Take a risk

“If you are not ready to risk the unsusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” Jim Rohn.

If you want to make it in a significant way in life, take a risk. Those who tread safely raise no dust; but leave no footprints as well. To leave foot prints on the sand of time, learn to take risks.

There are some people who cannot travel by plane. They fear the possibility of a plane crash. They do not want to take such a risk. The result is they do not travel. They do not discover new places. They do not experience the enjoy of travelling.

There are people who are not married because they want to be very sure that the one they will marry will be exactly as they desire. They keep rejecting girl after girl or boy after boy as years go by; and soon it becomes too late; they end up not married.

There are people who cannot venture into business because they do no want to run the risk of losing their money.They admire people who are doing well in business, but fear to try it themselves.

There are people who fear to do politics and run for high office like the leadership of their country. They fear taking such a big risk. But, if you want to become president, you have to take the risk of running for president.

If you want to become a business magnate, you must be ready to take a risk and go into business; and invest your money.

If you want to win big, take the risk of setting for yourself a big goal.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” William G.T. Shodd.


Managing a small income.

One reader has raised the issue of income being too small to manage. Can one’s income be too small to bother about proper management?

No. If you cannot manage a small  income, you cannot manage a big one.

Managing your income is planning and using it as planned. If you have one dollar and buy the first thing that you see, that will be poor management. You decide what is most important to buy, then buy it. That is good management.

Geting your priority with your one dollar makes you better than someone with one thousand dollars who  squanders it on beer while his priority is waiting for him.

Many great things start in small ways.

No matter how small your income may be, learn to manage it well. By the time a big one comes, you shall have mastered good management; and will thus, manage it well.

Money is how you manage it.

There is a musician who sings “To have money is not difficult. It is to manage it that is difficult.” This is to say that it does not suffice to have money. You have to manage it well.

There are people with big salaries who have nothing to show and others with small salaries who do big things. What actually matters is not how much you earn, but how well you manage what you earn.(Tweet).  A well-paid job is not enough. Managing what you earn is important else you regret later.

Learn how to manage your finances well.

If you find yourself on the wrong road in the management of your finances,  go back and take the right road. There is no use continuing a journey if you find yourself driving on the wrong road. (Tweet).

Its name is money!

Are you aware?

Of this slippery commodity called money?

It’s slippery, indeed;

Even when places are dry;

You want to know why?

Think; and you shall know.

It ‘s not only slippery;

It’s both slippery and dangerous.

And you must beware;

Lest on it you slip and fall;

And who knows?

You could break your neck;

A thing I don’t want to see you do.

Money dynamics

Do you know the thing called money?
Do you know what it can do?
Do you know its power?

Money has power for good;
Money has power for evil also.
Money has built mansions.
Money has pulled down mansions.
Money has taken people to the moon.
Money has brought down people from the moon.
Money has raised common people to giants;
Money has turned giants into dwarfs.
Money has put people on thrones;
Money has pulled people from ivory towers;
Money has sent people into gutters.

Shall you use your money for good or for evil?
Shall you let your search for money push you up or pull you down?
Shall you let your use of money pull you up or push you down?

On whose side are you?

On whose side are you? Are you on God’s side or on Devil’s side?

God wants you to do good. Devil wants you to do evil. Each time you do good, you are on God’s side. God wins one victory over Devil. Each time you do evil, you cross over to Devil’s side. Devil wins one victory over God.

God wants you to use money for good. He actually uses money for good. Each time you use money for good, God wins one battle against Devil.

Devil wants you to use money for evil. He actually uses money to cause evil. Each time you use money for evil, Devil wins one battle over God.

You have to ask yourself the question: “Am I using money to make God win or to make Devil win? Am I on God’s side or on Devil’s side?”

You are either for God in this world or for Devil. There is no in-between position. If you do more good than evil, you are on God’s side. If you do more evil than good, you are on Devil’s side.

On whose side are you?

Who does not like money?

Who does not know money?
Who does not value money?
And who does not like money?
Is there anyone that you know?
And is there nothing wrong with them?
Tell me if you know!
Every normal person knows money;
Every normal person values money;
Every normal person likes money;
Every normal person is almost mad about money;
Yet, it is not easy to get by;
It is a commodity rather slippery;
Just like fish in water;
And not only good,
But bad as well.
It doesn’t only heal;
It also wounds.
It tempts;
And it destroys.
Love money;
Go for money;
But beware of money!


What is it that puts food on one’s table?
What is it that enables one to educate one’s children?
What is it that gives one a good house to live in?
What is it that gives one a good car to drive?
What is it that gives one a good bed to lie on?
What is it that will open doors for you and make you go places?
Wao! Is that how powerful money is?
Yes! More powerful than tongue can tell;
A powerful commodity, indeed!;
Yes! A very precious one;
It can do and undo;
Yes! It can build and it can destroy;
It is good;
Yes! And it can also be bad;
So we need to watch out how we use it?
We need to watch out double how we get it.