Stop looking too old for your age!


Many years ago when I went away from my village in pursuit of an education, I left behind, a number of young boys and girls. Shortly afterwards, when I returned home, hardly did I recognize many of them. They looked old; were married; and had children. Actually they were not old. They only looked old.

This brings us to a sad reality of life. Some people look old when they are not. At less than twenty, they look old and worn out. On the other hand, there are others who look forever young and strong although in reality they are old. At sixty they look as if they were forty or less.

looking so old!I launched the topic of aging on this site to get people to explain why some people age rather fast while others remain for ever young. Many pertinent reasons were given. You can read them here. To summarize the various views given, many of those who participated in the discussion talked about one’s state of mind, lifestyle, thoughts, the environment, alcohol, drugs, poverty, being in an abusive relationship, money, hard life, passion for one’s dreams, plastic surgery, etc as factors that make one either look older or younger than one is.
I got inspired by that sharing and appreciate those who took off time to participate in the discussion. Let me share with you a talk I gave on radio a SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESfew years back on aging. You may find it enlightening as far as this topic is concerned.
I began by saying poverty was a major factor in making people look old when in reality they are not. I was drawing from the experience and reality around me. The content of one’s pocket determines to a great degree, one’s quality of life. If your pocket has holes, so to speak, there will be more chances that age will take on you early. You will find many young but poor people looking very old.
Experts give us some intriguing insights into the issue of aging. They say the older one is, the more slowly one ages; and physically we don’t change as much from thirty to forty as we do from twenty-five to thirty; or from fifty-five to seventy-five as from forty to fifty-five.
They say different parts of our bodies grow old at different rates. Our eyes begin to age at ten; our hearing at twenty and by thirty our muscular strength has passed its peak. That’s why footballers beyond thirty are often considered too old to play.
One of the most striking revelations they make is that our minds are still young and growing at fifty; but do not reach their zenith until around 60? This explains why retirement for University Professors is at 65. After that, these experts tell us, mental efficiency declines very slowly right up to the age of eighty; and at eighty, one can just be as mentally productive as one was at thirty; and knows a lot more too.



To go by the experts, older people often suffer some loss of memory but creative imagination is ageless. “What’s more,’ they say, “with age we develop insight and perspective. Our judgment and reasoning powers improve.” We gather a wealth of experience that is useful in tackling the tough problems of life. In short, with age comes wisdom. Hence, the older lawyer, the experienced worker will usually outdo the younger more vigorous one in the field.
It is intriguing that some young people are carried away by the idea of looking older than they really are. The reason is they want to be considered as mature and respected. Thus, they dress to look older. Ironically, much later, these same people do not want to be seen as old. They want to be seen as younger than they are.DSCN0486
Some people actually remain young-looking as they grow old. If they tell you what age they are, you will hardly believe it.
How can we explain this? What accounts for their youthful appearance? What is the formula for staying youthful as you grow old?
Some experts say the secret is: to concentrate on the part of you that is still growing. Here they mean your brain. They ask that you keep your mind awake and you’ll stay young all over. They also advise that you take an interest in the world around you and make a point of learning one new thing every day.
YOUR STAE OF MINDPsychologists talk of two contrasting personality types among people of the middle thirties. Some men and women, they say, are constantly broadening their interests. They read newspapers and magazines, listen to radio and watch television and get busy with creative hobbies especially those that involve the use of their hands as well as their brains.
On the other hand, others at thirty-five slump into a dull routine. Day after day, they do their job, get back home, have dinner, glance at the evening paper, listen to radio or watch television briefly and go to bed. There’s no fun in their lives.
Without fun, age is fast to come. Hence, while people of the first type grow younger with increasing years, those of the second group grow older than their years. If the latter do not change, they’ll be old at forty-five.
We thus can say that looking young or old depends very much on us as individuals; what we do; and factors such as our environment, education and social status. Many of us put age on our faces. If we make ourselves old in the mind, of course, our physical bodies will go with our minds. This means we will look old.
Staying young is easy for those who live in the future. The moment you tell yourself ‘it’s over for me in life’, for sure, it will be. You will begin to look old. If, on the other hand, you tell yourself that your future is still ahead of you, and actually mean it, it doesn’t matter how many candles you have burnt, you will continue to look young even as you grow old.

