Weekend Quote 4 Money by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

“If money could do everything, some people I know would not be in prison today. They would have bought their way out.” (Romilia Quotes)


If you want to be rich (Solidarity BloGgerS ForUM No 36 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you are interested in becoming rich, let me refer you to a post, I found on manifesting riches that stroke a chord in me. It is titled Manifesting Money: this could be why it’s not working for you. The author, Louis Keller, very beautifully introduces us to the book Becoming Rich by Genevieve Davis who has a completely different approach to how to become rich. I couldn’t agree more with the points Keller advances in her post. It’s a post worth reading if you are interested in becoming rich.

Her blog is titled From surviving to thriving. You will find many articles on this site that can help you on your journey to riches.

SIWO Business Project Day 2

Today, we continue our business project. Do you recall where we were lastly? We were on SIWO Business Project Day 1. We are now on day 2. You are welcome!
Let us get an expert to tell us how to start a drop shipping business.
I hope you enjoy this post and that we are making progress together towards starting our own drop shipping business. It really sounds appetizing.
Until our next stop, cheers!

Clean or dirty Money?

I want to be rich;
A rich tycoon;
Who doesn’t want to?
But what I hear
About riches boggles
My mind,
It is mind blowing;
Does it confound you toon?
Do all rich people
Play foul games
To amass their wealth?
Aren’t there
Clean rich people?
Tell me true or false;
Does one have to be crooked
To be rich?
If one must play foul games
To become rich,
Is it worth the while?
That’s dirty money!
What can dirty money give one?
I want to be rich;
But not through dirty money.
I want to get clean money;
To have clean hands with riches;
Not dirty hands with dirty money;
Let me be rich;
But let me have clean riches.
Clean not dirty money.

Ego Avenue

The giant oaks turned golden in the fall, shading the avenue of homes trimmed of gold. The walkways of washed aggregate and stained concrete floors in the garage smell of money. An oriental rug lies squarely beneath the oil plug of the minister’s Rolls and Bentleys. It’s a lovely life – a weekend cabin in the foothills of the Castiles, a yacht swaying at the dock of their favorite country club. Their lifestyles are of the rich and famous. Do I need to tag them with names for you or the descriptions of these church leaders who appear on TV and radio, bearing witness?

Have you ever tried to contact these evangelists personally even if you are a member of their congregation? Several of these ministers started following my blog last year. I tried to respond to some of their emails, but a computer-generated nonresponse system returned it. One such minister put an email address at the bottom of his correspondence with an enticing note to always feel free to connect with him. Are you kidding me? This is a man who is a public servant of God, and he lies about his contact information on his website and newsletters! It makes me wonder…

I used to collect mail from a rather sizeable religious outfit who films daily television and documentary shows. I’d call it a church, but it was all about money. I never met the soft-spoken old man who read from the pulpit, though he wasn’t there when I entered the building. He hides behind the silver screen while anointing his son to be the Senior Pastor.

Another younger notoriety wears his sacred cross, but is more concerned of the welfare of his structures, which he owns, than of those whose dollars helped to build it. An example of his personal greediness was during a hurricane which hit his area two years ago. Homeless people, seeking comfort from the storm, stood outside in nature’s wrath because he wouldn’t open his church doors. Perhaps he was afraid of damages incurred – a chunk out of his own pocket which might affect the mortgage payment on his $10.5 million home.

I could continue with my tirade, but Christians are smart enough to observe who indeed professes to do the Lord’s work. There was only one minister I knew who was genuine and a spiritual adviser to many Presidents. His money filtered through to the crusades he conducted in 185 countries on six continents. He passed away last year and now works for Christ in a different capacity.

I see the actions of these Bible scholars, who can’t live what they preach in front of millions. Most believers are aware clergy are the amongst the lowest-paid occupations. So, how are they living in mega mansions and in the lap of luxury? Do they ever use their personal income from TV appearances and other sources to give back to their communities? Or is preaching the Word of God just a business designed to make them a millionaire?

As I look down Ego Avenue and observe its evilness, I thank God for my health and my wife who keeps me in check. A simple Christian writer and life, I am blessed by the Holy Spirit, and I have peace in my soul. A few friends asked me if I was afraid of giving out my cell phone number which is written on my business cards. My honest reply was why? I’m no better than the mentoring I try to give to others. I meet many wonderful people from around the world – some famous, but most are common folk. I treat everyone the same. Spiritual leaders should be receptive and have personal contact with believers, especially with individuals they follow on social media.

To those who live on Ego Avenue and read my blogs, are you better than our Lord? After all, Jesus was a dirt poor man, and he was always reachable in desperate times. He laid the foundation for your obligations as a clergy member – to provide spiritual, moral guidance, and assistance to believers. If I’m wrong, then please correct me.

