Like a Fragile Flower

Quietly the sun rises through the woods, giving me time to reflect on the world. Looking off into the branches of time, I wonder where life has quickly gone. I remember my childhood days of climbing the hills and running into the valley of flowers. What I wouldn’t do to return to a world where Shwinns was the fastest way to find our friends!

I often sit alone with my coffee and reminisce over the smell of its grounds. I would love to see the neighbors who undoubtedly have gone to be with Jesus in heaven. Oh, the younger years I took for granted! They can never be replaced, but in my solitude of living color are the names of the smiles I so profoundly remember.

But, I understand, now, it is our Father who grants us the privilege of recollecting memories. I guess everyone has that incurable desire to go back in time and recall our beginnings. I know some may not agree with me, but it’s okay to disagree, for we’ve all conquered our own adolescence.

Our powerful and almighty God, in all His awesomeness, handles us like a fragile flower. It is written in 1 Peter 1:24, “For “All flesh is like grass and all its glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers, and the flower falls,” So we sit in our own little world, cecum to the fact we are here because of His higher plan. And so God says we are to be born and live as prescribed by our heavenly Father.

We are part of His magnificent imagery. Where there was once a seed in the fertile soil, there is a blossom because of Christ. He comforts His fragile flowers thriving amongst the splintered branches. Even in the blowing winds and stressful times, He quenches His chosen ones.

In the circle of life, the petals eventually fade, and God cuts some lives shorter than others. Mourning the delicate flower which once stood tall for all to admire, we hold on to the cherished remembrances.

“For he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust. The life of mortals is like grass, they flourish like a flower of the field; the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more.”  Psalm 103:14-15

Like a fragile flower, the beauty of Christ and His Word bestows upon us the hope for a better future in heaven. View your memories through the gospel, and you will surely witness God’s grace at work. The experiences of our lives, when we let God use them, become the mysterious and perfect preparation for our future work with the heavenly Father.

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Our kind of love

Yes, I do remember
That first day
I set eyes on you;
My eyes and yours
Vould not be separated;
They seemed logged together
For ever;
Mine won’t leave yours,
And yours won’t leave mind;
Hard as I tried;
My heart missed a beat;
And when beating resumed,
It beat so fast,
And so strong,
I feared an explosion
Was underway;
Much has not changed;
That is the kind of love
I have for you;
Our kind of love.

A Day of Remembrance

It’s a day to thank God for all the mothers we know on this Mother’s Day. Our moms are like great trees standing proudly amongst the forest. They bear fruit and give shade to protect us from evil elements. This is a day of remembrance for not just my own mother but to all the others who gave us a life worth living in an unknown existence we call earth.

Where would we be without the beautiful ladies who gave us life? Let me begin with all the pioneers and name worthies in history. What strength and endurance their mothers experienced as they stood on the dock waving goodbye to their child! Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Jacques Cartier, and other explorer’s mothers must have been devastated to think it would be the last time they saw their sons. Yet, others stand so proud in the light of their children’s accomplishments such as the Steve Jobs, Alexander Bell, and even the great entertainers and athletes of our times. Where would we be without those mothers who created a life that richly blesses our lives today?

One mother, in particular, stands out in my mind and is of biblical proportion. A very young girl, Mary, gave birth to a son who still tries to change the world by His ministry. Jesus, God’s immaculate conception, was like no other child and His mother, too, was like no other woman. The anguish, fear, and heartaches she withstood, and all in the name of love for God. To me, she is the “mom” of all mothers for without her, what would our life be? This is a perfect day to give thanks to the mother who gave us her beloved son.

I also reflect, this day, on the mothers of my childhood days in Severna Park, Maryland. In this small town, the women worked at church and gave the community a special meaning. Some helped in the educational field, turning kids into men and women of great knowledge. Those were the days when moms sat for hours helping with homework, starting showers, and tucking us in bed. It didn’t matter if we were their natural children, adopted, or just a good friend. There’s a lot to be said for the love of a mother, a sobering reminder we’d be lost without them. Happy Mother’s Day, Mother Mary in heaven, for we owe you everything as your precious son died for us so we may be a better servant. Thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all and have a blessed day!


Mending cover

It’s the eve of another year past. Life changes and different anatomical pains arise. I made some new friends this year and reunited with some old acquaintances. There were some I wished well and sent them on their way. But, in a summation, I wish I knew where life would find me.

I’m not sad or alone, decrepit or incapacitated but instead, I feel young and vibrant; blessed with vitality and youthfulness. It makes me wonder, because, at my age, I shouldn’t be going ninety miles per hour. If God is making an example out of me, well… He’s doing a pretty good job! So it’s time to reflect on the past hurricanes ravaging my lingering memories. That’s all left to stand.

I ask God to lead me in an effort to comprehend life’s twists and turns. My future path is anyone’s guess, but I can say He’s made miracles happen which are out of my control. I have to decipher my own handwriting when He fills my head with messages. I only wish I could dial the heavens and share the joy with Mom and Dad.

