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20170603_200903Wings have been put on a new magazineDetermined Women on the Move.. It was a full house that witnessed its launch on Saturday June 3, 2017. Ngobesing Linda is the brain behind this initiative. Determined Women on the Move is a women-focused magazine. It profiles women who are making strides in life, bringing out their struggles, as well as their successes and failures with the aim of using the examples of their triumphs to inspire other women. This maiden edition is an all-color 20-page magazine, printed on glossy paper.

Speakers at the launch included Government officials, the Board Chair of the organization where Linda works, Linda’s parents and Linda herself. Various speakers hailed the initiative and expressed the hope to see it grow to greater heights.20170603_183753

Ngobesing Linda is a passionate crusader for the rights of women and girls. She started this crusade at the age of five. She believes in making the voices of women heard; and that every woman should find her voice. Once this is done, she should make it heard. She draws inspiration for her work and life from lots of women in society both at home and abroad.

Her talent,passion for what she is doing and faith in herself are the factors that combine to hope for a bright future for Determined Women on the Move.


Determined Women

Are you a woman?
If you are, are you determined?
Determined to make it big?
Determined to move on to great heights?
I Challenge you; be determined!
Determined to bring out the giant in you;
Determined to shine and inspire the world;
Determined to be the best that you can be.
determined woman on the move.

Hello friends! I am delighted to announce to you that my daughter has given birth to a new magazine with the title Determined Women On the Move. It will be highlighting determined women around the world who are on the move. She wants to encourage and support them to rise to greater heights.

Join me to wish Linda success in her lofty journey. Get more from her.

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Thought of the Week

“A great teacher has always been measured by the number of his students who have surpassed him” (Don Robinson).

What do you think about this thought?

We are in the domain of blogging. Drawing inspiration from this thought by Don Robinson, how would you say a great blogger should be measured?

Can you give us the name of your blog and briefly share with those who are reading this and do not know your blog what it is about? Is there a post you would like me or other readers to read and leave a comment?

If you do not have a blog, what is it that you like in this blog? Has it inspired you in any way? Is there another blog you like? What is it about?

Do you like poetry? Why?

Say something to inspire, encourage or motivate someone.

If you do just one of the aforementioned things or answer any of the questions you are great.

Only great souls have time to spare lift up others.

The secret of true and lasting success

True is Success

What is success that so much for it we strain?

Is what has come your way success or failure in disguise?

What is success if for a time it trots, and soon flies away?

What is success if it takes you up and down to your doom?

Call nothing success if shortly it glitters and it fades?
For success must be meaningful, must be true and must last.

Not all that glitters, we are told, is gold.

Not all that looks like success indeed is success.
We have true success; we have false success.
We have lasting success; we have fleeting success.

We have success that comes from heaven;

We have success that comes from hell.
From God in heaven true success comes.
From Him alone is success that lasts and lasts.

From the evil one does fleeting success come.

From him alone is that success that leads to doom.

It’s not all about hard work;
For no matter how hard we work, we labor in vain
If it is not his will that success comes our way;
If not rooted in the Lord, fleeting success it’ll be.
From Him alone true success comes.
From Him alone is success that endures.

Thought of the Week

“The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book” (Samuel Johnson).

Weekly Youth Challenge

There are millions of people of your age today. In twenty years, where shall all of you be?

There will be a wide gap between some of you.

Some of you will be at the top; some of you will be in the middle; some of you will be at the bottom.

Where shall you who are reading this be? You cannot know; but you can say where you want to be and decide what you are ready to do to get to where you want to be. This is what I would like you to tell me in the comment box. I will make my comment and tell you what you can do to achieve that goal.

Story of the Week

God Heard their Prayer

It was 10 p.m. Adamu’s car came to a standstill on the Sabga Hill. All his effort to make it move failed. He was alone with his wife, Binwi and no one to help. With no houses nearby fear gripped them. The locality was well known for highway robbers. It was clear that it would not be long before they showed up.

The couple said their prayers and continued to try to make the car move.

Soon a another vehicle came by and Adamu and wife tried to stop it to ask for help. They driver instead accelerated and flew past fearing it could be a plot that was mounted to rob them and seize their car.

