Today’s Morning Prayer 10

Dear Father God,
Good morning to you;
Yesterday, you made me
Very happy;
What about today?
You made things easy
For me;
I did not strain;
I saw things moving;
I pray that you do same
For me today,
If not more;
Take full control;
And push them as you like.
Let your will
Not mine prevail;
Thank you for your goodness
To me always;


Today’s morning prayers 8

I the name of the Father,
And of the Son,
And of the Holy Spirit,
God of heaven and earth,
Lead us this day,
To where we must go,
To what we must do;
Equip us with the wisdom
We need,
To deliver the goods
As it will please you.
Protect us;
Guide us
To do not our will,
But yours.
May we live this day
Not for ourselves
But for you.
Through Jesus Christ
Your Son, our Lord,
For ever and ever. Amen!

Good morning dear

Good morning dear;
I slept soundly this night,
As I have not slept
For a very long time;
And the reason is,
You showered me with love
Last night,
As you never did before;
Your sweet words
More especially,
You tender touches;
Sent a thrill through me,
And moved my heart.
I was virtually floating;
I can’t remember
When I last had
The thrilling feeling
You have made me experience;
That was accounted
For my sound sleep;
I slept like a king;
And thank you
From the bottom of my heart.

Today’s morning prayer 3

Good morning, Father,
Another day is here;
The gift of your hands;
Many thanks to you;
As we move into the hours
That lie ahead,
I have worries
About security;
My people and I
Are still living in fear;
We do not feel safe;
Danger looms overhead;
With kidnapping
And asking for ransom
As the order of the day;
Only you can protect us;
Therefore, on my knees,
I plead to you O Lord,
That you take control;
And keep us safe.
Increase our faith in you,
Grant us the grace
Of total trust in you,
For you are the source
Of all safety.
This, our humble prayer,
To you, we submit, amen!

Today’s Morning prayer 2

O God our loving maker,
Father in heaven,
Maker of the world,
And everything in the world,
Source of everything good;
May you bless this day
For us,
And bless us also;
That we may do nothing
But your will,
As nothing is greater
To do than your will.
Shatter every evil plan
That is out to stop us
From doing what
You like us to do for you.
This humble prayer to you
We make, Amen!

Today’s Morning prayer (1)

Our Lord and our God,
I thank you from my heart
For another day;
This day is a gift
Not everybody has received;
It is a precious gift;
So O Lord,
I say “Thank you!”.
And pray you
To take control of the ship;
Be the captain;
And steer it safely to shore;
The sea will not always be calm;
It may even be rough;
I have no fear;
No worry,
Since I am not alone.
I know you are my companion
On this journey;
Please, father,
I pray not for myself alone;
I pray also for my family,
Namely my wife,
My children
And grandchildren;
My neighbours;
And my friends;
Mighty God, I commit them
To you;
Take full control;
Grant us the grace tl
To do your will,
Make our work pleasing
To you,
This is our prayer
Through your son, our Lord. Amen!

Saturday morning

Saturday morning;
I am in good spirits;
Many thanks to God;
To him be the glory;
It’s not my doing;
It’s no man’s doing;
It’s the divine work
Of His holy hands;
Who, in his right mind
Can take this for granted?
I thank you, O Lord,
You are ever good;
Merciful and kind;
On my knees,
I humbly supplicate you,
To make this day great,
Fill it with success;
And grant us the grace
To praise your name
This Saturday morning,
And forever after.