An idiot called anger


Do you know the idiot
Whom we call Anger?
What is your relationship
With Anger?
Is it cosy or antagonistic?
Some people play romance
With Anger; cozy relationship,
But before they know it,
It has swallowed them;
Go to bed with Anger
And see how sleep takes flight. Keep your distance from Anger;
If you are looking
For someone to divorce,
Why not try Anger?
Be friendless rather than
Making friends with Anger.
But Anger can also
Be very good;
It all depends on how you relate.
And what you do with him.
The fellow is unpredictable.

If you cannot solve a problem…

Not all problems
Can be solved;
But all problems
Can be managed;
Waste not time
To solve a problem
You very well know
You cannot solve;
Devote time
To manage it;
You may as well turn it
Into an
Awe-ispiring blessing.
The maxims:
“If you cannot solve it,
Manage it.”
If you come across
A stumbling-block,
Turn it into
A stepping-stone.

How do you stop worrying?

Have you solved the problem of worry as far as your life is concerned?
It is not a small problem;
Or should I say an easy problem?
Many people face the problem
of worrying. They
Worry about their health;
Worry about finances;
Worry about bills to pay;
Worry about food for their families;
Worry about rents;
Worry about safety;
Worry about marital issues;
The list is long;
A lot has been said and written
About why we don’t need to worry;
I wonder if there’s anybody
Who can stand up and say
“I have conquered worry.”
And tell us how it was done;
Sharing is empowering, you know;
If there are some steps,
Or some biblical verses
Or famous quotes that have helped you
In your struggle with worry,
Why not share with us?
For me,
The way I have handled it is,
I have decided
I will always do my best
And then leave the results to God.
He alone grants results;
You may work like a horse,
He is the one who determines
What happens;
Whatever results come,
I know it is his will;
I accept and life continues.
I know, of course,
It’s easier said than done,
But who says life is meant
To be easy?
It is a continuous struggle;
I have to make a deliberate effort;
I have to fan my determination;
And fight for it every blessed day.
What about you?
Even if you cannot share your story,
Share any advice that you have
On this issue,
Or that you have learned
About how to handle worry.
Take today,
What are your worries?
And how are you facing and managing them?
Someone says a lot of times we worry for nothing;
That at the end of the day,
We find that the problem has been
So easily solved;
That you did not have any reason
To worry;
Such are experiences to share.
Let’s hear if you motivated;

Life management

If today you are at the bottom,
Tomorrow you can be at the top;
Nothing stops you from doing that;
Many at the bottom today
Will rise to the top tomorrow;
If they cleverly manage their lives;
Many at the top today
Will drop to the bottom tomorrow;
If they poorly manage their lives.
Management is the key;
Good management will take you up;
Poor management will take you down.

How to manage your followers

Do you know how to manage your followers? How well are you managing your followers? Many bloggers do not know how to manage their followers. The result is there are bloggers with thousands of followers but who never manage to have ten likes or comments on their sites a day?

Why would you have one thousand, three thousand, four thousand followers but go for a week of blogging unable to get up to ten likes and comments on one day?

One reason is many of those who follow you do not click the follow button because they like you or really want to be your follower, but because they want you to follow them back so that they may have many followers. (I do not criticize anyone here as I do this myself).  The fact is, not all those who follow you care  about you. They follow you to follow them back.

What I have also discovered as I blog is many bloggers click the ‘like’ or ‘follow’ button when they have not read the post, or when they do not know what the blog is all about. They are liking or following something they do not know. Why do they do this. Again, to attract these people to return the ‘like’ or ‘follow’ so that their stats may go up. Hence, do not deceive yourself that the so many followers you have are there for you. Many of them are following you for themselves.

Another reason people may have thousands of follower but do not manage to have even a few comments or likes is we do not manage our followers well.

You can turn this around. If you manage your followers well, you can transform the passive or non-committed followers into active, committed followers who will actually be reading and liking your posts. WordPress wisely advises us to manage our followers.

What does it mean  to manage your followers? How do you manage your followers? What does it take?

The first thing to have in mind is it does not suffice to have followers. We have to manage them; and to manage them means to do what will make them continue to like and follow us actively not passively.

The main strategy in managing your followers is to hold their attention as much as you can. This means being present to them. When you comment on a follower’s site, you are present to that follower. It is hard for your comment not to be returned. Of course, someone may return your comment but still will not visit your site. Here, I recommend that you extend an invitation to the person to visit your site. It could be an invitation to visit a particular post and give you their opinion on something specific.

The long and short of it is you manage your followers by following them and making yourself visible to them through your likes, comments, sharing, reblogging etc and tweeting their posts.It is not enough to have followers. You must learn to manage them.Just like it is not enough to have money. You must learn to manage it well before it can bring any good into your life.