After two good hours Adamu succeeded to get the car going again and their journey continued.

After just one kilometer they were shocked by what they saw. Their hearts pounded hard. All the passengers in the car that had passed while they were in trouble all lay by the road in their own pool of blood. They had been attacked by highway robbers and killed. Their car was nowhere to be found.

They understood God had heard their prayer.

Adamu and Binui realized that had they not had the break down which they had, they would have been the ones lying in their own pool of blood.

They turned their eyes to heaven in prayers.

Riddle of the Week

Before our riddle for this week let us have the answer to the riddle of last week. The riddle was: my name is a five-letter word. When you remove the first letter, I become part of a human being. If you remove the next letter, I become an indispensable element in the life of a human being. What am I? Answer: I am a chair. If you remove the first letter ‘C’, you will have the word hair. If you take away the next letter which is ‘h’ you will have air which no human being can do without.

Riddle: Which is the hottest letter of the alphabet? Get the answer next week.

Hot question: Hillary Clinton is likely to run as presidential candidate for the Democratic party in the United States. What do you think about her chances of becoming president? Do you think she will win or lose if she runs? Why?

Spend some time and explore this blog. There is a lot of inspiring things for you.

Happy week on World Youth Success Inspirer.

Something Useful Online Weekly Magazine

You need to be aware that  you are wonderfully talented. In this world you must fight for your success. You also need to learn to fly on the wings of your talents.

Hillary Clinton’s statement on job creation:

What lesson for young people?

At a recent campaign in Boston for the Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley, the 2016 Democratic Hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton made a statement about the economy which analysts say is likely to haunt her if she finally decides to run for the White House in 2016.

Hillary Clinton is today one of the most prominent, if not the most prominent of u.s. female politicians. Expectations are rife that she will run; and her chances of becoming the next U.S president are quite great; but she has to be very careful because a single tiny hole can sink a ship. One well made statement can take her to the White House as it can also deprive her of it.

This holds true of success in any other thing. If you want to make it in life you must watch out for those little things that can crumble you. Many lives have been blown by a single thoughtless act.

You must know some  examples. Do well to share them with us.

Thought of the week

“I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.” (Abraham Lincoln).

Poetry Corner

A Higher Power is in Control

You did not choose to be born into this world;

A higher power made the choice for you.

You did not choose to be born to your parents;

A higher power made the choice for you.

You did not choose to be born male or female;

A higher power made that choice for you.

A higher power is making the choices for you.

Why worry then about what comes next?

Do only your part and leave the rest to Him.

A higher power is in control.

 Magnetic/charismatic people

There are some people who leave a lasting impression on your mind the very first time you meet them. You like them.  You admire them.  You are captivated by them.  You want to be like them. You are even fascinated by them. What makes them so?

They are magnetic.  They are charismatic. What makes someone magnetic or charismatic? Are there some magnetic, charismatic people who you know? What makes them so? Share your ideas.

Riddle of the Week

My name is a five-letter word. When you remove the first letter, I become part of a human being. If you remove the next letter I become an indispensable element in the life of a human being. What am I?

There are two kinds of people in the world: Positive-minded and negative-minded people. The positive-minded people are those we count on to change the world for good. 99% of those who  are attracted to this blog are positive-minded people. You are one of them. You are invited to join the crusaders for an excellent world: see here.






Something Useful Online Weekly Magazine


We now have a brand new WordPress blog for our Excellent World Dream. It is titled Excellent World International Organization. This name may not be completely new to many of those who have been following us. What is new and exciting is that this is happening on WordPress. As we build this blog, we call on all those who are for an excellent world to rally there for our journey to take off fully.


“He is great who feeds other minds. He is great who inspires others to think for themselves” (Elbert Hubbard).

“no man is truly great who is great only in his lifetime. The test of greatness is the pages of history” (William Hazlitt).


Do you know about the unfailing law of giving? Do you like to give or you only like to receive?

There is an unfailing law of giving which I would like to share with you.

Many people like to receive but do not like to give.

They want God to give them blessings  but when it comes for them to give to God, they either do it grumbling or they do not give at all.

There are people who want friends to give them love, presents and time. When it comes for them to give love, presents and time to these same friends or others, they either do it unwillingly or they do not do it at all.

