You become a boulder

If you are energized,
Your problem is half solved;
A human that is energized,
Is simply unstoppable;
Think of a boulder
Rolling down a hill;
You don’t try to stop it;
You step aside
For it to pass;
Lest it crushes you.
If you are energized enough,
You become a boulder;
Full of momentum;
You roll down your hill
Of life,
Until you reach destination.
No one;
And nothing can stop you.


Rising momentum

How do you feel if, after losing momentum, you find it coming back at great speed? Very elated I believe. That is how I feel now.

I lost momentum when, for long, I was off internet. When it was re-instated, my momentum was slow to come back. But as I continued to meet and interact with my sweet old friends and the new ones I made, it also continued to grow.
Today, my spirits are high. I am up and ready to run.

In one of my posts, I said it. Let me reiterate it. When you are down, only one direction is open to you – upwards. Keep on moving up. Before long you may find yourself higher than you ever thought you could go.

No defeat should stop you. Every failure should challenge you to hit harder than ever before. If you do and keep doing, who can stop you? It will be hard for anything or anyone to stop you.

My momentum is on fire, burning to my joy. Why not set yours on fire too?