I miss you so much (Poem No. 56 for my sweetheart) by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

I cannot explain to you,
Why I miss you so much;
The simple, honest truth is,
I miss you more than you know;
I like you to be around me
All the times;
Not once in a while,
But always,
From morning till night;
From Monday to Sunday;
Be near me;
Your presence gives me joy;
It makes me know I am loved;
Your absence takes joy
Away from me;
Hence, I like you to stay
With me and comfort me.
Don’t say ‘No!’
I won’t take ‘No’ for an answer;
Come be a full part
Of my world.
Come show me you care.
I don’t want to miss you again.


Waiting for your call

Did you see my missed calls?
I called you many times today;
But each time I missed you;
I expected you to call back;
But you didn’t,
Which worried me;
Why didn’t you call back?
My conclusion was that
You no longer care.
Let me know if you still care;
How am I to know if you still care?
If I called several times,
It was to remind you
I was still waiting to get
A word from you;
Do you remember the promise
You made to me?
You promised to be mine
Until the world comes
To an end.
But that promise is belied
By what I see everyday;
I want you to tell me
What is in your heart;
Am I still to count on you?
If you have found another
Just let me know.
As for me, my heart is
All for you.
I am your spouse for life.
I am waiting for your call.

I am waiting

My dearest sweetheart,
How I miss you!
I have never missed you
So much
As I do now;
It’s now that you are
Not there,
That I know how much
I love you;
And how important
You are to me
You are far away
From me,
And I feel so lonely;
I find its hard to do
Without you;
With your absence,
There is a big vacuum
In my life.
You must come home;
Cut short your stay
And come home.
I am waiting;
Waiting for you to come.

Off target

I failed to hit my mark;
And far off the target, I shot;
Ask me:
Was I distraught?
Yes, for sure, I was.
What about you?
If you miss a hit,
And far off you target
You strike
It’s but normal to be nuts;
Yet, if you’re wise,
You’ll be up on your feet
Aiming again;
Missing is part of life;
But don’t remain muddled;
Picking up your spear
And shooting again,
Is the way you
Hit the mark.