Our habits play a big part in making us look old or young. These include our health, feeding, and drinking habits, who we associate with, and what we live for. They are all very important. If you are clean, keep your body clean, and wear clean, smart clothes, you will look young. If you are dirty and dress like an old man or woman, nothing can make you look young.
One of my secrets of staying young-looking is to interact a lot with young Camera 360people. I draw strength and fresh ideas from them and they keep my mind and body young and fresh.
Indeed, the list of things that can make one look older or younger than one is can be long and inexhaustible. The long and short of it is looking older than we are or younger than we are depends on us. It depends on our thoughts, our habits, our actions, our lifestyle and our environment especially the people we associate with.
No one can dispute that looking younger than we really are rather than older than we really are is better. It shows that we are living a good life.
We, therefore, have to know those things that make us look older than we really are and avoid them; and do those things that will keep us looking young as we grow old


A spring which forever flows


Come and quench your thirst
Come drink and quench your thirst and glow; Camera 360
I know a spring which forever does flow;
It flows with waters always pure and fresh;
And thirst of old and young refresh;
It rolls them also to the land of their dream;
So come drink from this ever flowing stream;
Come and drink even at night by bike;
Come drink as often as you like;
Come see it’s always there for you.                                                           And renews itself very often too;
From morning till night, 24 on 24, it rolls;
Hoping you’ll stop by on your strolls;
And then you’ll drink from it to your fill;
And never be thirsty like on a dry hill;
It’s a spring to nourish everyone it finds;
Good food for hearts just like for minds;
A SPRING THAT EVER FLOWSIt’s a spring to know, to love; and to savor;
It has a name as sweet as its flavor;
World Youth Success Inspirer;
Call it Success Inspirer to make it briefer.
It’s such a spring of wisdom for you indeed!
Calling to you in hope you’ll pay it heed:
‘Come to me who thirst to quench your thirst.
Come to me and endeavor to be the first.’

I love to be here. I love this site.


It is sad isn’t it?

PhotoGrid_1419263202376It is sad isn’t it to see the way some people squander their time?

I see young people everyday who move up and down in the city doing nothing helpful to anybody; and I feel sad.

I see others in the quarters standing at road junctions looking at people going forwards and backwards.

I see young men, in particular, playing indoora003 games in public places, from morning till night.

I see people chatting away precious time on social media; discussing topics that help nobody; in a language that does not reflect a responsible mind. 

Where do people get all this time to waste?

I get up hours before dawn; and go to bed late; yet I am unable to do the things that are waiting for me to do.

Where do others get the time to waste?

DSCN0486Time is money, isn’t it?. Do these time wasters know this?

I know if you are in an advanced country reading this you may be surprised or even shocked to hear that people have waste time this way. In advanced countries I see how people value time. They work hard; and that is why they are where they are.

Of course they also find time to relax; to recreate and refill their energy tank, but when it’s time to work no one kids around.

Work is the key to success. Work is what builds a country. There would be no humanserve progress if people were not working hard.

The people of those countries still struggling with their development must emulate the great example of the people of the advanced countries.

There can be no development without work.

There can be no personal success if you fold your arms and idle away your time.

Time wasters in homes, in quarters, in towns and cities, on social media, stop misusing God’s most precious gift to humanity:  time.



I challenge all young people: work hard. Don’t sleep. Work as if all your life depended only on hard work. Turn your back on time wasting and time wasters.DSCN0479 If you love social media, use it in a way that will help you and others. Read, write useful stuff. No aimless chatting! Serve! Work!

Are you happy or satisfied with life?

