Happy new month

Happy new month to you;
It’s a brand new month;
The month of August;
The 8th month of the year;
Hard on the heels July;
Dear July, now history;
You were good;
I see August better;
Who can thank God enough?
Don’t wait for a new year
To thank God;
Every month, every week,
Every day and every hour
Is a time for you and me,
To thank God;
His blessings are enormous;
His love boundless;
Thank you lord for you grace;
Thank you
For this new month
Of August!
I commit it to you;
Guide and protect us,
We are nothing without you.
With you, I am confident;
All will be well;
Indeed, it will be;
Happy new month to all!
I will be here
To inspire you throughout;
And to draw inspiration
Also from you;
I like your light to shine;
Let it brightly shine;
Your light is meant to shine.
You are here to shine.
Shine this month of August.


Welcome New Month!

October is now history,
November, now reigning;
Good bye October!
And November, welcome
To the throne!
Gratitude to you October,
For you were good,
Though you brought heat
Into the house;
At times, scorching heat;
We hope your successor
Will do better for us;
Don’t burn us, November;
Give us normal temperature;
We aren’t ready
For any more burning heat.
Again, welcome November!
Welcome, new month!

You’re August

We have an important guest;
Whom we joyfully welcome;
We are happy you are here;
We’ll be together for 31 days;
What is in your briefcase
For us journeying partners?
Hope many good things;
Come with a broad smile;
Come with plenty of love;
With sunshine and laughter;
A multiplication of love;
Addition of happiness,
And a subtraction of stress.
Thanks for being here;
As our guest;
Not just any kind of guest;
You’re August.

Something special about June (Be inspired today 267 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Who knows something special
About June?
Tell me something special
About June;
And if you have nothing special
About June,
Please, kindly let me know;
So I tell you something special
About June.
I know something special
About June;
It is so special you won’t believe
About June;
It is the month when someone special was born;
Someone special was born into this world;
Can you guess who?
Someone special was born again;
Someone special was born in
God’s vineyard.
Don’t you see it is a special month?
A very special month indeed;
The month of June
Is a month that is so special.
I like you to be more inspired
This June,
Than you have ever been.
A month full of inspiring happenings.
That is what is so special
About June.

May May be bright!

May May be our happy month!
May it be a bright month!
May it bring us success!
May it bring us smiles!
May it bring us prosperity!
May it bring us sunshine!
May it end our present plight!
May it bring us good luck!
May it make us laugh much!
May it bring us real peace!
May it bring us freshness!
May it bring beauty and joy!
May it be a safe month for us!
May it bring us many blessings!
May May be our best month so far.

Bravo January Babies

Bravo January Babies;
You who were born
In January;
You had a successful
Celebration throughout
The month;
Everyday was a celebration;
To those of you
Who held fast
To the end, bravo!
To those who fell on the way,
Fare thee well;
Until we meet again;
You who are still here,
You hand over
To February babies;
Who celebrate for one month
Like you.
Again, to all January Babies,
You did it well.
What a happy birth month!

January soon over?

When did you come, January?
That you will soon be gone?
I thought you would live long,
But here you are on your way;
And to stay for 11 months
Before one can see you again;
Anyway, you accomplished
Your mission;
You did your duty;
You took good care
And despite everything,
We are alive and kicking;
I want to let you know
That I appreciate all that
You did.
Till we meet again
In a year’s time,
It’s thank you
And bye from all of us
To all of you, dear January.

Amazing month

What an amazing month!
A shout out to you this month;
The beautiful month that will seal
Your blessings for the year;
The things that you missed having
During the span of the months past,
You might not have known, 
Were being gathered together
And brought to this special  month;
The abundance you will have,
Will come pouring like rain
From the creator's garden on high;
Joy and succeess will be yours;
This is what this amazing month 
Reserves for you, lovely one.