proves we, ultimately, have no control over our lives. His miraculous deeds exceed earthly desires, so let us praise His name!

This is the true account of Jesus’s mother, Mary, a poor Jewish girl who lived in Nazareth. Her honorable family was descendants of King David, but they were not any different from others who struggled to live daily in the thriving, small town. Mary’s parents raised her with strong convictions and a deep love for the Lord. She was carefully trained in the Scriptures and so highly favored by God to be the mother of His Son.

Mary’s story begins in the Bible at the tender age of twelve to fourteen where she lived with her parents but betrothed to Joseph. (This is young to be engaged but the lifespan of the generations in biblical days were short.) One day, the angel, Gabriel, came to visit her and said:

Luke 1:28-33

“….Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.” 29 Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be. 30 But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God. 31 You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus. 32 He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David, 33 and he will reign over Jacob’s descendants forever; his kingdom will never end.”



Put yourself in Mary’s place. What would your reaction be to such a claim? I think it would terrify me, as it did Mary, for she was still a virgin. Though she didn’t understand, she humbled herself before the Lord. Her faith and trust in God would see her through the explanation to Joseph and the birth of the child. What a remarkable young girl!

Mary paid a visit to her older cousin, Elizabeth and her husband, Zechariah in a small town of Judea. Would they believe her story? They were preparing for the delivery of their first child. As the Bible tells, when Mary arrived, Elizabeth dropped to her knees and said, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear!” God used Elizabeth to confirm to Mary that she would be the mother of the Son of God. She knew nothing was impossible for God. But, Elizabeth understood, too, an unmarried mother in their culture could be stoned or put to death. It would place shame on the tribe in their township. So, she let Mary stay with her until their son, John the Baptist, was born three months later.

The Humble Mother of a Christmas Savior Pic 2


Upon Mary’s return trip home, many thoughts afflicted her. How would she explain her pregnancy to Joseph and her parents? They would accuse her of something she did not do. This young woman of such character was about to be put to the ultimate test.

When Mary relayed her story to Joseph, he appeared extremely upset and hurt. She knew he didn’t believe her. What would she do now, and where would she go to stay safe in Nazareth? The Bible does not detail her parent’s reaction, but one can only imagine. Mary’s stress level must have been unbearable.

The next day, Joseph arrived at Mary’s home to pick her up and take her to his house. He loved her! A visit from an angel to him the night before confirmed her pregnancy. (Read Joseph’s history in the first part of this Special Edition – www.danabicksauthor.com/blog/a-real-father-christmas). He protected her and her character, and still wanted to marry even though the townspeople gossiped and shadowed her reputation. Is being a servant of God ever easy?

Near the end of Mary’s pregnancy, she and Joseph trudged an eighty-mile path to Bethlehem. Caesar required the citizens to enroll in a tax census but there was a hidden agenda. He knew a child was to be born who held the name “Savior.” The only way to find out who was carrying the miracle was to demand all citizens report to him in person. So, not only was Mary very pregnant, tired, and concerned of Caesar’s request, she endured a trip which must have been physically painful. Little to eat and little to drink, Joseph, and Mary climbed the many mountains, probably making many short stops along the way for her to rest.

The Humble Mother of a Christmas Savior Pic 3

As they approached Bethlehem, Mary began the early stages of labor. The city was full of people, and no place was available for them to stay the night. Joseph found a stall for animals and made a bed of straw for her to lie upon and be comfortable. In a strange town, with no relatives to help, a young Mary gives birth to her first child. She must have been terrified, and perhaps, even a little sad she could not share their joy with family members. But God’s celebration of His son was her drive to remain strong and steadfast. What an extraordinary, uncomplaining mother!

The Humble Mother of a Christmas Savior Pic 4


Mary, the humble mother of our Savior, Jesus Christ, was an incredible girl. She served God at any cost and was an obedient follower. How many women, today, can hold a candle to her? She was a nurturer, entirely devoted to her son’s health and spiritual well-being. But, as like all servants of the Lord, there’s great suffering too, especially being the mother of a Messiah. She was a holy woman of rare strength, confirming the human nature of Jesus Christ.

I think it’s proper to remember Mary on Christmas. She taught us to reach out and take a gift, accept God’s blessings, with a faithful and sincere heart. This is the reason for the season, my friends.


Please join us for the final part of this three-part Special Edition of “Everything Christmas Blogs” on Sunday, December 9th.

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If you read my fairytale summarized…

If you read my fairytale summarized, you may want to know more.

It is our belief that the majority of humanity is hungry for an excellent world. Most of the world’s people are for peace and love. They want to see these values prevail in the world. They will also do their best if they know how, to promote values that can make the world an excellent place.

Our strategy is to gather as many of such people as possible into one oceanic forum, SIWO international, to work together for the lofty dream of an excellent world. We dream to one day have 1 billion people in our forum. This forum transcends all boundaries of race, color, religion, language, geography, gender etc. We will dedicate our lives to speaking, spreading, and sharing love, ideas of peace, justice, understanding, solidarity, harmony, etc. We shall make our voices so loud that none will fail to hear us. Our message of love for all without barriers, peace and justice for all will be so loud that it will drown that of hate, conflict and war being spoken by those who want to destroy our world.

If this sounds crazy, call us dreamer, but be sure of one thing, we are not going to stop. We are on it; and in it; and where time overtakes us others will continue.