There are people who are happy when others stand by them when they are in trouble. When it comes for them to stand by others when they are in trouble, they are not ready to do it or they do it grumbling.

There are people who see the good things of life going to others; and they do not understand why they are not also coming to them.

There is one thing that’s important to know about life. The secret of receiving is giving. If you do not give to people, people will not give to you.

In my village we say “He that eats alone dies alone. If you want to receive , learn to give. It is a law that never fails.

You may receive without giving for a time but soon you must stop receiving. Failing to give cuts off the flow of things to you.


Today we end our story “”The life of a poor village boy.”

As Che Sama’s businesses grew, he opened more stores. Having built his own house, he thought it necessary to take in a wife and start having children. When he got to the village it was easy to find a girl to marry. She was called Aleyubi – a strong, dynamic, intelligent and hardworking girl.

She got up early everyday to start working. On some days, in fact, she got up earlier. She had the double duty of selling in one of their stores and keeping the home.
Che Sama and Aleyubi worked so hard that in three years, their account in the bank read ten million cfa francs (5000 USD). That was much money at the time. Their life changed and they began to enjoy the respect of the people of their village. Those who had earlier treated him shabbily began to treat him with respect. Some of them even went to him for financial help whenever they were in need.  He readily helped.

Here ends our story “The life of a poor village boy.” You may go here to see how this story started and put it side by side with its end. Then share the lessons that you draw from it.

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Something Useful Online Weekly Magazine

No matter how good you may be,


Great Quotes

“Every man who has ever become great did so only because he desired to, planned to and made the effort to become so. There are no accidentally great men” (Lao Russell).

“Common looking people are the best in the world: that is the reason the Lord makes so many of them” (Abraham Lincoln).

The Life of a Poor Village Boy Cont’d.

Are you still following the story of the poor village boy? You may like to recall where we ended last time. Click here to refresh your mind.
Che Sama still continued to sell in the bar.
His salary was not much; but he saved most of it. After five years, when he looked at what he had saved, he could not believe it. It was a lot of money. He had never imagined that he could have such money.
Yet, he continued to work as if nothing had happened. During his seventh year, something happened. The joint-owners of the business began to quarrel over who should control it. Unable to come to a compromise, they decided to close it.
This did not worry Che Sama because he felt that the money he had saved was enough for him to start his own business.
That was what he did. He set up a provision store. He had gathered good experience in selling from his work in the bar. He used that experience now in his own business where he worked even harder than he had ever done.
It was not long before money began to flow in; and news began to circulate that Che Sama had become a big business man in town.
The business grew bigger and bigger. Soon, it became too big for him to manage alone. He went to the village and got his first sales-boy. The boy was so good that he was left alone in the store.

Che Sama opened a tea-shop where he sold. This shop was in a popular spot in the city. To get there was not easy. Hence, he bought a bicycle to ease his movement there and back. He also bought a truck to enable him transport the drinks which he sold there.
Business grew. He opened more stores. Soon, he had enough money to buy a plot. It was an expensive plot – one million francs; but he liked it. Its location was good.On it, he built his own house.
It was a small but beautiful house.
(To be cont’d).

Never, Never Give Up

In one of his most quoted statements, Winston Churchill, one time British Prime Minister, calls on us never, never to give up.

In primary school, I learned a lesson that has stayed with me ever since: ‘A Spartan dies but never surrenders.” This comes from history when the Spartan leader encouraged his people to fight to the end and never surrender no matter what happened.

This is the attitude that you need to adopt when you set out for something and know it is right. You must fight for it to the end. Fight to the end for the things that are good for the world. Fight on as long as you live. ‘Never, never give up’.

Riddle of the Week

Which is the hottest letter of the alphabet? Check on Tuesday for the answer.

In our post of 12th October 2014, we gave our first riddle and promised to give the answer today. Do you remember that riddle? Check: Thoughts for Success. Here is the answer to that riddle.Both an Island and the letter ‘T’ are in the middle of water.

Poetry Corner

Away with you I’ll fly, my love

Away with you from home and noise;
Away with you from kids and aches;You are not alone

Away with you, alone to be;                                              And naught except our love to know.

