Love is not complicated, people are

Love is not complicated People are

These days…Relationship means…                                                                                                     Any where without you is better than any where with you

How individual lives are changing ,relationships are thrown into the dust bin,people forgetting the meaning and value & sacredness of ‘LOVE’,

Thanks to addiction to social media & smart phones !

Relationships are harder now!

“Conversations became texting,

Arguments became phone calls,

Feelings became subliminal messages,

Sex became easy,

The word ‘love’ is used out of context.,

Insecurities became a way of thinking,

Getting jealous became a habit,

Trust is hard to come by,

Being hurt became natural.

Leaving became the only option,

Sad but true,

So if you have something…that is worth it,..don’t take it for granted,

Fight for it,don’t let it go”       pinterest

Summary –

Be selfish,thanks to the inventions. indulge in your likings,Drink till you drop dead,fight without any reason,Ego is your life,jealousy is your partner, Greedy is your nature,Killing innocent is your taste,care not anybody,you owe the happiness you deserve,forget about dieting & exercises which are all money-making machines,,cheating is your mantra,money is everything and enjoy dying your own death,you owe nothing to anybody!

Is this the lesson modern-day life style teaching us ? Is this the meaning of advancement in human life ? Is this what all about relationships ?

And what about ethics,values,respect,responsibilities ,family relationship ?

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography

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Which is which? Social media (Be inspired today 147 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Which is which?
Are you using
Social media?
Social media
Is using you?

Which is which?
Are you exploiting
Social media?
Social media is
Exploiting you?

Which is which?
Are you draining
Social media?
Social media is
Draining you?

Which is which?
Have you captured
Social media?
Social media has
Captured you?

Which is which?
Are you against
Social media?
Social media is
Against you?

Which is which?
Are you killing
Social media
Social media is
Killing you?

Modern social communication technology a real blessing to me

Many people find 
Modern social communication technology
a blessing
But not everybody finds it so;
To some, it is a curse, you can't believe;
Untold suffering it has brought them;
Whether blessing or curse,
It is here to stay.

Hear why it is a wonderful blessing
To me;
It is a blessing to me;
Thanks to it,
I met you;
And you are precious to me;
More precious than you are aware.
How would I ever have met you otherwise?
You are indeed, a treasure to me.
When engrossed
In writing to you,
Or reading from you,
All my worries or fears
And concerns
Are left behind;
And I get more joy out of life.

Yes, there is a negative side
Of this whole stuff.
We have to look for ways
To stop the mess it causes;
But all in all,
It is a gift far beyond compare;
Which we must use to good end;
And make the world
A sweet place for all.

Let us do our best with it;
And make the world an excellent place;
With this formidable tool.
Sure, we can.


Leftist Abuse of the First Amendment, Part 2 [Video]

First Amendment

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution was crafted to help ensure five different fundamental freedoms, religion, speech, press, peaceful assembly, and to petition the government.

This is the text of the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble, or to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The Left of recent years has engaged in abuse of at least four of those rights. Last time we examined the abuse of the freedoms of religion and speech. Here we will survey the leftist abuse of the freedom of the press and the freedom to peaceably assemble.

Abuse of the Freedom of the Press

Image.article.8.25.2018The ‘press’ of today encompasses the news/media complex of print media, radio, broadcast networks, cable news, and the fast-growing internet world including social and anti-social media.

This may be the easiest freedom to abuse because it can be hidden under a veneer of professionalism and ethics. It also happens to be an easy way to leverage influence and power toward a personal or corporate agenda.

The agenda of the Leftmedia is an active promotion of socialism. Since the election of Donald Trump, this has been tethered to an incessant and hostile denigration of him and his administration.

Examples of this kind of conduct are legion. I have covered many of them in past articles. This is a persistent theme seen in response to every action the president takes or proposal he makes. This hostility extends to anyone in his administration and even his family and friends.

One of the more recent demonstrations of abusing freedom of the press came in response to Education Secretary Nancy DeVoss’ suggestion for perhaps arming some teachers in the classroom. Here is a portion of that response.

PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor… claims she has spoken with advocates who believe any programs that arm teachers will pose a threat to minority students. “If you start arming teachers, there are black and brown students … who are being disciplined more than their white counterparts, you could then start seeing statistics where potentially black students are getting shot or in accidents when their teachers are trying to shoot or do gun safety measures,” Alcindor claimed.

The suggestion that arming teachers will be a threat to minority students is both ridiculous and racist. It is an incendiary comment meant to stir up racial tensions and demean a member of Trump’s cabinet.

As far as the Left is concerned, the fact that a blow can be aimed at the Second Amendment is a bonus benefit. This is a terrible abuse of the freedom of the press to spread false innuendo and rumor devoid of fact.

Abuse of the Freedom to Peaceably Assemble

Image2.article.8.25.2018This freedom is the keystone of the ability to protest against or show support for causes in a public forum. Peaceful assemblies of even large groups of people cannot be prohibited within certain limitations for public safety and venue capacity.

Leftist abuse of this freedom has been increasing since the middle of the Obama administration with the violent protests of groups such as Black Lives Matter. There were pertinent examples of abusing lawful assembly such as one from April of 2015 where protesters blocked an interstate in the San Francisco area.

Officers detained six people here. Authorities tell KTVU all six were taken to the city jail and booked for unlawful assembly and being a public nuisance.

However, some of the most egregious abuses of the freedom to assemble were carried out during the presidential campaign at rallies for candidate Donald Trump. These involve the inciting of violence by Clinton and DNC supporters planted at the rallies.

The following video contains graphic language. It is raw footage and viewer discretion is strongly advised.

