Overhaul the world’s money policy

Do you know in which area the greatest greed in the world is manifested? In the area of money. Belinda Crane has described money as ‘the worst of man’s inventions.’ I agree. Why is it that money being a human invention cannot be made in such a way that everybody is able to get enough?

Because of greed.

When you ask this question, people are ready with all sorts of theories to justify how money operates. The time has come to say loudly and clearly that those arguments are a smokescreen to keep some people in poverty eternally while those who control the wealth of the world may continue to do so.

The laws governing money have been created by humans. They are not divine.

What man puts in place, man can change to get something better. A lot of what man has created since the existence of man on earth has been changed. Why would only the laws governing the production and distribution of money remain fixed.

I know that anyone who asks these questions is usually dismissed with such terms as ignoramus in financial matters; but again that is one of the tricks that those who do not want the wealth of the world to get to the common people use to stop them from wanting to know and possibly turning things around.

The time has come to know. The time has come for something to be done. This world belongs to all of us and its resources should be enjoyed by all not only a few.

Let us overhaul the money policy so that no one on the surface of the earth again lives in misery, or suffers and dies of poverty.