Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #47

Top of this Sunday Elevenses/Brunch to you all.  Some people may be now getting things together for the start of the week, while others are still relaxing alone or with family and friends.  In my process of relaxing I have been watching a number of Christian church programmes and the one called ‘Music in my Life’on Revelation TV is what I am writing about.

It struck a cord with me because of what the Interviewer said.  When writing his Inspirational songs he looks at pivotal incidents in his life.  He also encouraged  that people write a song because everyone has a song in them.

So many  posts we write come from our hearts, from important events in others and our  lives.  The advice, poems, the experience we write about are like music to the ears because they help us and lift our spirits up.  Seriously some are like songs and I love to write songs don’t you?  Another gift and favour of God to share.

A plate of of Cheese and Biscuits, some Waffles, an Orange and a hot Lemon, Ginger and Honey drink helped the relaxation to be even more satisfying.