What the bible says

“My brothers and sisters, consider yourselves fortunate when all kinds of trials come your way, for you know that when your faith succeeds in facing such trials, the result is the ability to endure. Make sure that your endurance caries you all the way without failing; so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” (James 1:2-4).

Read Fight for your success.

Online Something Useful Weekly Magazine

Your weekly magazine on this blog

Your weekly magazine on this blog

Experience is the best teacher

You will learn more from what you see and do than from what you hear.
Every experience you have is pregnant with useful lessons about life but you must have a mind that sees to get them.

How to win a presidential election

Are you considering running the next presidential election in your country? Have you ever considered standing for a presidential election? You may still be young; so I ask: are you thinking of one day running for president?
Many people lack the courage to go in for a presidential election.
It takes some good courage

Many people believe they can never win a presidential election; and this is true. But there are others who can win, but think they cannot win; and so do not even try.

There are people who can win the success contest that we strive to win every day but believe they cannot; and so do not try; and when they try, they do not try enough. The result, of course, is, they fail.

A presidential election is surely difficult to win; but not impossible. That is why some people win.

  • There are many huddles.
  • They are highly contested.
  • You have to be tough to win.
  • But who says you cannot be a tough candidate?

You only have to try and try enough.

You never can know what you can do unless you try.

You might be a tough candidate; and if you do not win today, you might win tomorrow. Don;t hold yourself back

I followed with great passion the last two presidential elections in the United States of America. In 2008, Obama was at his best. He kept pulling the crowds. Every word that came out of his mouth seemed to go straight to the hearts of the people. He was eloquent and convincing. Of course, he won; and won well; because he tried; he would never have known he could win.

Nothing should stop you from trying to do what your heart ardently desires.

Why did Obama win?

  • Because he had the ability to lead.
  • He was able to convince the people about his abilities.
  • He marketed himself very well.
  • He marketed his platform.
  • The people believed him because he convinced them.

Four years later, to many people, he was not as formidable as in 2008. Many did not see him winning. In fact, he was being described as a one-term president. Hardly did they know that he had understood the times and changed his strategy.

When on election day some people were confidently waiting for his rival Mitt Romney to be projected the winner, the major news agencies instead projected him; and he finally won.

What you need to win a presidential election is the same thing that you need to win the race for success.

What do you do to win?

  1. You take the decision to compete.
  2. You start preparing early
  3. You build yourself.
  4. You present yourself to the electorate as the best candidate.
  5. You Work very hard in your campaign.
  6. You put up a great campaign.

Therefore, do not be afraid to go out there and compete even for the presidency.

How to make a powerful net presence

Do you want to make a powerful net presence?

Making a powerful net presence is the dream of many bloggers.

The truth is, it is not easy to make a net presence not to talk of making a powerful net presence. The competition is very high. There are millions of blogs on the net each searching for readers.

Of course, there are millions of potential readers of what you write; but to get them to read what you write is an uphill task.

How do you pull readers to your site? How do you hold their attention?

Learn from others

You need to learn from those who are succeeding.
There are sites that pull in thousands of traffic daily. What do they do? What is their secret?

They write good, relevant content

Experts say good, relevant content is one secret of getting readers. No one would dispute this. No one would want to spend their time on poor content.People want to read excellent, refined stuff not half-baked stuff. Hence, go for excellent, relevant stuff.
But that is not all.


No matter how good your product maybe, you will never sell it if the potential buyers are not aware of it and its quality.
See what happens to the most highly consumed products. They are aggressively advertised and marketed. Those sites that bring in great traffic do a lot of advertizing.

You don’t light your lamp and put it under your bed and expect people to see it. Nobody will see it there. You have to put it on a lamp stand for everybody to see. It does not suffice to write excellent material.

Let the world know that you write good stuff and that it can be of use to them.

Go for your readers

Do not sit and wait for readers to come looking for you. Go for them. Meet them where they are and hold their hands and bring them to your site to discover the gold that you have there waiting to be discovered and tapped.Your greatness may only be recognized at the

Weekly Magazine

Something Useful Online

Thank God we are moving on strong. We thank all our readers and all the members of our community for being such amazing people. We are what you make us to be.


