House of Prayer

The bobbing little heads are so thankful to see me this morning. They’re grateful for the seed I throw their way. It is amazing they know it’s safe to fly out of the trees and eat, so long as I am there. Perhaps I am… a house of prayer for all my feathered fowl.

In my house of prayer, my humbled heart guides my conscience. I cannot list the blessed gifts God sent my wife and me in our short few years of marriage. But many people are not so fortunate…

Some families lost their finances, especially over the past few weeks. Others gambled their money, and even life savings, instead of reading the laws of God. In a Christian’s house of prayer, the Bible dictates this distinction:

Many abodes are filled with “prized possessions” from floor to ceiling. We can witness this sad condition on TV, such as “Hoarding: Buried Alive” and even “American Pickers.” Or, shoppers fill their carts with unnecessary items after each paycheck to fill a void in their heart. I must ask, “How can you love two Gods if you are a true Christian?” This ill-fated, psychological condition promotes money and the love of physical items. In this house of prayer, the Bible states:

We can easily find the standard salary of clergymen on the internet. It is far below the national average income. But some televangelists, who I call “false prophets,” steal from the poor to live in their dynasty. They build multi-million dollar lifestyles, believing they can buy into heaven’s gates. In their masonry house of prayer, the frigid winds blow through the cracks and crevices.

So, what kind of house of prayer is your residence? Is your home blessed, or does Satan appear to send signals of acceptable sin? If Jesus walked in your house today, would He feel the warmth of love and graciousness? Could He easily place His hands on your Bible?

Just like the little feeding birds, they eat only enough to fill their bodies. They, too, come to me for comfort. We should turn to God for life’s blessings. Share your bread, for it is His will you are supplied with His love, including the little birds that feed in your backyard.

I pray your life and home is a sanctuary, filled with God’s blessings and love. Be content with your basic needs being met and avoid materialism. It is only the flesh that yearns for the security of money. Our wealth belongs to God – and it’s a gift. Make Him first in your life. Only faith, prayer, and your walk in the light of God will bring you to His house of prayer.

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7 Lies by which society misguides you !!

Society lies

“Society has become so fake that, the truth actually bothers people” Unknown     Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

It’s 4.5 minute read.

Why why all succumb to the society, having its own views on everything & anything under the the Sun ?

Society never tires you with its time tested comments ,since you are addicted to the concept of society’s benchmarks,right from your birth to till the day you die.

In other words society wants you to play by its rule book.

Do you remember the famous personality Joseph Goebbels and his quote…

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

By now I know that You are wondering which society I am talking about ? And where is that society located ?

My friend,this society is nothing but your so called

  • Ourselves
  • well-wishers (including your parents,sorry if I am brutal),
  • uncles,aunties
  • your neighbors
  • your teachers
  • your friends
  • your community
  • your daily news papers,TVs,movies
  • Regular advertisements
  • Your favorite movie stars
  • Your social media
  • Your political discussions,tastes and narratives

you name it….you have it!

Society in other word is a set  of people around you all the time, trying to manipulate you to their advantage.

1.Unconditional Love exists

A rubbish,and a lie uttered time immemorial.To be frank ,there is no such thing in the relationships.

Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed. Albert Eisenstein

Our love is directly proportional to how our partners,relatives,friends etc make us feel.

Simply put…. any body gets hurt if their expectation is not fulfilled.This is human nature and there is no escape from it.

Don’t hurt yourself by dreaming/expecting ‘unconditional Love’. Also you can never give unconditional love.Mark my statement.

2.Marriages are made in Heaven

Hmm…If it is so….just answer me why there are so many divorces ?

Marriage is like a cage; one sees the birds outside desperate to get in, and those inside equally desperate to get out. Michel de Montaigne

Is it true,some say marriage is a life long torture !

Marriage: A legal or religious ceremony by which two persons of the opposite sex solemnly agree to harass and spy on each other for ninety-nine years, or until death do them join. Edbert Hubbard

Wife & Husband-why can’t they be best friends for life ?

