Frustration in marriage

PhotoGrid_1420273189495It’s hard to count the number of people who are frustrated in marriage. It looks like the people who are frustrated are more than the ones who are satisfied and happy. If your marriage is fine, you may not know what it means to become frustrated in marriage especially for those who go into it with very high expectations.

There are people who are frustrated for years and see no light at the end of the tunnel.

While some people are frustrated in their marital lives, some people are more or less in heaven. You may call them a perfect pair. They really love each other; are happy with each other and enjoy each other’s company.

No one, however, should be deceived. No couple has joy easily in their marriage. It does not come like manna from heaven. They work for it. If you see a couple that is happy and doing well know that they have worked for it.

You who are feeling frustrated, what are you doing to be happy? Are you working to bring in happiness? Let me tell you one truth: no matter how frustrated you may be, you can find happiness in that same marriage; and become the envy of others tomorrow.

All that you need is to get the right tools and use them.

The best tools that I have come across for successful marriage are offered by the World Wide Marriage Encounter movement. There are certainly other movements but this is the one I have experienced. If you are having frustrations in your marriage, I strongly urge you not to give up. There is nothing wrong with you or your spouse. It is just a lack of the right tools.

Ask about the nearest Marriage Encounter group around you and attend their Week-End with your spouse. It will do the magic for you if you open your hearts to it. Those who live in Cameroon can contact me.

There are people who opt to take away their lives because of frustrations they are having in their marriage. This is not the thing to do. It does not help anyone. It will do more harm than good. If you are considering such an option are you thinking of all the people who love you? Do you want to question God who is watching you and knows when to intervene? Is the torture you are having more than the one that Jesus went through?

Let’s be strong! There is no problem without a solution. If you are feeling frustratedDSC_0460 in your marriage, know that there is a solution. Search for it. There is a very high possibility that your marriage can have an about turn and be an inspiration to others in your community.