This kind of conduct is a deliberate abuse of the right to assemble peacefully at a public event. It is also abusing the freedom of speech in order to disrupt those who are exercising their freedom to assemble.

It is abuse solely for political gain, and it should be unacceptable as well as prosecutable. As of this writing, the leader of these efforts, Bob Creamer, has stepped down from his position, but there have been no attempts at prosecution.

Moreover, the Wisconsin Attorney General has refused to even investigate the organization, Democracy Partners, which Creamer led. Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe responded to this non-action by the AG.

Project Veritas Action has released a written and video response to Wisconsin Attorney General Schimel’s memorandum regarding Project Veritas Action’s Democracy Partners video investigation. …However, according to Schimel, “Based on all the available facts I do not believe there is any basis to conclude that the videos demonstrate or suggest violations of Wisconsin criminal laws.” Project Veritas Action and its legal team strongly disagree.

Unhindered Abuse Will Result in Loss of Freedom

The U.S. Constitution delineates our various individual rights on paper. Those rights are built on the foundation laid out in the Declaration of Independence.

Image3.8.25.2018.articleThe Declaration itself clarifies a very important point. Individual rights are not granted by the government. They are given inherently by God to human beings.

When any part of these constitutional rights is abused, the entire structure of the document is threatened.  It is impossible to violate just one portion of the Constitution without bringing down all of it.

In practical terms, if such leftist abuse of the First Amendment is unchallenged and unhindered the entire gambit of liberty enjoyed by Americans is at risk. The process is already beginning impelled by the Democratic socialist machine, funded by leftist operatives such as George Soros.

The United States Constitution is a testimony to human freedom on earth. It is also a plea for the people of the nation to value our freedom as a precious gift from God.

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.  Galatians 5:1

If freedom is properly valued then its beneficiaries will ‘stand firm’ in that freedom. That is true for the liberty of a nation, and the freedom of the soul.

D.T. Osborn

Sources: The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Crossway Bibles 2001
The Constitution of the United States, National Center for Constitutional Studies, 2009, 2012

Featured and Top Image courtesy of Kyle Dickson’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image 1 courtesy of Scott Beale’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image 2 courtesy of duncan c’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image 3 courtesy of russellstreet’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License

All other sources linked or cited in the text

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Annoying things 4 – Lies everywhere

A most annoying reality in our present times is that lies are everywhere. In both social and traditional media, lies flow like water in an ocean.

It’s like liars have seized power in all countries of the world and are determining the information that circulates. They tell lies shamelessly.

Sad to say the voracious and gullible population does not only believe the blatant lies but goes on to spread them.

What is your take on this? Are you aware that there are too many lies in circulation? Isn’t it annoying?

‘Talking Media World’: Michel Montecrossa’s Song & video about himself as singing newsman and the online future newspaper crisis

Michel Montecrossa’s Song ‘Talking Media World’


Michel Montecrossa says about ‘Talking Media World’:
“The New-Topical-Song ‘Talking Media World’ I wrote at a time when newspaper crises were exploding into their online future and intelligent journalism had to fight its way through advertisement payola journalism wreaking havoc in the lives of people threatening to bring press ethics and media standards to an all-time low. In a world of polito-corruptos and banka-gangstas I, as the singing newsman, stand on the side of true journalism of freedom, democracy and independence. My newspapers are New-Topical-Songs and Movies going online, talking true to the people of the world, giving them hope, insight, solidarity and encouragement for effective future action.”

Talking Media World

Come gather ‘round journalists, a song I will sing
about media world and about the right thing.
And the right thing is truth of precious life.
That’s why the right people talk true and don’t lie.

Demands and violence, division and death
can’t stand against harmony and unity great.
The newspaper crises, they are all exploding:
Advertisement payola means death of knowing.

Online is the future and online are my songs.
The world happens in the world of the young.
Youth unemployment and slavery are there
and I’m the voice singin’ for the free who dare.

Bankas and politos are killing journalism,
retarding media ethics into opportunism.
Through outrageous behavior media world is doomed.
Wreaking havoc in our lives isn’t that cool.

Too many journalists lose their lives or get hurt
while others send hoax calls to the nurse
of the pregnant duchess and thus push the nurse
into suicide ending her life on earth.

I’m the singing newsman, the voice of the soul,
the soul of the people beyond mind-control,
the soul of the people, the truth of us all,
the truth of love resisting the wrong.

Come gather ‘round journalists, a song I did sing
about media world and about the right thing.
And the right thing is truth of precious life.
That’s why the right people talk true and don’t lie.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany



Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

To stay updated follow the Michel Montecrossa Blog:

Talking Media World

Vigilance or smartness? Trump Administration

What is needed? Is it vigilance or smartness to avert a chaotic situation during the Trump Administration that seems to be raising its ugly head already? The protests that have swept the country so far may not be a good sign; and it wouldn’t surprise many if the same thing happens in other countries, especially Moslem countries.

That is not all. It seems wittingly or unwittingly the Media are being pushed into war with the new Administration. However, from the last election one can well conclude that Mr. Trump is at his best when swimming upstream not downstream. Let it surprise nobody if he manages all these situations with brilliance.I do not say he will or will not. I say he may (having proven his brilliance); and if he does that would be good for everybody.

Media in danger

Dictators and media
Hardly go together;
If a dictator is in power,
The media will suffer;
If you love the media,
Let no dictator
Get to power;
If the media are stifled,
Democracy dies.
Who wants democracy
To die?
Let the media live;
And let democracy live;
Dictators, away from power!
The media must strive;
Let the media be free!
Now, the media are in danger.