We must take back our land

We must take back our land;
It was designed to be
A love land,
And not a hate land;
But what do we find?
Hate all over the land;
Who has turned it
Into a hate land;
We ourselves;
What an abuse
Of the Creator’s goodwill!
We have a big challenge
On our laps;
To take our land back
To where it was
When the Creator created it;
Remember it was
A Garden of Eden;
Full of the milk and honey
Of love;
We Chased the bees out
Through our stupidity
And greed, and lost our honey;
Then came a barren bee
Of hate, to install itself.
Today, we pay the price
With tears of sorrow;
As we fight and kill ourselves.
What a pity!
But we can’t let it be so;
Let us take back our land
From Hate and give to Love.
This is a must else
We are wiped out of the universe.


Know God’s plan for you

God’s plan for you is good. Do you know it? He wants you to succeed. Success is his plan for your life; and he has made enough provision for you to realize it.

It is left to you to find the tools he has put at your disposal, and use them to succeed.

To succeed is to realize God’s plan for your life.

Are you ready to realize God’s plan for your life?

Get up

Get up and be on your feet;
Get up and get going;
Get up and face this day;
If you keep sleeping
When you should be up,
You will be up
When you should be sleeping;
There is a time to sleep,
And a time to be up;
Don’t be up when you should
Be sleeping;
Don’t stay in bed sleeping,
When you should be up;
Do the right thing
And do it at the right time.
Be moving!

Fellow workers

I do understand you;
When you feel bad
After you have worked so hard,
Put in so much
And have high expectations
To succeed
But fail woefully!
All the same,
I urge you to be strong;
And do not be discouraged;
And do not give up;
Failure teaches many lessons;
It tells us
What does not work;
It tells us
To try a different way;
It tells us
That success comes
From God alone;
That we plant the seeds,
But it is God
Who sends the rain
That waters the ground;
And the sun
To shine on them;
To make them germinate,
And grow;
We manure, weed and care
For the crops we plant,
And the fruit trees;
But God is the one
Who makes them bear,
Be it crops or fruits;
Our duty is to play our part;
And in thanksgiving prayer,
We hand over the rest to God,
To play his own role.
Aren’t we fellow-workers
With God
In shaping life on earth?
Truly co-workers with he
That is mighty;
He that can do and undo.
He that is the king of kings;
He,the unquestionable king
Of the universe.

Sound advice

I have taken your advice;
And my faith is bigger
Than my fear;
That is sound advice;
I appreciate it;
That makes me strong;
When your faith is bigger
Than your fear,
You are strong, courageous,
And successful;
When your fear is bigger
Than your faith,
That is too bad for you.
Fsilure takes control;
I will always make sure
I follow the advice
To make my faith stronger
Than my fear.
I am confident it will
Make me succeed.

A big mistake

A big mistake
Many people make;
Yet, want to succeed;
Who knows that mistake?
Or who can guess?
Worry not, anyway,
If you can’t;
I am here to tell you;
The mistake is ll
Leaving God outside;
Shoving God aside;
Thinking you can do it
All by yourself;
Of course, you can’t;
You will only waste time
And energy;
If you want to succeed,
What ever it is
You are doing,
Put God inside;
Don’t leave him out,
Else you fail woefully.
Success comes from God.
Get him on your side;
And your success
Is guaranteed.
So make no mistake.