Materialistically, a loss is a sign of weakness, but spiritually speaking, any catastrophe brings strength in times of adversity. Outside forces controlled my earlier years. But for the second half, I’ll return to the point God first touched me. I’m mending this section and my days left in it. I only ask of my Father to protect me. May joy accompany my life, and friendships blossom, yet praise the “love” who kept searching for me. Mending the past to the present is heaven-sent – this makes sense. I only wish I figured out the signs He was sending me thirty-four years ago for there’s no telling the direction my life would yield. Today, a gravitational pull beacons my spirit as God is now my priority.

I’m older tomorrow by one year, and I wonder how many more God will give me to enjoy? Though I lost my parents when I was young, He watches over my hurts and fills my soul with peace. But, how can “sorry” help if no one ever listened to my hurts? Only forgiveness sends messages to the deceased. To patch my broken years, I would have to fill the voids; however, there’s no home remaining, nor church which captivated my soul – just the first place I came in contact with the Almighty.

Mending a broken past with joyful present memories brings me a craving of jubilation. Jesus knows my heart.

Thank you, Lord, for my life!


God bless you, my sweet husband! Your walk in life is the most inspiring I’ve ever witnessed. You are a joy and inspiration to our family and friends! Each day spent with you brings another smile and blessings bountiful. How can we ever thank you enough for “just being you”!

Thank you, God, for the glorious messenger you brought into all our lives!

Memories, Old and New

Memories, Old and New cover

Enjoy this beautiful song, “Memories”, sung by Elvis Presley!

Another year of memories will be soon be added into my 67-year-old book of life. I sit in the dark shadows of the garage, now packed up to move south after thirty years in the Midwest. God calms and soothes my exhausted spirit. The chill of the dreary rain penetrates my coffee, and it turns cold. I patiently wait on life as God makes good on all His promises.

rocking chair (2)

In the darkness of the rubbish and boxes, two objects which I’ve personally touched, leave me wondering of their memories as well. An old red rocker gave up the ghost – it came from a yard sale. I have no concept of the famous children of God who wept for hours sitting on it. But, with a little love, its rejuvenated life will totter a little longer. I wonder where its life began and wished I could reminisce the stories it would tell.

And a second memory was created with a little carpentry work – something I built for my beautiful wife and me to enjoy in our new home. I never thought of how old and new memories join in matrimony until this morning; an old rocking chair, tossed to the curb, and the other, an entertainment stand I gave birth to using lumber. The stand is brand new with a story to tell – a memory of how my wife and I put it together in our first year of marriage. It will be with us for the rest of our days. Someday, it will be passed down to the grandchildren who will remember Pop-Pop built this by hand in his garage.

Memories, Old and New pic 2


For now, though, they quietly stand alone, waiting for their remembrances to unfold of decorating them for many holiday seasons to come. The bright red rocker, wise and strong, sits beside its impressive partner. An entertainment center quietly stands, but the rocker is not in a hurry to go anywhere. It looks up to the new grains of lumber. The stand feels the only comfort from the chair accompanying it in the garage.

Memories, Old and New pic


Cherished memories, a gift given by none other than God, carries us throughout the years. The new ones, like this cabinet, will be held so dear to us too. With the hands that hold you, my love, I molded something special for you to love as well!

We eat our lunch amongst the sawdust and scraps, with sticky, varnished-stained fingers and share thoughts of new beginnings and new memories. God will be in our every thought, in the coming years, in our new home. May we never lose sight, He only, shapes our future. So, let us thank Him for the gift of remembrance.

Memories, Old and New verse


Everything Christmas ad FB


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The Journey of Nostalgia

Hello Friends! I have reached my 100th post on my personal blog! To celebrate this, I had previously asked my friends on social media, and on WordPress to send me word(s) or phrases for me to create something out of them. I have tried to incorporate the words you (they) sent me in the most beautiful way I can in the last part of my series “The Journey of Nostalgia”.

You can read parts 1 and 2 here:

The Journey of Nostalgia (1)

The Journey of Nostalgia (2)

When I was a teen
I thought I knew it all
But I was only eighteen
And had never thought about much really

When I was a teen
I thought I was independent
Because I had read and seen
Books and movies
And I thought I was the wisest of them all

When I was a teen
I thought alone and lonely were the same
But all I had felt was loneliness
I hadn’t known what it is “to be alone”
I didn’t know the difference

Sleepless nights
Moonless and dark
No streetlight
Could create the dawn
I wanted so desperately

Early mornings
Sunny and hot
Gulping coffee
Concentrating so hard in class
That I often forgot
There were people around me

People, classmates especially
Were bothersome, cumbersome
In my way
I had no time
For mindless conversations
For my brain to distract itself
From what really “mattered”

I was lonely
Despite having friends
It was not their fault
Heck it was not mine
I engaged in a lot of activities
Like Rotaract*
Just not to think about
When the sun would set
And I would be in solitude
With my dark and painful thoughts
Dissecting my actions and feelings
Of the day
Of the week
Of the month
Of the year
Of 10 years ago

I never thought
The sun would ever dawn
In my world
But it did

The dark thoughts still
Tiptoe in my mind
But they are ethereal**

I have experienced a new slice of the world
I have had a taste of true freedom

And once you taste real freedom
Your taste buds can’t go back
To the old and unevolved
There is a thirst and hunger
For the uncertain and the unknown

You experience
The good and the bad
Of being alone

Just taking a bus somewhere
Is an achievement
Getting lost and finding your way
Is the most fun
You can have

Disappointment and excitement
Become a way of life
And you wish
Everyday had an element of risk
Which makes you want
To seek to understand***
Yourself and your purpose


Happy Independence Day to all my Indian friends, here on the WordPress platform and everywhere else!

