A father’s Father’s Day

Messages, messages!
They keep pouring in;
Making me more and more confused;
For sure,
It is Father’s Day;
And I am a father,
But hardly did I know
What my eyes see;
I never expected a down pour;
You know what I mean;
Truly, I never did;
Didn’t know anyone cared;
Are you a father?
And does anyone care;
That you are a father?
I am highly impressed;
And deeply.touched;
To see someone cares;
No one but many people care;
Care is the word;
It’s so profound;
I know what their bosom has;
What my progeny has in their hearts;
Such tender words
That touch my heart;
Yes, we do the best we can;
But are we always understood?
Thank God when you are;
Yes, I am happy;
Thank you for making my day;
A happy father, indeed.
That’s my Father’s Day.
A fathers Father’s Day.


What did you take home today from Church?

Drawing from the Gospel, the preacher said Christ is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. He is united with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

In the same way, we are called to be one with one another; to be united with one another.

What binds the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit is love. This same love should bind us in the family, the family of God which is the Church, the Small Christian Community, the Parish and the whole Church of God.

According to the Gospel, Christ never did his own thing. What he did was what the Father asked him to do.

In the same way, we must do what Christ asks us to do which is obey the Command of the Father.

Christ is the light of the world. We must follow his example and be light so that others may follow us to meet the source of that light, Jesus Christ.

This is what I got away with from Holy Mass today morning in my Church.

What about you? Did you attend Holy Mass or morning prayers? Or did you listen to morning meditation? What did you take home?

Who is actually this man?

When I heard the message which he delivers here, I looked at him twice and asked myself: do we actually know this man? Who is he actually? What does he stand for? Is he fairly treated?

I am really confused. Listen to this message and tell me what you think.

I am at a loss.

Keep quiet little voice!

I hear a little voice,
That sounds so loud;
Inside of me;
A very little voice;
That sounds so loud;
And do you know
What it’s telling me?
To stop what I’m doing;
To give up;
To stop trying to succeed,
As it is no use;
That I will fail;
It sounds so loud and clear,
And convincing too;
And doesn’t give me,
A chance to think;
It’s bombarding me;
Telling me no need
To think;
That I must waste no time
To carry on
What I am doing;
That it’s foolish of me
To do so;
But do you know what?
Damn it?
I am paying no heed,
To that little voice;
It Failure’s voice,
Trying to spread it’s feelers;
All over the world;
To install itself in my life;
Failure, you will fail;
That message is stupid;
A discouraging message;
No room
For discouraging messages
In my life;
I will not listen
To that little voice
With it’s discouraging message;
I will not allow myself
To be discouraged;
I will continue to do
What I am doing;
I will keep on going;
I will persist
No matter the difficulties
That I will find on my way;
I will not give up
Till I succeed;
And I will succeed.
Silence then, little voice;
Keep quiet,
And allow me
To pursue my goal.

SIWO international

Special message

Today, I give you a special message; No other message can I have for you More than the message I am going To give you; I hope you take this message with love; And make the most of it; I know you are wondering What it is; I understand; In your place, I would wonder too; But why wonder When it is right here for you? Go straight to it:

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A war against evil

Beloved in the Lord,
A war against evil has been launched.
Help the Lord
To defeat the devil,
By joining your golden voice
To ours through forwarding or sharing, tweeting, or pinning
This message, to say:
“No!” to hate in the world;
“No!” to evil everywhere;
“No!” to wars destroying the world.
“No!” to killing anywhere.
“No!” to violence
“No!” to the violation
Of human rights.
“Yes!” to love
“Yes!” to good
“Yes!” to peace.
“Yes!” to kindness
“Yes!” to an excellent world
For everyone without discrimination to enjoy.

This is a message from
SIWO International.

Please, forward this message to all your contacts.
Let us get it
To all the people
of the world.
The war against evil
Must be won step by step.
The Lord will triumph;
The devil will fall.
Reblog,Tweet, pin,like, comment.

Dear loving child

Dear loving child,
It gives me great joy
To write this letter
To you;
I like you to know
That I care;
That you are the center
Of my life;
Knowing that you are
Gives me great joy;
It is so sweet
That you are doing
So well;
I say a big “bravo” to you.
My prayer is, forward ever;
Backward, never.
May you be the light
That shines in this dark
World in which we live;
Light up
All the world around you;
And why not far beyond?
Make sure you carry
God as your armor
Wherever you go.
Go to bed with a prayer

On your lips;
And get up with a prayer;
Pray a lot;
As the Bible commands,
Pray without ceasing;
We will keep on praying
For you;
That the angels of God
May surround you
As you go in and out,
As you come out in the day,
And turn in at night;
May the angels take care
Of all your needs!
And protect you
From the dirty plans
Of the evil one!
Stay well
And know that we love you.
Your loving dad.