Why I like Monday

I want to tell you why
I like Monday;
M reminds me of mercy;
Which challenges me
To show mercy to others;
If I don’t show mercy,
I will not receive mercy;
The mercy I show to others,
Comes back to bless me;
O reminds me of obedience;
And invites me to obey
The word of God;
Obedience to the word of God
Is the best prayer;
N reminds me
Of a name;
Jesus, the miracle name
Unlike other names;
It is called billions of times
Every day;
It heals;
It protects;
It saves;
It frees;
It works miracles;
D reminds me of dedication;
I am challenged to be dedicated to whatever
I am called to do;
A reminds me of answer;
The Lord calls me daily;
I am expected to answer.
Like Mary;
Like Joseph;
Y reminds me of yes, my answer,
A vehement yes.
That is the Monday I like.


Today’s morning prayer 16

My dear father in heaven,
Yesterday, I made a mistake
Which I don’t want
To make today;
I started my day
Without talking to you,
And getting your blessings;
For that reason,
I couldn’t find my way;
Forgive me, Father;
Grant me your mercy
For such pride;
Take me back into your bossom,
Like the prodigal son.
I promise not to make
That mistake again;
I cannot fall
Into the same pit twice.
I come then to you,
Dear father,
Pleading to you to bless me,
Bless my day,
And bless
All those who are dear
To me.
Make this day a good day
For us all,
Grant us the grace
To act according to your will.

The Hardest Thing To Do Is… Listen

We found our way around the yachts parked in their cradles. An empty spot was right next to the dock. We quietly got ready to embark, and the cloudless skies made us wonder how far off heaven was from the pier. The snoozing seagulls perched on the post tops. As we set sail, the gentle breeze bellowed the fabric, and God became our propulsion. The shores of the water looked so endless. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and no place would I’d rather be than with my love and God at the helm. He created this perfect world of pristine water, and all we had to do was sit and watch Him work.

Sometimes it is difficult to accept God is with us day in and day out. Just as sailing into the open blue, we do not realize we are always at His mercy. Many times our sails luff and we pray as though we ran aground. As hard as life is, even doctors can do little to relieve discomfort. In the distress of my wife’s health, I’m left standing in a vacuum for everywhere I look, I see the remnants of the doctor’s aura.

So, I turn to God and ask Him if He has a minute. The hardest thing to do is… listen and wait for His messages. Our faith is only part of the process. Listening for His answers and reacting accordingly is the trick, so we must have a seeking heart. We should talk to Him as though he is a brother and reveal our frustrations, fears, and doubts. God will teach us how to recognize the difference between His voice and just our thoughts.

Find a location to be with Christ and His great mercy. The Lord always has a place open to sit with me, especially on this endless journey my wife and I have encountered today. I wish I could run away and take her sailing to the place called heaven, but it’s not time yet. God gave us responsibilities we must partake and fulfill. Instead,  I will sit with God and try to understand what advice I need to listen to and praise His great gifts. He united the two of us for some much-needed healing in our difficult road of life. So, I will carry her in every way I can possible. In His strength, we will travel as far as the Lord’s work will need us to go for He isn’t done with either of us yet.

The hardest thing to do is listen for God’s words, but if you acknowledge His involvement in your life, you will always recognize His heaven sent voice. Praise God! It’s our intimate relationship with Him that counts.




God in your mercy

God, in your mercy

Hear our prayer;
On you alone
Do we depend,
We are helpless,
We cannot help ourselves;
Only you can help us;
We are lost;
We know not what to do;
Tell us what to do;
Show us the way to go;
And give us the wisdom
And courage,
To follow the path
That you show us;
Thank you for the gift
Of our lives;
Thank you for keeping us
Alive when many are gone;
Thank you for blessing us;
May you continue
To bless and protect us;
Our neighbors;
Our families wherever
They are;
Our entire community
And people!
In your mercy. O Lord,
Hear and answer us,

On you our hopes we pin

God of love, mercy and care;
To thee we all turn our eyes;
As you can see, they so bleed;
So profusely our tears flow;
Who will wipe them off but you;
Who will stop this unending flow;
That they may not all come out;
God of kindness on you we count;
Do not leave us in such storm
As we see and go through now;
See how miserable we are;
Fear and sorrow fill our eyes;
And on you our hopes we pin.

A plea for mercy

adult alone black and white blur

Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

How do you treat people
Who come pleading for
Forgiveness from you?
How do you treat people
Who come to you
Crying desperately
For mercy?
What effect does
The cry for mercy have
On you?
Does it touch your heart?
Or it leaves you untouched:
If it touches your heart,
Then you have a noble heart;
If it slides off your heart
Without touching you,
Then you have a hard heart;
Why not grant mercy
To those who plead for it?
Who knows?
You may be the next person
To plead for mercy.

Song ‘Peace For All’

Michel Montecrossa’s Song ‘Peace For All’


About ‘Peace For All’ Michel Montecrossa says:
“Peace for all is the next step of human evolution – the step into planetary understanding and a consciousness change that makes us ready for space-age and its marvelous possibilities.”

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Peace for All Concert (Live) - Michel Montecrossa

Peace For All

Peace for all is the future‘s call,
strength comes from there and love for all.
I was in a place of the inner world,
it was bright like heaven and not dark like hell.

I saw you with your children
and I heard your heartfelt song.
I saw the clouds of warfields
and you only wished for peace.

Me too I‘m with the hungry,
me too I‘m attacked by hate.
Me too I feel the sorrow,
me too I feel the pain.

Cruelty is the traitor,
steals the treasure of peace and hope.
Anger is the aggressor
invading the territory of your soul.

Peace for all is the saving answer
every politician should know.
Mercy and forgiveness
are the answer of the truly strong.

Peace for all is the earth-soul‘s call.
Peace creates the climate good for all.
Peace is the link of humanity.
Peace is the power that always heals.

The pleasure of killin‘ is no pleasure at all,
it is the destroyer of your soul.
Torture is no way to finding the truth
and greed is the partner that‘s always cruel.

The lies of society are breeding anger.
Standing together makes life last longer.
The help you give is building future.
The charity you show is simply super.

Now I‘m with you in the same room.
I will never scare you and you aren‘t hit by doom.
That‘s because we love us and that‘s the proof
that love is better than every wrong move.

Peace for all is the future‘s call,
strength comes from there and love for all.
I‘m in this place of space age world,
it is bright like heaven and not dark like hell.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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