Why I like Monday

I want to tell you why
I like Monday;
M reminds me of mercy;
Which challenges me
To show mercy to others;
If I don’t show mercy,
I will not receive mercy;
The mercy I show to others,
Comes back to bless me;
O reminds me of obedience;
And invites me to obey
The word of God;
Obedience to the word of God
Is the best prayer;
N reminds me
Of a name;
Jesus, the miracle name
Unlike other names;
It is called billions of times
Every day;
It heals;
It protects;
It saves;
It frees;
It works miracles;
D reminds me of dedication;
I am challenged to be dedicated to whatever
I am called to do;
A reminds me of answer;
The Lord calls me daily;
I am expected to answer.
Like Mary;
Like Joseph;
Y reminds me of yes, my answer,
A vehement yes.
That is the Monday I like.


Today’s Morning Prayers 12

This Monday morning,
O Lord, our God,
The first working day
Of the week,
I go down on my knees,
To plead for your favour
Throughout the week;
I cannot find my way;
I am lost;
The weight of the load
On my head is threatening
To crush me;
It is too heavy for me;
See how I bend
Under its weight;
Who can help me
If not you, my God?
Who can rescue me
If not you, my Lord?
Who can protect me
If not you, my Saviour?
On you alone,
I place my hope;
On you alone,
I count.
Because I know you never fail
Those who put their trust
in you.

Happy Monday to you (Be inspired today 211 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Happy Monday to you;
May many good things
Come your way;
And may this day
Be the start of a great week
For you.
Let there be many smiles
On your face;
A multiplication of joy,
And a subtraction of worries;
So that all those that meet you,
Will feel better
Inspired by the hope
And confidence
They read on your face.
May you be a source of inspiration;
A source of courage
And encouragement to others!
Happy Monday to you!

My Monday your Monday

My Monday, your Monday;
Two different Mondays;
I have mine;
You have yours;
Maybe you go to work;
I stay at home;
Don’t ask me why;
That’s how it is;
I have to stay at home;
And let it roll;
Then I am up and jumping
On Tuesday;
You’re asking why?
Don’t ask me why;
I say it again;
It’s a decree;
Are you okay??
I must obey,
Or pay so dear.
Block head;
Obedience before complain.

A big Monday

This Monday is a big Monday
For you as for me;
Claim it;
Call it turning point Monday;
Or break through Monday;
I want you to claim it;
It is the Monday that the Lord
Has made;
Many good things he locked in,
To release this Monday.
A very big Monday, indeed!
Are you ready for this great day?
Step forward
And let the world know
You are looking forward
To the blessings of this Monday.

A Prayer to Begin Your Week


Dear Lord,

It’s Monday and going back to the grind of daily life can be a hard day. Sunday afforded us an opportunity to reconnect with you and be fed and nourished by you. Now, Monday brings the dance of another week all over again it is the beginning of a work adventure, possibly new challenges, new adventures, or new opportunities.


Let’s talk about Monday

After Sunday is Monday;
Do you like Monday?
If you like Monday,
Why do you like Monday

Who hates Monday?
If you hate Monday,
Why do you hate Monday?

Some people adore Monday;
And look forward to it;
Some people hate Monday;
It makes them sick.

Tell me where you stand;
Do you like or hate Monday?
Why do you like or hate Monday?