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Keep quiet little voice!

I hear a little voice, That sounds so loud; Inside of me; A very little voice; That sounds so loud; And do you know What it’s telling me? To stop what I’m doing; To give up; To stop trying to succeed, As it is no use; That I will fail; It sounds so loud and…

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Special message

Today, I give you a special message; No other message can I have for you More than the message I am going To give you; I hope you take this message with love; And make the most of it; I know you are wondering What it is; I understand; In your place, I would wonder…

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A war against evil

Beloved in the Lord,A war against evil has been launched.Help the LordTo defeat the devil,By joining your golden voiceTo ours through forwarding or sharing, tweeting, or pinningThis message, to say:“No!” to hate in the world;“No!” to evil everywhere;“No!” to wars destroying the world.“No!” to killing anywhere.“No!” to violence“No!” to the violationOf human rights.“Yes!” to love“Yes!”…

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I want you to know

I sent you word;Did you get my word?Did my message getTo you?If you didn’t,Let me send it again;I like that you getWhat is meant for you;Simply said,You are great;Born to be great;To live great;And to die great;That is whatI want you to know;To lift your spirits,And not limitYour own very self.Keep working.

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Dear loving child

Dear loving child, It gives me great joy To write this letter To you; I like you to know That I care; That you are the center Of my life; Knowing that you are Succeeding Gives me great joy; It is so sweet That you are doing So well; I say a big “bravo” to…

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Since you left me

Since you left me in the Freezing cold of love, Things have never been The same again; And it looks like They will never be The same again; If I say I don’t miss you, I will be lying; I am suffering in silence; I must be honest to say You have left a vacuum…

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Go for a win

Do you have something You want to do  Which you know is right? Go ahead and do it. Don’t fear.  Don’t doubt.  Don’t listen t to discouraging messages from people Who will tell you Not to try it.  Do not  let fear Or doubt take control of  you, You will never do it What you…

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