3.Your life is a meaningful minimum journey to be enjoyed to the maximum

Another thrash. And in spite, all the modern Gurus encourage us to lead a meaningful life.( self defeating )

What made Gautama Buddha get enlightenment ? It’s because of human suffering.Do we have similar God’s grace to get enlightened ?

Life is full of misery, and you are intelligent enough to accept that it’s painful to lead the life and death is the only permanent solution.Since we can’t die….at least let us accept the truth.

Happiness in your life is only for the time being that too in bits, and rest of the times you are busy whining.

“It’s a misery to be born,a pain to live,a trouble to die” St.Bernard of Clairvaux

Still, temporary happiness can come from minor things like,you playing with toys in your childhood, your first Kiss,sex now & then,massage,hot bath, friendship,a short travel,one night stand,A champagne,Receiving a lovely gift or a comforting hug etc.etc.. Drugs can take you to another level.

4.It’s better if you know your life partner before your marriage

Really?………another Utter lie.

No partner in love relationship..should feel that he has to give up an essential part of himself to make it viable May Sarton

Each individual is unique.Only sustained friendship in the form of total understanding between the life partners endures the marriage.

Life partners too expect personal space though they know each other so long !

Even if you knew your partner before,it’s not a guarantee for a successful marriage.

When you can’t understand the people, though you spend your whole life with them,(example parents vs children,children vs parents,siblings vs siblings),then why should you give importance to knowing your partner before?.

Understanding becomes easier after the marriage once you both know your limitations and your strengths mutually over the time.

5.Money won’t make you happy

Ha ha ….Without money you cease to exist.

My dear friend, money is everything.It brings you, both happiness and pleasure.

“Lack of money is the root of all evil”      George Bernard Shah

We work / study for what ? is this not to earn money and live happily ?

People with more money are satisfied with their life style and are in a position to help others too.

He who marries for love without money has GOOD NIGHTS & SORRY DAYS   unknown

6. Boys’ won’t cry

Virtually a child conditioning !!

“People cry not because they are weak,because they’ve been too strong for a long time” unknown

Boys too have feelings ,emotions, excitements and stages of sadness.

Otherwise why will Dr.Sivan,ISRO( The Indian Space Research Organisation ) chairman became teary eyed,when the Chandrayan mission was not successful ?There are many famous men like Andre Agassi and Obama too had teary eyes.

7.Blood is thicker than water

Unfortunately blood relatives are not interested in you,since they are struggling with their own problems and you have to fend yourself.

you can’t blame them.

‘Blood is always thicker than water,but some family members at times are on blood thinners’ unknown

Many times friends come to your rescue.The understanding with the friends anytime better than the blood relatives.

Ego and Jealousy play spoilsport in blood relationships.Don’t play victim card here !!

Please share your views.

Thank you
Philosophy Through Photography
Credits Inspiringquotes.Com

How to SAVE your money in 2020!

How to SAVE your money in 2020!

Hi everyone I hope you are well, wherever you are in the world.

I am very aware that I haven’t blogged in a while. The true reason is because I have been very busy with work and other things within my life. I hope that is OK.

So in my blog coming back… I thought I would give my tips and advice about how to save money in 2020, as I know in the few months coming into the new year a lot of people don’t have much money if at all.

SO lets get on with it:

So my first way to save money in 2020 is too..


What I mean by this is to have a look at all of your bank statements and highlight all of your income and expenditure to identify what is going and coming into your bank each month. BECAUSE once you know this then it will be easier because you will know about the areas that you could cut down spending money in & that money that you could potentially save could go into your SAVINGS!

My second way is too..


This is a crucial way to understand and identify where your money is going each month because YOU can categorize the elements of your spending such as SHOPPING & FOOD and you can give yourself an amount that you wish to spend on that certain thing such as allocating £50 a month for clothes shopping for example. & that is the great thing about creating a budget because you are then able to manage your money more effectively so then you will have potentially more money left over to SAVE!