Billions of people in the world are not happy or satisfied with life. DSCN0571
The reasons are many:
Problems in marriage
Problems in marriage make them not to be happy or satisfied. If you are husband and wife only in name, and behave as if you were enemies, oppose each other; work against each other, instead of for each other, you cannot be happy or satisfied with life.
DSCN0565Lack of job
You cannot be happy or satisfied with life if you lack a job or are out of work.
Lack of job satisfaction
You cannot be happy or satisfied with life if you do not enjoy your job because of poor working conditions or atmosphere.
Financial stress
You cannot be happy or satisfied with life if you experience financial stress; photos from scholarship[ (3)maybe for lack of a good salary or income to meet your needs; or if you are knee-deep in debt.
Failure in business
You cannot be happy or satisfied with life if you experience difficulties or failure in business. You struggle and struggle but your business only keeps going down.
You cannot be happy or satisfied with life if illness troubles you especially a terminal or protracted illness.
People on your way
You cannot be happy or satisfied with life if jealous or wicked people stand on your way and make life difficult for you.
You cannot be happy or satisfied with life if you are lonely with no family or friends to love and support in need; or rejoice with you during happy moments.
The list can continue.
But you can be happy and satisfied with life because you can solve your marital problems; succeed in business; have the money you want; gain You can be happyfinancial independence; and become debt-free.
Simply do what you should do and exploit available opportunities.
As for illness, it is normal to be ill; but you can be well. There are people who have survived terminal diseases. So too can you.
What do you do?
You need know-how. You cannot make a good salad without knowing how to do it.
Throughout this year, we shall make this available for the taking on this blog. Get it and succeed in your business; your marriage; your relationships; and be happy and satisfied with life.

Do you like what you have here

Share resolution, aspiration, dreams for 2015

DSCN0479Share and grow.

Dear friend, 2015 is on. How are you faring on? It’s my prayer that it should be a year of abundant blessings for you and the rest of us.

We have heard much about New Year

Ngobesing Emilia waxing

Ngobesing Emilia waxing

Resolutions. Isn’t it time for us to share those resolutions? Your resolution may just inspire someone somewhere and the person’s year could be great. I thus encourage you to share your resolution in the comment box. If  it’s too private to share, you can tell us you prefer to keep it to yourself. Why not encourage others in their New Year Resolution?

Let’s share and grow together. Share your aspiration; your dream. My New Year Resolution is to stick to my blog and work as hard as I can; that every word that comes out of my mouth should lift up those who read it and help them to realize their fullest potential in 2015.My dream is to inspire thousands of readers this year to achieve their dreams.

words 2If you do not have a resolution, you can formulate one. A resolution is like your compass for the year and if you do not have one you are like a ship on the wide sea without a compass.words

Share your dreams.

The taste of adversity

IMG_20141226_135843Do you know the taste of adversity?
Adversity can taste sweet and it can taste sour. What do you think?
Let’s look at it together.
Have you ever had moments of adversity in your life; when everything seemed to go wrong for you? When you tried your hand at many things and failed in all or almost all; when you thought the world was against you? When you thought your world would crumble. Such moments exist; but be careful! Don’t let them crush you.
You definitely have had periods in your life when you hit your head or toes on rocks; when you had a down-pour of troubles on your head.
Such are the moments that make us value our blessings more. Hear what Anne Bradstreet says: “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” IMG_20141223_143758
Adversity can be the greatest blessing you ever had.

It has a bitter taste for sure; but it can end up tasting sweet.
It depends entirely on how you face it. The way you face it will determine whether it will bring good or evil into your life.
Adversity can either be a source of sorrow or a source of joy for you and others.
You do not have to become worried or bitter about adversity; neither should you panic or allow yourself to be crushed by it. You must not become a cry-baby because of adversity. You have to be strong. Only weak-minded people allow themselves to be crushed. Only weak-minded people make themselves cry-babies during moments of adversity. You have to stand firm. Look at this poem:yes i can
The strong hold fast;
The wise stand firm
When the going is tough;
When the sea is rough;
When the storms and hard knocks of life
Come hitting hard on you,
Stand firm;
No storm lasts forever;
When the times are rough
And the tides are high;
The wise hold fast;
And the strong stand firm;
As they wait for better days to come.

