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Back to base limping

Hello friends,

Delighted to inform you that I am back to base after bagging a contract to take charge of training community radio staff. It’ll be quite exciting for me; and coming up only from time to time, it won’t impede my blogging.

It was a great trip for me as I had the opportunity to meet my son and daughter separately. We had nice times.

The down side is I came back both tired and limping. On getting off the bus at one point, I missed my step and ended with a sprained ankle. It’s healing.

Thanks to those of you who prayed for me and for your fidelity to our site.


She’s blocked me

Who will take my message
To her?
She’s blocked me;
And I can’t get to her;
But my heart still burns
Fiercely for her;
I cannot stop loving her;
And I need someone
To take this message to her;
Will you?
Tell her I love her;
That my heart yearns for her;
That all I want is
That she should be mine;
That I am dying for her.
Let somebody, please, tell her.
That I love her today
Even more than I did yesterday.
That she still fills my heart.
That I need her in my life.
Will you take my message?

Michel Montecrossa sez: “Float in the great stream of love ..” (& Photo)

Michel Montecrossa sez:
“Float in the great stream of love,
discovery and wisdom of the heart.
Follow the Living Celebration
of humanity.”

Michel Montecrossa (28th October 2017)

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Message “The wide consciousness of true understanding unites the world..” & painting by Michel Montecrossa

“The wide consciousness of true understanding unites the world.
Let us always be liberated in the vastness of the Lord.“

– Michel Montecrossa on 17th February 2017

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Poetic Song ‘Sunmessage #2’ (audio & lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa’s Song ‘Sunmessage #2’

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Sunmessage #2

Come gather ’round me, all ye lovers on earth
and listen to my Sunmessage of the new birth.
Come nearer to me from near and far
and listen to the sunmessage from my heart.

Listen to the Sunmessage of the world,
listen to it hummin’ all over the world.
Sweet Sunmessage movin’ around the world
just like the sweetness of my girl.

My Sunmessage is love, of course.
And it is peace like an open shore.
And it is happiness wherever you roam.
And it is freedom strong and warm.

I sing you my Sunmessage, beautiful girl,
you are my lady, my treasure great.
And you smile with the message of light,
bright in your eyes, life’s doors to the open sky.

The Sunmessage comes from my inner heights.
Spreadin’ wide its wings of pure delight
it is flying like a bird of paradise
into your inner world’s secret might.

And your Sunmessage is love’s radiant rose,
it is peace like a white dove,
it is happiness opening all doors,
it is freedom, gentle with the Lord.

Our Sunmessage is there to give you all hope.
It is tender and strong with our soul.
It is majestic with the inner smile.
It is luminous with wonders bright.

Let’s gather ’round the fire of love.
Let’s sing the songs of truth and hope.
Let’s feel the rhythm of planets and suns.
Let’s dance with the ocean of things to come.

The Sunmessage is love and love for all.
And it is peace, the mother of all.
It is happiness, great and strong.
And it is freedom, the embrace of the One.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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