Emerge on top

What you’re doing
Makes me proud;
I am proud of you?
Accept my compliment;
And encouragement;
I encourage you
To continue;
You are doing great;
You are on
The right track;
And your future
Is promising;
I have no doubt
That you will emerge
On top;
You will be victorious.
Forward, ever;
Look ahead not back;
And you shall emerge
On top.


Don’t run away

Don’t run away
When the task at hand
Is difficult;
Don’t run away
When challenges
Raise their ugly heads
And stare at you
Straight in the eyes;
Don’t run away
When rain starts to pour
And you and you have
No umbrella;
Don’t run away
When you are required
To make an effort
But you find it difficult;
Don’t run away
And try to cover yourself
With excuses.
Excuses don’t solve any problem;
Instead they complicate them.
Don’t run away;
You will often be tempted
To run away;
But, you mustn’t;
Please, don’t run away.

New ideas

New ideas fill the tanks
Of bright minds;
Let new ideas keep flowing
From your ideas bank;
Let them never stop coming up;
New ideas build the world;
Without them,
The world will stop advancing;
You must keep conceiving
New ideas;
In order to take the world forward.
I count on new ideas
To maximize my opportunities;
And to conceive new ideas
Is to think outside the box.

Do you want to succeed?

Do you want to succeed?
Don’t say my question
embarrasses you;
There are many people
Who have no idea
What they want in life;
They have no ambition,
No plan for their life;
No determination
They make
No effort to make it;
This is why I ask
If you want to succeed;
You have to want to succeed;
You have to have a plan;
You have to be determined;
You have to work hard.
And rest assured;
If you do,
You will succeed.

God will attend to you without stopping

I have high expectations today;
I am hoping to see
Many good things happen
To me today;
In fact, not only to me,
To me and others;
I will not be the one
To make them happen,
Though I will play my part;
God will be the one
To make them happen.
He makes things happen
When he likes;
And we can also move Him
To make things happen;
We move God with prayer;
Prayer is a powerful force;
The only force in the world
That can move God;
The only telephone call
That God hears and answers;
The only melody
That is sweet in God’s ears;
Always go before Him
In prayer;
Always pray;
Pray without ceasing;
God will play his part,
By attending to you
Without stopping.