Quote: “Let all of us, of the world, come together and speak the language of love and peace so loudly that it will drown and eventually kill that of evil – hatred, conflict and wars in the world. ” (Romilia Quotes)

Please, read my fairytale summarized if you haven’t done so.

A summary of my fairytale

I am writing my fairytale;
Who would like to read
My fairytale?
I invite you to read
My fairytale;
The title of my fairytale
Is SIWO International;
And summarized for you thus:
Once upon a time, there lived a man, whose dream was to champion an excellent world for everybody to enjoy.
He called his project SIWO International. His vision was a love world, a war- free world, an excellent world for all to enjoy. He dreamed to bring together one billion
People engaged in saturating the world with positive, love messages to
Inspire the world together;
Motivate the world together;
Encourage the world together;
Speak nothing but the language of love;
Spread love everywhere;
promote kindness.
Build a hate- free world;
A war- free world;
An excellent world for all to enjoy.
By hitting the world continuously with positive messages, to make love and positivity reign in the world while evil is strangled and buried.
That is a summary of my fairytale.
Thank you for reading my fairytale.
I will spend every single day of my life writing this fairytale.
From my heart I thank those who are on board the train for the writing of this fairytale which we have only just begun and sure to hand down to the next generation that will hand it down and each generation will find ways to better the story, till the entire story is written.
Shall it be done in a thousand years? Two thousand years? I have no idea. What I know is this is the way to go for an excellent world, free of hate; free of wars, full of love.
This is a summary of my fairytale.

A Real, Father Christmas

A Real, Father Christmas cover

This is part one of a three-part Special Edition of Everything Christmas Blogs. As Christians, it is important to know about Jesus. For example, how many details do you actually know about His family? Though most information is minimal, try to use your imagination, along with the details and facts of the Bible, to understand this holy dynasty. Today, we will learn of Joseph, the carpenter, legal father of Jesus Christ. Enjoy!


Jesus’s father, Joseph, was a real father Christmas – he personified a great example of fatherhood. A direct descendant of King David, his birthdate is circa 1782 BC, according to the Gregorian calendar method. In the book of Matthew, Joseph was one of eleven children, but only one of two natural-born children to Jacob and Rachel. Rachel could not conceive until late in life. Joseph was her first child and the most favored by Jacob.

Joseph lived in Nazareth, a tiny town of 400 residents, just twelve miles southwest of the Sea of Galilee. The meager, peasant families, all of whom were Jewish, barely survived farming the rocky, hilly terrain. But he became a skilled carpenter and later a well-respected contractor. He passed his family’s inherited talents on to his son, Jesus.

A Real, Father Christmas pic 1
Biblical Nazareth

A faithful and devout man to Judaism, Joseph raised his family under the same practices and beliefs. As the story of Mary and Joseph unravels in Matthew 1:1-18, this compelling man was of middle age when he met Mary. In biblical days, the parents of young girls arranged marriages. Because the age span of humans was short (35-45 years), girls wed at twelve to fourteen years old. It is unclear in the Bible if a marriage arrangement was the situation with Joseph and Mary because their story began when they were betrothed.

So, to describe Joseph’s personality and strength of character, let me set the scene of events. He was an honorable man who loved his soon-to-be-wife, Mary, very much. One day, Mary solemnly approached him and told him she was pregnant. His first instinct could have been anger and rejection. An acceptable response, in those days, would be to send her off to be stoned and ridiculed by the masses because she was pregnant with another’s child. Instead, his faith in God led him to believe her story of an immaculate conception.

A Real, Father Christmas pic 2

Joseph lovingly took her under his wing, setting aside his own needs for Mary’s protection. Men in this culture were not inclined to bend to a woman’s needs, but he set the bar very high. He traveled many miles with Mary until he found a safe and quiet place for her to give birth. But his starring role was about to begin.

Mary gave birth to our Savior, and Joseph was overcome with emotion. He named the baby Jesus (meaning Savior). Biologically, Joseph was not the father, but in every way, this man was a proud, surrogate patriarch. He raised Jesus in the Jewish religion and taught him a spiritual life. His role as a protective father ensured the survival of the child. This was evident when a second angel relayed another message:

A Real, Father Christmas verse


Again, Joseph traveled by night with Mary and Jesus, from Egypt back to Nazareth. He humbly and quietly saved Jesus’s life and established a residence for his family. Joseph certainly proved his willingness to be obedient to God’s direction and guidance.

A Real, Father Christmas pic 3

Though an exact date of Joseph’s death is not available, we can surmise it occurred sometime between the beginning of Jesus’s ministry and His crucifixion; Jesus made arrangements for John the Baptist to take care of His mother after His death. This was indicative Joseph was not alive.

What a silent hero Joseph was and a real role model for Christians today! He took his son, God Almighty, and taught him to pray and how to work. This is a man who was forced to live, initially, a life of purity within his marriage to Mary. Sacrificing the ability to have any kind of normal life came with many struggles and much criticism, but Joseph overcame them all. Few examples of these godly traits were seen in biblical days and even less so in today’s generations. Is it any wonder Jesus was a sinless man with such endearing and loving qualities?

Joseph was a gentle and wonderful man. Thank you, to this real, Father Christmas for living and teaching us the example of true love.

Enjoy this video called, “Joseph’s Hands”:


To be continued…. please join us on Thursday for Part Two of Everything Christmas Blogs!

Give the gift of a miracle!

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