Count yourself very lucky (Be inspired today 223 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Count yourself very lucky
If you are still alive
When life has become
So precarious, so uncertain;
Count yourself very lucky
If you have children
Who obey you;
A lot of children nowadays
Don’t obey
Their own parents;
Count yourself very lucky
If you have the grace
To know God;
Many people don’t know God;
Count yourself very lucky,
If you are blessed with
A positive mental attitude,
Because it is rare to find;
Count yourself very lucky,
If you are living in
Good health;
A lot of people don’t enjoy
Good health;
You must count yourself
Very lucky if you do.
How do you count yourself?
Lucky? A little lucky?
Or very lucky?


Who is to blame? (Be inspired today 53 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Who is to blame?

Stop blaming wrongly;
Things have not gone
As you want;
You blame Bad luck
For coming to you;
You blame Good Luck
For not coming to you;
Bad Luck blames you
For making him come
To you;
Whereas you hate him;
Good luck blames you
For going away too early
Before he came to you;
So he did not find you
When he arrived;
As you were already gone;
The blame game fills the air;
So who actually is to blame?
Is it Bad Luck for coming?
Good luck for coming late?
Or you for inviting Bad Luck;
Or leaving too early
Before the arrival of
Good Luck?
If you have an answer,
Don’t keep it to yourself;
Share it in the comment box.
For me,
I would say
Stop blaming;
And do what is right;
Stop leaving too early;
Good luck never hurries
To come;
So don’t hurry to leave.
Thanks for reading!
Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for participation!

Work for your luck

I wished her good luck
In her marriage;
Good luck in marriage?
Yes, but you work
For your good luck;
None falls from heaven;
If you go to sleep,
Your love
Will go to sleep;
Your marriage
Will go to sleep;
If you are up running
For your love,
And your marriage,
Your love
And your marriage
Will get on its toes
Active and running.
Through sweat to sweet;
That is
The rule of life.
So. beloved;
Go to work,
For good luck
In your marriage.

Bad luck may be your awaited opportunity

Bad luck is, sometimes, not true bad luck. It may be the opportunity you have been waiting for. Those who believe in the bible will easily relate to this.  This most important book validates the statement: “Back luck can sometimes lead to success, and a stroke of good luck can sometimes lead to loss” (Sirach 20:9).

Lucky 13: Fare Tredici


To do 13 and hit the Jackpot! In Italy the number 13 is considered lucky while others become fearful if the 13th day of the month, happens to land on a Friday. 

If only life were that simple, just stay away from unlucky numbers. What makes a number lucky or unlucky?

I keep seeing the number 13 everywhere. Haven’t decided yet, if it’s lucky or not.

Something has been haunting me for almost a year now… Have you ever made a wish and then your wish came true, but not in the way you expected?

October 13th is my birthday. Last year on that day, my grandfather died.

I had actually wished for it.

He was in a living hell, trapped in the final stages of alzheimer’s/dementia and I desperately wanted his suffering to end.

Not only did I wish for it, I prayed, asked for help from dead relatives and any other spiritual entity I thought might be listening.

The last thing I would do before leaving my grandfather’s side, was kiss his cheek and whisper in his ear that it was time for him to move on

I wanted his soul to know it was all right for this to be over, he didn’t need to hold on anymore. I was trying to release him, even though it wasn’t in my power to do so.

Almost one year later, I still feel lost. I haven’t figured out the significance of him dying on that day.

Everywhere I look there it is again, the number 13.

I’m not ready yet. In spite of that, the day approaches.

He found peace on the same day, he had felt great joy when his princess was born.

Lucky number 13.

It might be time, for another tattoo.


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The truth about luck (Quote)

Who believes in luck? I believe in luck. But you have to work for your luck. Those who sit and wait for luck to bring them success, usually wait until they can wait no more. Luck never comes on its own. It does not come to those who sit and wait. It comes to those who go out and look for it. If you want luck to come to you, work very hard. It will come.” (Romilia Quotes)

Who believes in luck? I believe in luck. But you have to work for your luck. Those who sit and wait for luck to bring them success, usually wait until they can wait no more. Luck never comes on its own. It does not come to those who sit and wait. It comes to those who go out and look for it. If you want luck to come to you, work very hard. It will come.” (Romilia Quotes)

Losing or winning?

Are you losing or winning?
Stop and think well;
Stop and think again;
Stop and look;
Stop and feel;
Stop and reflect;
Stop and analyze;
Stop and meditate;
Stop and pray,
Before you continue;
Before you cry,
Because of what you think
You’ve lost;
Before you regret
The so-called good luck
You ave missed;
Before you feel sorry
For yourself.
For you may think
You have lost
When you have actually won.
Some battles, you appear
To be winning
When you are losing;
Some battles, you appear
To be losing
When you are winning.

Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, and Wolfgang Pauli Walk Into A Bar (Part One)

Jung Quote

Synchronicity is a concept introduced by the Analytical Psychologist Carl Jung in the early 1920s, full extrapolation in the 1950s, which states seemingly random events of one’s life, the “coincidences,” may have meaning even if there is no causality to those events.  Causality meaning it broad terms everything has a cause. Nothing can happening without being cause.  Synchronicity says X,Y,Z happened and it is all related even if it does not seem  to have a connection at all.

This concept is not limited to Psychology. There are parallel theories in Quantum Physics and Mathematics. Chaos Theory, brought into the mainstream partly by the character of Ian Malcolm in Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park, discusses how there is inherent order in a system of what appears to be complete chaos. Butterfly Effect, besides being a bad movie starring Ashton Kutcher, is an aspect of Chaos Theory. The famous line quoted to sum up the idea, “A Butterfly flaps its wings in China, a rainstorm hits in St. Louis, Missouri.” (Use of St. Louis, Missouri is ambiguous.)

What seems to be a random occurrence somehow affects something else completely unrelated half a world away.

The brain categorizes automatically everyday. It is one of the defense or regulatory mechanisms the mind deploys to use and store data and stimuli without becoming overwhelmed. Finding patterns helps us make sense of the world.  When the brain cannot find a pattern or a reason behind something happening there is a momentary confusion, glitch.

When a person has a slight glitch in the information their brain receives, as to where it comes from or what it might mean, the person chooses to ignore it, writes it off as coincidence, or reads it as a sign from a High Power or Intuition. Most confused moments are not a big enough break in the mundane routine to cause much thought. Some claim the need to find causation or meaning or reasoning behind daily phenomenon is how Deities were created. Regardless, in order for the brain to function and people to continue to work, eat, breath everyday the glitches had to be minimized.

Beyond the divine, paranormal or psychology connectivity our brains need there is physical evidence of actually connectivity outside of our minds.  Ecosystems, civilizations, humans and non humans are connected in many ways. We affect each other, share the same air, water, dirt. Genetically, structurally, chemically all things, living and non, share degrees.

So there is truth to patterns.  There is truth to chaos and order. There is truth in connectivity.

Now, as for the acceptance or belief if Synchronicity the person’s belief systems come into play.

In the next part I will talk about my own experiences which have lead me to believe in Synchronicity. I also believe Synchronicity continues to work in my life to this day.