Tag: motivation

Let us start

Thank God For the opportunity To start again; Let us start again; And this time, Let us aim higher; And shoot higher; Everyday, Is an opportunity To start again, And both aim higher, But shoot higher. So, please, Let us start again; And aim higher; And shoot higher.

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Keep your new year resolution

Are you keeping your New Year Resolution? You should keep Your new year resolution; If you start skipping it, It may end in the dustbin; Make an effort everyday To keep your New Year resolution. I am keeping my New Year Resolution; Well, that’s maybe because I made a pretty easy one; It may not…

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Catch up!

I lost some time; And want to catch up; That is what you do When you lose time; Catch up! Regretting Or worrying won’t help; If success is what You want, You have no two options; Only one: Catch up! That is all – catch up!

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