Who will I meet today?

Who will I met today?
As I go about my day’s activities?
Who will I meet on the street?
Who will I meet in my office?
In their office?
In the marketplace?
Who will I meet on the road today?
How can I know?
I will meet many lovely people;
I will meet you
Who are reading this,
When I see your like or comment;
You are my gift from God;
He put you on my path;
That we meet today;
That I may not be alone.
You see, you are precious to me.

The Living Word

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Have you heard of
The Living Word?
I am talking of
The living Word of God;
What does that mean?
Who knows?
Who can say what it means?
For those who don’t know,
Let me say it;
When Christians talk of
The Living Word of God,
They are talking of Jesus Christ;
Yes, Jesus Christ;
Did you now that?
That is it;
Christ is
The living Word of God;
The Bible is
The Written Word of God;
When we read the bible,
We hear the voice of God;
We hear God speaking to us;
Hence, we meet God;
And have a conversation with him.
Meanwhile, Jesus is
The Word of God made flesh;
Everyday, make sure
You get in touch with
The Word of God made flesh;
The Living Word of God.
When you read the bible
You meet
The Living Word of God;
When you meet
The Living Word of God,
You meet God.

New Bloggers Weekly Meet

A you a new blogger? Did you recently create a blog or have a blog that’s been running for just about a year or less?

New Bloggers’ Weekly Meet is your opportunity to meet and draw strength from one another.  An error never to make in life  is to try to go alone. When you journey as team, you generate and draw a lot of energy from one another.

Here, you shall be guided and provided opportunities to draw strength from solidarity power.

Give your name, blog title and Url in the comment box below. Say how you find this idea and if you are in or out.

The only rule here is meet once a week as a blogging group to exchange ideas and support one another.

Are you in this or out?

How nice to see you again!

How nice to see you again;
Still as sweet as you were before;
Your words do touch my heart;
And make me feel like flying;
Shall we be friends for ever?
So you don’t ever leave me again;
How nice to see you again.
Just as sweet as you were before.

The title of this poem is adapted from a comment by a fellow blogger, https://simpledimplesite.wordpress.com on my site. It got me inspired to write this poem in her honor. She is such a sweet blogger, If you don’t mind it, check her site https://simpledimplesite.wordpress.com and tell her you love her.