“Without readers there is no need for writers. Great readers make great writers.”
Story of the week


This week we go into part four of the story of the poor village boy.In part three, we saw that at the end of a very dry and difficult period for Che Sama, when he had all the torments, there was some light at the end of the tunnel.
We were not told what the opening was. We said it was better not to jump to any conclusion but to wait and see.
The opening came from a group of people in the city who opened an off-license bar in one of the popular neighborhoods and needed a sales-boy. Che Sama’s name came up and he was contacted. He jumped at the opportunity.
It turned out to be a demanding job; but the pay was small. Still. Che Sama was happy. It was better than nothing. What pleased him the most was the fact that he was spared of the humiliation and torture that he used to get from madam.
He would get up very early everyday, start working and work all day. On some days, he was up as early as 5.00 a.m.On others, it was even earlier. By 4.30 a.m. he was already up. This was not because he liked it. Often, the early customers who wanted to start drinking early were the ones who got him up.Whenever they came knocking that early and he was unable to get up because he was too tired, they would remain at the door and keep pounding on it until he got up and opened it.Sometimes they hit so hard that even neighbors got up grumbling and complaining.
Che Sama used to sell until very late. On some days, he closed at 1.30 a.m.after forcing out the last customers. Some of them never wanted to stop drinking and go home. It was as if they had no homes to go to. After work, on a daily basis, they would start drinking and want to drink till morning.
Such people made things hard for Che Sama. He would sleep very little and often he find himself sleeping at the counter even when there were customers to serve.This earned for him rude words from some of them.
In fact, Che Sama worked without rest. When he got up in the morning after very little sleep, he would put out crates to buy drinks during the day, and then beginning sweeping the bar and its surroundings. Later he would buy the drinks and transfer them into the bar all alone. On some days he did laundry and found something to eat.
Many of the customers who came to drink in the bar were very demanding. Some were proud and rude to Che Sama.Being either office workers or businessmen they considered themselves superior to him. From time to time they threw slangs at him and treated him shabbily. They often told him he would never amount to anything recalling to him what her former mistress used to tell him.When ever there were many customers to serve and he was unable to serve all of them at the same time, those who were not promptly served would talk rudely to him saying he was not smart enough.
What saddened Che Sama the most was the fact that among those who treated him shabbily was his own classmates and child-hood friends.When he was alone and reviewed those things, he began to cry.(To be continued).


Someone has said life is not different from a journey. That what it takes to enjoy a journey and get safely to destination is what it takes to live a successful life. For example, you need to have a destination when you go on a journey. In the same way, as you journey through life, you must have a destination. You must know where you are going; where you are heading to.
Question: in what other way or ways is life similar to a journey?


The Bible has all the answers. As you struggle to succeed, do not fail to go to it for the strength, encouragement, inspiration and support. You will find it in abundance. In Your Success Inspirer we’ll make it easy for you. In Something Useful Online Magazine we’ll give you verses that you can use for a whole week;

“I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for” (Jer. 29:11).

“You will seek me, and you will find me because you will seek me with all your heart.Yes, I say you will find me, and I will restore you to your land.”

“Remember the Lord in everything you do, and he will show you the right way. Never let yourself think that you are wiser that you are; simply obey the Lord and refuse to do wrong. If you do, it will be like good medicine, healing your wounds and easing your pains” Prov. 3.6-8.
“Don’t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart” Phil. 4:6.

“…my brothers, fill your minds with those things that are good and that deserve praise: things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and honorable” (Phil.4:8).

“But those who trust in the Lord for help will find their strength renewed. They will rise on wings like eagles; they will run and not get weary;they will walk and not grow weak” (Isaiah 40:31).

“So do not worry about tomorrow; it will have enough worries of its own. There is need to add to the troubles each day brings” (Matt.6:34).

Do you know the deadliest animal in the world? It is not the lion. It is not the shark or the serpent. The deadliest animals or earth are mosquitoes. They cause more deaths than any insect or animal on the planet.What other interesting facts do you know about mosquitoes? Let me give you a few:

  • A mosquito’s wings beat 300 to 600 times per second.
  • An adult mosquito may live 5 to 6 months.
  • Male mosquito do not bit human beings. Female mosquitoes and the ones that bite and cause us all the headache mosquitoes cause us.
  • The spit of a mosquito is itchy.
  • If you know more interesting facts about the tiny creature called mosquito, why not share them with us?

