A Short Story About Domestic Abuse: “The Window To Her Life “

In the dark, She used to gather her strength to heal the wounds of her heart. It was getting late and she had so many things to do. She got up, switched on the lights and the sight of wounds on her body broke down her spirit, once again………
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SIWO GLOBAL NEWS 28 April 2018 #12


Ongoing talks of a business merger between two Supermarket giants, Sainsburys and Asda was announced today.  Apparently, the increase in sales  for stores like Aldi and Lidl have prompted this strategy. Together the merger will allow the stores 31% of the market share.  This will be more than Tesco’ s  share of the food and general goods market.  Their ability to purchase in greater bulk will help keep their prices down.  The combined total of stores will be 2,800.  However retail experts doubt the UK’ s Competitions and Markets Authority  (CMA) will allow this merger to go ahead.

Alfie, the 23 month old boy has passed away a week after his life support was turned off.  Hundreds of sympathisers let off blue and purple balloons and left flowers at the entrance of the hospital.  Tweets including one from Pope Francis were filled with prayers for him.

Political analysts have been busy working  out the viability of Declaration of Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.  A “Trust and Check” attitude as per the Reagan-Gobachev Disarmament in the 1990s is being advised.

Bill Cosby the actor has been charged guilty of the  aggravated sexual assault   of a former basketball player.

Angry protesters in Pamplona and other cities in Spain continue to call for the 5 accused men to be charged with rape and to be given the correct sentencing.   The Judges only charged the men with sexual assault of an 18 year old woman.  The men only received a lesser sentence of 9 years.

Inspirational Story 

In 2005 Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Their mission, which began in 1959 was for treatment and prevention of child abuse.  Their faith in God was important to them and they credit it for their success.  Childhelp is a a non-governmental and non-profit organisation in the US.  3 million children and adults have been helped.  Sara and Yvonne made a difference to many lives and continue to.

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SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful

SIWO Global News at 3pm on 17th April 2018 #1


In the headlines this afternoon is news of Syria’s continued bombing of areas opposed to it. Today it is Yamouk, an enclave of various military factions
Staying in Syria, the reported Chemical weapons attack on its own inhabitants can now be investigated in Douma by the Organisation of Prohibition of use of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

In UK an extraordinary matter has arisen concerning the Windrush children immigrants who accompanied their parents here in the 1950s and 60s. They did mot fomalise their residency and cannot therefore prove they have been in education and work for the last 50 years. This is despite having contributed to the tax and social system.
Another story is the knife and gun violence among the youth in UK and a high number are from the Black community especially in London. 50 people have died this year in London from knife attack.
The government, local councillors and community groups are at last coming together to find common solutions instead of each one working alone at it.

On a positive note, scientists Professor John McGeehan from UK of the University of Portsmouth and Gregg Beckham of the US Energy Renewable Laboratory are working on an enzyme called PETase that digests the plastic known as Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), the most used plastic in the whole world.

Issues of safety for girls and women has raised its head again. Recent rapes of two girls aged eight and
eleven has set off demonstrations in India. Politics, police, patriarchy and parental authorities may be shirking responsibilities and appear to be letting down its
young citizens.

In the US, politics of The White House relationships are making news with accusations and counter accusations with both the President’s personal and political contacts.
Kendrick Lamar has been given the Pulitzer prize for Music. He is the first rapper to receive it, he is poetic, political and protests through his songs and vocal in the a Black Lives Matter. The New York Times with The New Yorker and The Washington Post journalists are winners for reports leading to the #METOO MOVEMENT and Russian fake news inquiries.
Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckberg faces new questions on unlawfully accessing biometric data of users.

South African grandparents in a town where gangs was a problem and gun fire was hitting school children acted, by set up Walking Buses programme. They simply volunteered to walk children to school and it’s proved successful.

Inspirational Story

Rebel Education is an inspiring education system happening around the world, especially in Africa and Asia. “In Thailand, using two ways to teach develops both sides of the brain”, said the headmaster. One way is Inspiring Science approach where students are encouraged to find solutions to local problems. For example, how local farmers can cope with flooding of the paddy fields which has led to a decrease in their rice production. Students visited the farmer, in a team they discussed and chose an option. researched it, built prototype of a raft with empty plastic bottles before using bamboo . They planted the rice, maize and onions with success.
Traditional methods is the other, teaching with books and memorising of subjects by students.
Lastly , Enquiry-based Approach is being taught to Thai children in kindergartens. “The world needs scientists,” said the director of the local laboratory.

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Content obtained from BBC.Sky, Al Jazeera, CNN and NHK.
SIWO News Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Song ‘Sei Erneuernd!’ (Der Star Song) by Michel Montecrossa (audio & lyrics)

Listen here to Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song ‘Sei Erneuernd!’ (Der Star Song)


Michel Montecrossa Homepage: MichelMontecrossa.com

Song Lyrics

Sei Erneuernd! (Der Star Song)

Plump, sexistisch, dumpf. Angst, Scham, Opfer.
Allmächtig & Ausgeliefert-Sein. Entrüstung
& Bekenntnis. Besetzungscouch & Casting-
Methoden. Selbstbewusst-Sein.

Menschliche Abgründe. Liebe, Lust & Leidenschaft.
Begehren, Schuld & Macht. Spielen & flirten, probieren.

Erotik & Verführung. System & Geschäft.
Witz rettet. Macht erotisch.
Jagd & Eroberung. Gefallen & gut ankommen.

Anerkennung & Auszeichnung. Bevorzugt &
Auserwählt. Erfolg, Probleme & Zusammenbrüche.
Rumvögeln tun alle, verheiratet oder nicht.

Signale setzen. Macht & Ohnmacht. Sich zum
Anderen öffnen. Intime Dinge zeigen.
Verlieben & Paar werden – kurz oder lang.

Mit dem ganzen Leben eindringen. Intensiv sein.
Nah sein mit Haut & Haaren. Sexy Frauen mit
Mörder High-Heels. Kreischanfälle.
Sexuelle Komponenten & Hemmungslosigkeit.

Wichtig für die Arbeit. Kein Glücklichsein mit
Sexualitätszwang. Groß, blond & sexy. Um sie
scharen sich die Leute – andere werden übersehen.
Der Typ ist Identifikationsfigur,

die Frau, die Trulla neben ihm, die ihn gut aussehen lässt.
Nähe bedeutet Möglichkeit & Gefahr. Es gibt immer noch
den anderen Weg, die andere Rolle.

Liebe, Eifersucht, Rache. Angst & Fehlverhalten.
Reinsteigern & Angst ablegen. Mut zur Wahrheit.
Stärkung des Individuums.

Laserblick für die Gegenwart. Kühn & selbstbewusst.
Gut aussehend, charismatisch, zeugungskräftig:
“Sei erneuernd!”

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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