You will arrive

Do not look at what
Others are doing,
And let it intimidate you,
We each have our path
That is unique to us,
A path our creator carefully
The one I take,
Cannot be the one you take;
If you search for what
God put you here for,
You will find;
And once that you find,
Focus all your mind
And heart on it;
Make God your Senior Partner;
Let him show you the way.
Where you cannot go
On your own,
He will lead you through;
And where the road is slippery,
He will hold your hand.
Before the end of the day,
You will arrive.


Give them no chance

Did someone
Stand on your way today?
Did someone try
To stand on your way today?
Did someone block you?
Or stop you!
Don’t mind them;
You always have such kinds
Of people;
Don’t think it happened
Only to you;
It happened to many today;
People trying to stand
On other people’s way;
People actually standing
On other people’s way;
But never give such people
A chance
To stand on your way.
Give them no chance.
Make sure you give them
No chance.
Let them stand on their
Own way not yours.

Many are around you

Don’t say there’s no one
To lift you up
When you fall;
I am right there for you;
And He who is mightiest
Is there for you always as well;
Don’t say you are alone
To carry your heavy load;
I am right there for you;
And He who abandons no one
Is there for you always as well;
If you can’t lean on me,
Lean on Him;
If you can’t hold my hand
To come out of the pit,
Hold His hand;
He stretches it out to you.
Don’t say you are alone.
You are not alone.
We are many who surround you.
And He who is mightiest
Is always there for you.

Inspiration for this poem came from the poem “No one” found on Words from a little person blog by NYX.

You are a blessing

So sweet, indeed;
You are so sweet;
You are a blessing;
My blessing;
A blessing to me;
But not to me alone;
Too good for me alone;
To others also;
You are a blessing
To your family;
Your lovely spouse;
Your kids;
Your neighbours;
Your community;
To the whole world;
As he commanded,
I love you so very much.

(Inspired by and dedicated to the lovely Yamina of love- Faith- Soul)

God is there for you

God is there for you,
God will hold your hand;
God will protect you;
God will rescue you;
God will save you.
I see you in tears, my love;
I see you crying;
I see you are wailing so;
I know why you are in tears;
I know why you are crying;
I know how you feel;
I know how your heart beats;
I know your heart bleeds;
So many trouble have you,
So many sorrows hit you;
So much pain you know;
But let me assure you
All will be well with you.
All your troubles will end;
All your pains will be over;
All your suffering will stop;
You are serving a God
Who lives;
Who knows you;
Who ubderstands you perfectly;
Who knows when you hurt,
Who knows when to step in;
Who knows when to heal
Your wound;and wipe
Your tears;and hold
Your hand at the right time,
Have no doubt, he’ll come;
Have hope;
Have confidence in his love.
You are going to bed,or
You are getting out of bed,
You must turn to him;
You must hang on him;
You are his and he is for
You now and for ever.

You are the best version of you

If you are far from
The size you consider
If you do not enjoy
Good health
As you desire to have,
If you think
You don’t look
Beautiful or handsome
As you would love to be,
Always bear in mind
That God knows best;
You are the product of
His hands and mind;
And he does not create junk;
Everything he creates
Is excellent;
That includes you;
You are the best version
Of yourself
That he created;
What you may not like
About yourself
May just be what gives you
Great advantage over
Your fellow human beings.
You may think you are not
Beautiful or handsome,
Whereas there are people
Who adore you
Because of how beautiful or handsome they find you.
Take courage;
And be confident;
You have what it takes;
And you are not alone;
Your creator is with you.
Move with your head high;
You are inferior to none.
You are the best.

Good Morning!

Good morning! Good luck!

Good morning, my sweet heart!
That is you!
If your morning is good,
Your day will be good;
So if your morning is not good,
Make it good;
You can, can’t you?
I know, of course, you can;
Turn gloomy into bright;
If there’s darkness,
Bring in light;
If your spirits fall to the
Pull them up to get going.
Once again, good morning to you.

If all were like you

“I wish all were like you;
I really wish all were
Like you;
Do you know
What the world would be?
An excellent place
For all to enjoy.”
Can one say this of you?
That is a question
We should ask ourselves;
What would the world be
If all were like you?
Can you say what the world
Would be?
If all were like some people,
The world would be
An excellent place for all;
If all were like some people,
The world would be a hell
For all.
Some people are making
The world a heaven;
Some people are making
The world a hell;
Which of the two are you
Making the world?
Let it be that
If all were like you,
The world would be
An excellent place for all.

A good book

When my spirits are down,
I look for a good book
And read;
And it doesn’t take long
Before I am up and running;
Never let your spirits
Stay down,
But get them up and kicking;
And nothing that I know,
Does it better
Than a good book;
Run for your favorite book
And kick your spirits
To start to roll.
Books are a source of treasure,
You just can’t fail to exploit.