If you do just what everybody is doing, you will just be as common as every other common person. To be extraordinary, you must do things in an extraordinary manner.Do it differently. Add your own special touch that makes it stand out.

Thank you for your love. Thank you for your support. Thank you for being here today. Thank you for being such a wonderful person. Thank you for thinking of me. Thank you for giving value to my work. Thank you in advance for joining us next week for another edition of our weekly magazine Something Useful Online.

New on Your Success Inspirer

WEEKLY MAGAZINE no. 1; 15th sept. 2014.

Every Tuesday on your favorite site we shall give you  ‘Weekly Magazine’. This shall feature a variety of bits:

  • thought of the week;
  • question or questions of the week
  • story of the week, a reflection;
  • a success tip
  • much more.

We want this to be that site where you feel at home; where you like to be from morning till night because you find love;  are inspired, motivated, encouraged and helped to be the best person that you can be; to realize your fondest dream; to make your impact felt n the world


“There is nothing wrong with man possessing riches.  The wrong comes when riches possess man”



In tips for a happy marriage today we  give you something special.

10 tips to help you bring out the best in your spouse.

  1. Help your spouse to bring out the best in them.
  2. Find a way to motivate your spouse to bring out the best in them.
  3. Keep drumming into the ears of your spouse that they are special.
  4. Make your spouse aware of their talents.
  5. Be proud of your spouse and show it.
  6. Have confidence in your spouse and show it.
  7. Know your souse’s needs and fill them
  8. Compliment your spouse often
  9. Treat your spouse as the most honorable person you ever met.
  10. Focus n your spouse’s strengths and not weaknesses.


Following are our questions of the week. Please, give short responses to these questions in the comment box.

  • Teaching has been described as a noble profession. Is it indeed, a noble profession?
  • Are teachers architects of the world?
  • If you are a teacher, do you love your profession?  Would you love to change if you had another profession?
  • If you are not a teacher, would you love or have loved to be a teacher?


We are delighted to inform you of our Rescue Fund For the Desperate.  This fund continues to save lives.  After Monju Henry, Che Kingsley, it is now the turn of Relindis Manjo and Baby Victory Nde. We started by saving the life of Henry. People contributed from all over the world for his cardiac operation which went very successfully.

The next was Che Kingsley. His operation also went very successfully too. Today he is waxing strong.  A life that would have been lost has been saved.

That of Baby Treasure did not end well. He passed away shortly after the operation. May his soul rest in peace.

Now we are on Manjo Relindis and Baby Victory. Each of them needs 3.5 million cfa francs for their cardiac operation.  This is about 7000 US dollars. We have succeeded to raise two million francs through donations in by the listeners of Radio Evangelium Bamenda and Christians of different Churches and denominations to whom an appeal was launched. We  still need five million frances for the two patients. That is about 10.000 US dollars. We are thus appealing to all men and women of good will all over the world to support our efforts to save the lives of these desperate people. The Rescue Fund is permanently open for your support.

Deposit your support in the Archbishop’s House Bamenda Cameroon or into Visa account no….

God loves a cheerful giver. What can be greater than to save lives?

That’s what we are doing.


Today, as promised, we continue the story of  Che Sama.

The life of a poor village boy

In the first part of this story, we met Che Sama whose parents were unable to sponsor him in college because they did not have money. They did the best they could to push him through secondary school but failed. We saw how it was only through a hard struggle that they sponsored him through primary school. They found it very difficult to pay his fees and afford for his books and other school requirements, including his uniform. Often, in primary school, he was sent away for school fees; which made him frustrated because he loved school.

Yet, despite this, being a brilliant boy, he passed both the First School Leaving Certificate and Common Entrance examinations with flying colors. In fact, in the Common Entrance examination, his performance was so good that he was admitted into one of the most prestigious schools in the country reserved for the brightest students.

Unfortunately, as you remember, he enjoyed being part of this prestigious institution only for a few months. During the third term of the school year he was sent away for school fees; and that was all about formal education for him.

