Hard to make sense

If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

A lot has changed since the time of my ancestors. The world is moving at the speed of lightening. Today people are flying to the moon and diving to the bottom of the seas and oceans; exploring never reached areas of the world and making hitherto unimaginable inventions and discoveries.

If one of my late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join us for dinner, he would be shocked by many of the marvels of our times. We all live in one big house with different rooms. That was not the case in their time. Men’s houses were apart from those of their wives and children.

The lighting system we have today is not what they had in their day. They ate with bare fingers. We eat with cutlery nowadays; listen to radio and watch television and even browse the internet.

In short, it would be hard to make sense of what they will see.

Modern Families


Wonders will never end

IMG_20151118_134201Wonders will never end;
Or will they?
The world is full of mystery;
The world is full of marvels;
You never know what will come next;
Good things happen;
And bad things happen as well;
A world of wonders;
A world of surprises galore;
Different voices;
Many melodies;
Sometimes harmonious;
Sometimes confusing;
So you understand;
We simply say;
Wonders will never end.IMG_20151108_150926

A new airplane era is coming

There is nothing conceivable that the human mind cannot achieve.

A new airplane era is coming. Airplanes will be as common as the cars we have today. This shall be the airplane era.

Air planes shall be owned by individuals; and they shall be as common as cars today. Traveling even to visit a friend or relative in the same town shall be by air. There shall be airplane taxis. Cars will be the poor man’s means of transportation just as bicycles are today.

Do you see this as possible? I see it. There shall be air routes in the cities and parking lots for the air planes. The people who will be living in that era will know how to handle the issue. Many buildings may have to be put down to provide for the air routes.

Never say because you cannot understand how something can happen that it cannot happen.

The faculty or instrument called the human mind can do wonders. Do not let your own go to sleep. Use it to think of how to make the most of your life; how to make the world a better place than it is now. Use it to take yourself to greatness.

The most formidable machine

If you don’t know what you can do,
Let me tell you;
What you can do is more than
You can imagine;
In you there is the most formidable machine
Called the human mind;
It can do and undo;
The human mind has done marvels;
It has taken people to the moon
And back;
It has taken people to the bottom
of the sea
And back;
It has invented the airplane;
It has created modern information
And communication technology;
It has reduced the world
To a global village;
It has found cures to all types of diseases;
Yet, what it has done is nothing
Compared to what it can do;
What you now see is far from
What it will do;
If you make the most of this instrument
In you called the mind,
You will astound yourself;
What you will do
Will stagger the imagination;
You will move the world.