Today’s daily Prayer 54 for you

Ever mighty and powerful God,
King of heaven and earth;
King of the entire universe,
King of all things past and present;
Thank you for your wonderful love!
In your Word, you have assured us
That you will always
Be there for us, your poor servants;
You have also said
If we come to you with faith,
You will listen to us,
And grant our prayer,
We come to you with faith, Almighty God,
Pleading that you listen
To our cry;
And grant our prayer;
Ever living God, you are our hope;
Make us stronger
In our belief in you;
Help us in every way
That you can;
At this moment,
Many of us are feeling desperate
Not knowing what awaits us;
We are driven by fear;
Many of us are facing serious financial difficulties;
Some of us are having serious ill health;
We present all these problems
To you, loving God, knowing
You have never failed to answer our prayers.
With full trust in your loving kindness;
We pray you to graciously hear us!
Listen our cries;
May no evil befall any.of us this day!
May each of us experience a downpour of your blessings today,
And everyday of our lives;
May those of us who are facing financial problems
Find a way out today;
And may all the glory go to you;
We make our prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen!


Today’s morning prayer 51

I count on you O God,

I look up to you

To bless this day for me

And make it fruitful;

I count on you fatherly love,

That ehen you see me

Going wrong today,

You will put me back

On the right course;

I know you are always there

For me,

And are there

For me today;

I know no body guard

Is as good;

A thousand body guards

May fail me

But you alone will protect me;

Help me therefore, O Lord,

To put my full trust in you

This day

In everything I do,

And everywhere I go

I make my prayer

Through Christ our Lord,


Good morning all!

Good morning all!
As we start another day,
My heart is full of
Best wishes for you;
I wish that your day
Be as bright as bright
Can be;
Full of sunshine;
I know challenges
Cannot be absent,
But my wish,
Which also is my prayer,
Is that you find the wisdom,
Inner strength,
And stamina
To face and overcome
Every single challenge
On your way;
So that by the end
Of the day,
Smiles will fill your face.
This my wish;
This is my prayer
As we begin this lovely day
Of our Lord.
That you feel motivated;
Pumped up and energized.

Today’s morning prayer 43

I pray O Lord
For your protection;
I will soon step out
And you know evil men
Are all over the place;
Blind their eyes
As I pass
So they do not see me;
Or take them away;
Protect all my loved ones;
All my neighbours;
All my friends;
And all those who are out
Going about their work.
You have the power;
On you we count
For our protection;
Thank you for hearing
Our prayer,

Today’s morning prayer 20

Lead me on
This day,
O Lord,
On the right path,
That I may do
But what’s right
And good
In your eyes.
Grant me wisdom
This day,
That I may be wise
And do
That which is wise,
Not for my glory,
But for your glory;
May I, this day
Do my best for you.
That is all
I want to do:
My best for you.
Nothing but
My best for you.