He returned to the village and while his classmates were in class studying, he was in the village idling away his life. Like the other boys with whom he had grown up, and whose parents had also been unable to send them to college, his life consisted in getting up in the morning, loitering around the compound, doing a few chores, playing, or moving up and down with his friends.

In the evening, he would get back home and go to bed. From time to time, he went fishing or to lay traps with his friends. The fish or game he caught was sold in the village market and that enabled him to have some money to use. The rest, he gave to his mother which she used to prepare food for the family.  That was how Che Sama lived in the village.

One day, unexpectedly, the Headmaster of the village school called him up and said his school was in need of a probationary teacher; and asked him to apply.  He did. Fortunately, he had the job and became very happy.That was the beginning of a new life for him. He began to earn a salary and to live better.

In those days, teachers were highly regarded in the village and so he began to enjoy a lot of respect from the people around him. The villagers fondly called him “Teacher”.

It was a wonderful time for Che Sama. He enjoyed his work and became very devoted. His pupils loved him because he taught well and treated them with love and kindness. Unfortunately, he did not teach for long. The Presbyterian Mission had financial problems and closed some of its schools. Many teachers were laid off. Che Sama was one of them.

Although he was intelligent, and taught well, he was not a trained teacher and preference was given to the trained teachers; and so, once again, he found himself out in the job market with no hope for the future. Gradually, again, he went back to village life.  This went for a few years with no idea of what to do and who to turn to.

One day, an idea came to his mind. It was the idea of leaving the village to try his luck somewhere out in the world. Many young men were leaving his villages and neighboring villages and going into the cities for greener pastures. Some of his primary school friends were among them. He decided that he would do same.  His city of choice was the capital city. The problem he faced was that having somebody there to live with.It worried him.  He did not know anybody there.

However, he did not have to worry about that for long. It turned out that a childhood friend of his who was living and working in that city. He just returned to the village and, hearing his plight, opted to offer him lodging for one or two days. He hoped that Che Sama would quickly find a job as a house boy and begin to fend for himself.

Things, however, did not go as planned. They turned out to be more difficult than expected. In many ways, life in the city worse than life in the village. The cost of living was very high; food and housing were more expensive that imported goods; and worse of all every food item was bought.

It needed someone with an exceptionally high sense of sacrifice to accept that a relative who had nothing to offer should live in his home for more than a few days, not to talk of permanently.

A job was difficult to come by.

Days passed. Soon weeks passed. Still, he was unable to find something to do. His friend began to complain that he could not cope with having to house a whole man like him who was not contributing anything to run the home. Finally, the young man saw no choice before him but to send Che Sama into the streets to find his way.

That was the beginning of another difficult moment in the life of Che Sama.  What could he do in such a big city with no money, no food to eat, no roof above his head and nobody to turn to. Che Sama was desperate and many ideas come to his mind; some of them not good at all.

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Meanwhile, what do you think are some of the thoughts that passed through Che Sama’ mind? If you were Che Sama what would you have done? If you find someone in Che Sama’s situation what would you do? What do you think became of Che Sama?

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You might have missed the beginning of the The life of a poor village boy. It is interesting to ge the story from the very beginning. 

The Life of a poor village boy.



There is a yawning gap between the rich and the poor of the world.

While there are people who are fabulously rich,

There are others who are poorer than a church rat;

While there are people who bathe in wealth like in a swimming pool,

There are others who never see a single drop of wealth to wash their faces;

While there are people who live in mansions and towers like kings and lords,

There are others who sleep in the open air, with no roof over their heads;

While there are people who wine and dine with three square meals a day,

There are others who cannot afford a morsel for a single meal a day;

While there are people who get the best medical care when they are ill,

There are others who cannot afford a single tablet at such times;

While there are people who send their children to the best schools for quality education,

There are others who cannot afford to send their children even to the poorest schools,

While there are people who live for long because they take good care of themselves,

There are others who die like fowls for lack of proper care;

The world is a terrible place to live in;

The gap between the rich and the poor, a shame to humanity;

And every day, wider and wider, it grows; as the rich grow richer, the poor grow poorer.

Where are we heading to?

Where shall we end with such a world?