My examples of hypocrites and false witnesses, in the name of our Lord, only touch the surface of the United States. I’m sure dozens more exists in countries worldwide. Some may say security issues are dilemmas facing the famous religious leaders, but I highly doubt this. Too many other upstanding clergy submerge themselves in others’ lives unharmed. I think the root of the problem is simple – the love of money. Perhaps it should be explained as “delivering God’s word in order to become a millionaire.” Call it greed or narcissism; either way, God will place a harsher judgment on them. As someone once said, “Knowledge is a dangerous thing!”

Are there any “amens” to my point of view?

A big Monday

This Monday is a big Monday
For you as for me;
Claim it;
Call it turning point Monday;
Or break through Monday;
I want you to claim it;
It is the Monday that the Lord
Has made;
Many good things he locked in,
To release this Monday.
A very big Monday, indeed!
Are you ready for this great day?
Step forward
And let the world know
You are looking forward
To the blessings of this Monday.

Why did you marry your spouse? Or what will make you marry someone?

Many marriages are so rough, you are forced to ask how they came about in the first place. Why do people marry the person they marry? If you are married, why did you marry the person you are married to and not someone else?

The reason we marry the person we marry determines how our marriage turns out to be.

What are some of the reasons people may marry someone?

  1. Love: Some people marry a particular person because they love the person and think they will be happy with the person as husband and wife.
  2. Money: Some people marry because of money. What attracts them to the person they marry is the person is rich and they want to enjoy the riches.
  3. Prestige: Some people look for their spouse in a highly placed family so that they can have the honor of a big connection.
  4. Family: Some people marry to satisfy their family especially their parents to enable them to meet their need for honor.
  5. Adventure: Some people marry for adventure.
  6. Benefit: Some people marry to get some benefit through the marriage which may not necessarily be the person’s money. It could be the possibility of obtaining a visa to travel to another country or to obtain citizenship in another country.
  7. Some people marry to have children. They may not love the person they marry but because they think they will have beautiful or handsome children with the one.
  8. Physical attraction: some people marry a particular person because they find the person physically attractive. They want their friends to see them with a beautiful wife or handsome husband.
  9. Proximity: some people marry because of proximity. They grow together in the same locality and know each other and become so used to each other that they decide to get married. They have not been exposed to the world. They meet other people only later.
  10. Conformity: some people marry to conform; to be like their friends. Their friends are getting married and they don’t want to be the only ones not married. Hence, they hurriedly take a decision to marry whoever they find.

These are just some of the reasons someone may end as a spouse to another. Only the first one is love. The others have nothing to do with love. Can there be any doubt that many marriages run into trouble? God instituted marriage so that two people who love themselves should agree to come together and live together as husband and wife, and produce children out of love.

When we put aside love in favor of different considerations, our marriage becomes difficult.

Love should be the primary consideration for marriage. But you will hear many people asking whether one can eat love. They say it is better to marry someone who will provide for you even if you don’t love the person than to marry someone you love passionately, but who has nothing.

The truth is most of such marriages that have an economic interest or other interest outside love end up with a lot of problems.

Love, therefore, should be the main reason we marry someone.

But take that you are already married and love was not the reason you married the one you are married to, what are you to do?

This is a great question which brings us to the concept of love as a decision. There’s a concept that love is a decision not just passion. You can decide to love some one and actually do. You may not be physically attracted to the person or you may not find all that you like to see in a spouse in the person, but you decide all the same that you will love the person and actually do.

Hence, if you got married for another reason different from love, what you must do now is to take the decision to love the one whom God has given you. If you take this decision and stick to it and do your best to make it work, it will.

And whether we married for love or some other reason, our challenge is to take or renew our decision to love our spouse daily. At the start of everyday, renew this decision silently. Tell yourself that you have decided to love your spouse unconditionally today. Do everything within your powers to respect this decision. If you both resolve to do this as a couple daily, there can be no doubt about the success of your marriage.

Love you.

What is best to conquer?

If you take delight
In conquering,
Let me tell you
What’s best to conquer;
And what not to conquer;
And what’s best to come.
Don’t conquer women,
Some men spend their lives
Conquering women;
That is not what
You should conquer.
Don’t conquer men;
Can you guess?
Millions of women are out
Today trying to
Conquer men;
Another bad choice
Of what to conquer.
Don’t conquer money;
Money may not be bad
But can be dangerous;
Before you open your eyes,
You are in ruins;
If it is not how you
Search for it,
That ruins you,
It is how you use it.
Don’t conquer power.
Power corrupts;
And can destroy you
Faster than you imagine.
If you must conquer power,
Be careful how you do it,
Lest you burn your fingers.
Don’t conquer fame;
Or stardom;
Conquer hearts;
Conquer people with love;
God wants us to conquer
The world with love;
Conquer the hearts
Of fellow human beings
Not for selfish reasons
But for selfless reasons.
Conquer the heart of God.