I would like to thank my friends:



***Cyril Junior

For their words and/or phrases

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Song and movie ‘Bygone Times’ by Michel Montecrossa (with lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song & Movie ‘Bygone Times’ 

Michel Montecrossa says about ‘Bygone Times’ :
“‘Bygone Times’ is a New-Topical-Song Movie about love seen from the other side of the divide. It makes me think about Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

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Song Lyrics:
The wind is howling / in an empty place / cold and strange like eyes / that stare into a glass / covered by dust / of bygone times.
A room might be there / in that desert-home, / filled with thoughts we once loved, / filled with visions / and memories / and all things / that once were precious / to you and me.
I would like to meet you / in a better place / and a better time, too. / But now I’m here, / where I saw you last, / where I lost my heart, / where all my feelings / are caught in bygone times.
Tell me, my love, are you happy still / in arms that are not mine? / Tell me, girl, don’t you see sometimes / bygone times passing by, / slow with pain / of a touching past, / once so sacred, once so bright, / forever lost, / yet living still / in some chamber of the mind?
Oh, how much I would like you to spare / this show of fading beats / of a loving heart / lost and struggling / where the cold wind blows / across the fields / of bygone times, / yes, of bygone times, my love.
Between the pages of a history book / I found a folded page, / sheltering a drawing / scribbled down by you / while you called me on the phone. / And I saw you near, babe, / and I felt you near, babe, / and I could understand, babe, / our love is so real / and not a finished tale / buried in the dust / of history’s pages / frozen into a figure / or a monument old.
No, it is living with all its might, / our love is strong and unbroken. / And I know you feel it, too, / at the same time as I do. / Yes, I am sure / that wherever you are / and whomever you might love / and whoever loves you / you’ll know: our love / doesn’t belong / to the times of bygone ages.

Music & Lyrics: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany


Not just My “CHILDHOOD” it’s 
Your’s as well…..

It’s a typical house I will say my parental HOME of late fifties of the last century or so (even much much before i was born).
But I have memories to cherish with my sweetest moments of my childhood.There used to be a big open space in front of the house where marriage ceremony of all my four sisters as well we two sons were celebrated with much pump & gaity.

Typical old pattern house 🏡 with a big pond 
on the back yard where a lot of indigenous species of fishes , crabs 🦀 & prawns 🍤 used to be raised with sheds for cows 🐮 with their calves were an added advantage to those days living style.

Lots of coconut 🌴trees , mango plants , pomegranate plants and many more fruit as well as flower 🌺 plants of some excellant varieties were there & still the mango trees bear the best and sweet mangos in summer time.
All these relates to my own childhood where I used to play hide and seek and many more games with kids from our neighbour-hood.
I lost my father when i was hardly 27 years and after 13 years again I lost my mother…..
“MAY BE THE GREATEST LOSS FOR ANY BODY”.Yet knowing well that nothing is permanent on this earth 🌏.

In recent days I have developed a very typical emotional attachment….

“Most of the time , when ever I visit my home 🏡these days I like to wander on the backyard,the pond side and staring at the long coconut 🌴plants and mango trees loathed with ripen mangos & the more I am being attracted to my “mother’s memory” of my childhood of most pampered upbringing”

I know well….
it’s not just my “childhood memories” but every one ☝🏾 of my reader friends here,have the same memories spent with their siblings & parents….not just to remember but to go deep in to “enlightened & emotional thoughts”.


In the loving memories of “CHILDHOOD”.

“It’s just not my memories of my childhood but It’s Our Memories of Our Childhood”

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Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #111&112

A most interesting first New Year journey on the Tube it was, as we settled into our seats and the Underground train began to leave the station, rock n roll music awoke our senses.  Giving us a little glimpse of their talent, it was a karaoke like but a top class performance nevertheless, by a trio of jazz musicians with energy oozing out of their voices, dancing feet and instruments brought the place alive for a brief moment.  They were met with smiles and generously from most of the passengers came their rewards.

It did not only put a spring in my step on a cold frosty London day but their songs reminded me of Christmas with my late parents when their record player and the vinyls blared out the same music in the fifties and sixties.  Happy Memories.

Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #95&96

This is a song I learnt in infant school.

“Christmas is coming the hens are getting fat, please put a penny in the old man’s hat.  If you haven’t got a penny, a halfpenny will do, if you have got a penny God bless you.”

Really I just want to say, while we are doing our Christmas shopping we remember to give towards the provision of shelter and food for those who have less than we do.

O Lord Our God in the name of Jesus, we thank you for what you have provided.