& So on..


This is a great way to gain more income so then you can ultimately SAVE more money because selling any old clothing is not only good for you financially but it is also good for the environment because you are reusing and recycling! Win win. You can sell on EBAY & DEPOP to name a couple. ( I am sorry but I don’t know any selling sites for other countries)


This is also a great way of how you can save some money each month. BECAUSE the standing order acts like a direct debit for other bills. & because of that it means that you can save without even thinking about doing!

I hope this has helped!


Image result for saving money


Lauren Rogers

Update on my money saving journey! 2020

Update on my money saving journey! 2020

Hi everyone I hope you are all well wherever you are in the world..

So for a few months now I haven’t spoken about my money saving journey so I am going to..

The reason I always feel inspired by saving for my future is because I have seen first hand what life can be if you have significant debt and the worries and stress that brings. I for one growing up want to show my future children and self that being sensible with money does bring more rewards than sacrifices! Soon this year I am going to start my driving lessons, when the weather gets better and the spring & summer months start coming back in. ALSO this year I am going to be going back into caring on the afternoons.

I am hoping that it will be a better experience this time & I am sure it will as I feel so much more confident in every way. But regards to saving I have decided that I am going to save £150 a month into my savings each and every month with out fail. BECAUSE being on a bank contract I do get a varied income but that doesn’t mean that I can’t.



Lauren Rogers

What is money meant for?

I have looked at money
And I have done so
For a long time;
I have discovered
That money has power;
Human beings love money;
Or to put it better,
Human beings adore money;
And so they do everything
To get it;
By everything, I mean
Everything humanly possible;
Nothing is left out;
Once you go for money,
And start to accumulate it,
It is hard to stop doing so;
Money is, by all standards,
A good commodity;
Theres no doubt about that;
Many are using it for good,
And that is in the world;
But it is also dangerous;
If it can destroy;
It can also cause damage;
Too great and hard to describe;
Therefore, if you say
Money is a double edged sword,
You will not be far
From the truth;
In good hands
It can do invaluable good;
In bad hands
It can do untold harm;
We must pray for money;
Not for money accumulation
But that it may go
Only to people
Who will use it for good;
And not for evil
In the world.
Use money for good;
To make the world better;
Not worse.
That is what it is meant for.

Know your priority (Be inspired today 257 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

We run after money;
We run after success;
We run after power;
And care less about
What can give them
To us;
A very wrong approach;
Love and peace are key;
Love God with all your heart;
Love your neighbour;
Live in peace with God
And your neighbour.
All that you desire,
Be it money, power, success,
Will come.
Know your priority,
And go for it.
The rest will fall in place.

Quotes (Money)

“Have you ever understood why for many people money is so hard to get? To my understanding, those who have a lot of money or are in positions of power have deliberately made it difficult for money to get into the hands of every person. They want to keep on enjoying a monopoly of the wealth of the world. They set the rules governing wealth to favour them.
However, it is hard to kill the talent of some people. Hard as it may be, there are still many poor people who work their way to the top of the financial ladder.” (Romilia Quotes)

If I were money

If I were money
I would relax my rules;
I would not be too hard,
I would make myself available
To all;
I wouldn't discriminate;
Why should I prefer some people
To others?
I see people who
Work very hard,
Pray a lot,
Are very holy,
Are very kind,
And do a lot to be rich,
But money snobs them;
Money avoids them completely;
T think that is not fair;
I will not do that;
I will go to
Those who fight for me
Not through foul means,
But fair means;
If I were money,
And had a choice,
I would refuse to be used
For evil;
To buy guns and kill people;
Or to build walls
And keep some people out.
Instead, I would make life enjoyable for everybody;
In fact, I really wish I were money;
I would do so many things;
What about you?
What would you do if you were money?