Tips to drink more water

Hi friends,

I had written in one of my previous posts about my  learning experience from an illness and how I recovered from it just by drinking lots of water. As a continuation of that post, I decided to write about my journey from being a non-drinker to a proud drinker of water.

clean clear cold drink
Healthy drink!

We all know that water is one of the most essential elements needed by our body. In fact, a major part of our body is made up of water. Though I knew this right from my childhood days I never gave it much importance and hence never drank enough water. Some days, I would drink just one bottle of water, the whole day. My family and friends told me to have more water but I just couldn’t.

This started affecting my body slowly. I started getting small issues and the doctors kept asking me to have lots of water but still I didn’t pay much heed. Then one day I got a bigger illness and the only treatment for it was having lots and lots of water. Thus, began my journey from non drinker to a proud drinker of water. The good habit got instilled in me because of an illness and I decided to continue it forever. From not drinking enough water to drinking 4-5 litres of water everyday, improved my health drastically.

I realized that it is not easy to instill the habit of drinking lots of water and so I decided to share my tips on how to drink more water.  I know there are many articles being written about it. You may already know all the tips I mention here, but do give them a read  because knowing something and putting it into practice are two different things. If you keep reading the tips in different articles, chances of you believing them and putting them into practice are more.

  1. Deciding the quantity of water intake – It is important to decide the quantity of water you intend to take everyday. Your body will give you an indication if the water intake is less and accordingly you can increase it. For example, in summers you will feel thirsty and in winters your lips and skin will become dry.  Normally, it is said that we should have at least 8 glasses of water everyday. So it is better to begin with this and increase according to your body needs.
  2. Quantity of water intake varies – The quantity varies depending on the body needs, weather conditions, geographical locations etc. So it is important to consider all these factors.
  3. Buy bottles instead of glass – One of the best things I discovered was, having water from bottles instead of glass. The disadvantage with glass is that once it gets over, you have to get up and refill it to drink water again and this sometimes doesn’t happen till you get up to refill. But with bottles, if you fill it up with water, you will mindlessly keep drinking water even when you are doing something else and the bottles will be empty before you even know it.
  4. Always keep a bottle full of water near you – This sounds simple but it is a very useful tip. If you have a water bottle near you, you will keep sipping water while watching T.V., reading a book, studying, thinking, talking etc. and even before you realize, you will be finishing up bottles of water and reaching your target.
  5. Schedule your water intake – Scheduling your water intake helps to keep track of the intake and whether you are reaching your target or not. It is always said that we should begin our morning with water as this helps to remove the toxins from the body. So have the first bottle in the morning, second in the afternoon, third in the evening and fourth bottle at night. This will help you to have equal consumption throughout the day. It is better to finish the last bottle before late night as it will help you to settle into a peaceful sleep.
  6. In addition – The water intake should be in addition to the other liquids that you intake like tea, coffee, juices, infused water etc… This will ensure that your body gets enough water. The other drinks may not be your regular drinks so it is better not to include them in the quantity of water intake you decide because you may end up not having them at all.
  7. Drink water as it is – Many a times people don’t like to drink water as it is. They think that plain water is boring. They prefer to have some taste in their water. Hence they go for substitutes like infused water. The infused waters have good health benefits and so they may seem like a good idea but they may not be convenient all the time. So if you get into the habit of having only infused water and if at some point you don’t find the ingredients, you may end up not having any water at all.  So it is better to drink water as it is and not complicate it.
  8. Linking water drinking habit to other habits – One other way to develop this habit is to link drinking water to some routine tasks like after going to toilet, before food, after coming from outside etc… This will ensure that you drink water mindlessly.
  9. Drink warm or cold water according to the weather –  I have noticed that my water intake depends on the weather. If it is a hot summer day, cold water (not ice-cold but normal cold) quenches my thirst and in winters warm water (not boiling water but lukewarm water) keeps me warm and I tend to drink more. Drinking cold water in winters will make you feel more cold and you will find it difficult to finish your bottles. Similarly in summers when the weather is hot outside, the cold water will cool you down.
  10. Fruits and vegetables – Fruits and vegetables are high in water content.  They are another source of high water intake.

The water drinking habit has cured me of my illness. In addition there are a few other improvements that I noticed like it made my skin clear, improved my digestive system, increased my overall health, increased my concentration levels.

I hope many of you find my tips useful and are encouraged to drink more water because it definitely is a magical drink with umpteen benefits. Please don’t be discouraged if you fail a couple of times to instill this habit because it usually takes some time and effort on a consistent basis to form a habit.

Stay healthy!!


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