Drizzling melody of love

A sweet melody of love
Is drizzling
Like showers of blessings
Rolling down gently
From on high;
See how it makes love
Ooze out of my heart;
As never before;
May that shower flow on!


My second song

Song Title: You can achieve
Singer: Ngobesing Suh Romanus

You can achieve anything you strongly desire
To achieve in this world,

All you need is determination,
And hard work,
And the belief that you can do it.

With faith
You can move mountains;
In life, a lot of people underestimate themselves;
Don’t underestimate yourself;
Don’t sell yourself too short;
You can do much more in this world
Than you think.

Be determined;
Be hard working;
And you do wonders.

If you have not heard my first song and like to hear it, it’s here.

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A sweet love melody

There is a melody in my heart;
A soft, sweet melody in my heart;
Just for you;
It’s a love melody;
Silently my heart is singing
A sweet love melody for you;
A melody of your beauty;
Of your lovely face
That shines like a star.
Can you read my lips?
In your heart, do you hear
This melody flowing
Like a spring on a hillside?
It’s the melody of my love
For you.

Daily Prompt

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Share Your Melodies To The World Challenge – What Does Your Melodies Tell The World About You? — Michael J. Fite

“Know a person is like music, what attracts to them us is their melody, and as we get to know who they are, we learn their lyrics.” -hplyrikz.com

For today’s inspiration, I want to share with you what your melodies tell the world about you. It can tell a lot about you in ways that your words or body language cannot.

I also want to challenge you to see if you can understand me through my melodies. There is a variety, but I am sure that if you pick one, you will see a part of me that can help you understand me.

Lastly, I want you to share your melodies with the world. Let the world see and hear the melodies that exist in your life. Allow for them to get to know you better through your music so that you are understood.

Please click on my link below to view today’s inspiration.

Share Your Melodies To The World Challenge – What Does Your Melodies Tell The World About You? — Michael J. Fite

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Answer God’s call

The words below can give a good melody. Do you have a talent for music. If you do, take this poem and turn it into a song and let’s see what it comes to. The title is ANSWER GOD’S CALL.

Why not answer God’s call;
When Mary answered God’s call,
He raised her so high;
When Paul answered God’s call,
He raised him so high;
When the apostles answered God’s call,
He raised them so high;
If you answer God’s call,
He will raise you so high;
All the world,
Answer God’s call,
He will raise the world so high;
Don’t you see, my friend?
If you answer God’s call,
He will raise you so high.

The last one hour

I was mesmerized;
I spent the last one hour
Engrossed by your sweet comments
On my page;
I read them one by one;
And each one pierced my heart;
Not with pain but with joy;
No blood oozed out;
Only happiness;
I saw what sweet words can do;
Nothing else can;
I urge you then;
Send forth those euphonious words
Lodged in your hearts;
Let mellifluous melodies
From you,
Like from nightingales
Flow out;
And adorn my heart!

Sing on lovely angel

When I heard your angelic voice gracing the air,
I was body and soul carried away;
And When I asked where from such angelic melody came;
I could not believe my ears when I was told;
It came from the vocal organs of a sweet soul;
So very human just like me;
Then it was not long, I set my eyes on you,
And first thing, I wondered
In whose presence was I?
In the presence of some fairy or angel from heaven?
My eyes dazzled at the beauty I saw;
And my heart called out:
Sing on lovely angel;
Let more melodies,
From the heavenly choir in your heart
Pour out;
That they may bring comfort to my gentle heart.