Can you just say it as it is?

Just say it as it is

Just say it as you see

Just say it as you think

Just say it as you feel

What is it you want

What is it you need

What is it you can

What is it you can’t

There is so much shallow

When you don’t say it

When you fake it

Because you want to make it

It may work for a while

But can last only a while

And the price you’ll pay

May lead you a painful way

It is worth every dime

To say it as it is

I ain’t saying no more

Yes yes to please

When my soul will miss

The serenity it so seeks

Sometimes silence says it too

If they don’t like it

If they don’t want it

If they don’t respect it

Not my worry

I will just say it as it is

(c) Marie Abanga

p.s: Because I decided I’ll no longer play pretend, because I give myself permission to be happy and that it’s okay in the process either way, I will just say it as is.  Mental Health is very important for our holistic wellbeing and keeping it real is the best way to safeguard one’s wellbeing in my humble opinion. Be you inspired and motivated everyone.