Norman Vincent Peale says, “All storms pass away, but more important, you are strong enough to live with them while they last.”
Be strong, therefore, and stand firm, dear friend. The storms and hard knocks of life will always try to knock you down.
Do not panic.
Do not be cowed out.
With time, they will pass away; and if you stand firm enough, they will leave you stronger than they found you.
“Times of great calamity and confusion have been productive for the greatest minds. The purest ore is produced from the hottest furnace. The brightest thunder-bolt is elicited from the darkest storm” (Charles Caleb Colton).
a003If you are weak during moments of adversity, adversity will uproot you. It will sweep you off your feet and tow you away.
An unknown writer once said “behind every successful man, there are usually a lot of unsuccessful years. To get to the Promised Land, get ready to pass through the wilderness.”
Be strong; stand firm.

Adversity has a bitter-sweet taste.

Face it with courage and enjoy its sweet taste.

What do you say?

if you are old or soon to be…

LET’S  The best is still ahead.

If you are old or soon to be,
But haven’t achieved
The things you’ve always desired to achieve;
Don’t despair;
Don’t give up;
The best is still ahead;
If your heart wants to drag
You down with pain;
That an empty life you’ve lived;
As you look around and see your friends
Swimming on top;
While there’s nothing for you to show;

An old age dragging you home,
Don’t despair!
Don’t give up;
The best is still ahead.

king_hand_photoIf frustration wants to become your daily food,
As you think the Lord has turned his back on you;
And all you’ve lived is a wasted life;
Don’t despair!
Don’t give up!
The best is still ahead!
It’s easy to become bitter
And think there’s nothing you can do;
A long face you can pull around,
As you wait for the end to come
To leave a world you see as cruel!
Behold, my friend!
Don’t give up!
Don’t despair!
The best is still ahead!
DSCN0572Many, in old age, marvels have performed.
It’s never too late; and none too old
To start afresh
And make their way to where they’ve
Always dreamed to be;
And make their mark in life.
If you’re already old,
Or soon to be,
One thing you must bear in mind: Visit

Don’t give up;

Don’t despair;
The best is still ahead.

Young people are amazing

DSCN0479I have worked with young people throughout my working life and seen the marvels they do. They are amazing.
Many things adults are unable to do, young people do. They may start slow; but once they pick up, you cannot catch their backs. This has been the case with many of the young people with whom I have worked. At the start, many of them do not show any signs of any special talents; but after some encouragement, motivation, and inspiration, you see them catch fire and become unstoppable.
See what they do on the net or on their computers. Many parents are at a loss; and where they learn such things is difficult to say.
Some people worry about how the young people of today will survive in our The young are amazingdifficult world. We do not have to worry. They will find solutions to their problems.
What parents need to do is to provide their progeny with quality education and an enabling environment that will give them the freedom and impetus to exploit their talents fully.
The creator equips each generation with what it takes to solve its own problems.
It’s my conviction that every generation is more intelligent than the one before it. Surely, I acknowledge the great things our forbears did; but nothing can equal the marvels we see today.
I let the young people who come my way and want to hang on their parents’ achievements know that if they do not achieve more than their parents then they have underachieved.
Two take-home points here:no dream is too big

  • Young people have wonderful talents and can do marvels if offered an enabling environment. Let us offer them such an environment.
  • Every generation is equipped with more intelligence than the preceding one. Hence, young people have no excuse not to solve the problems their parents are unable to solve.

Every young person is challenged. Your potential is not for you to sleep on. It is for you to develop, exploit and do marvels for yourself, your family and the world. This goes even for adults.

Are you ready?

Where are the great coming from?

DSCN0479 I have been inspired by a  comment by a loving friend to come up with this post. I hope it inspires you.

Where are the great coming from?

From different places; some from the top. Their parents are great.  They are born with silver spoons in their mouths.They live in ivory towers and go with other great people like them.

Others, the majority, rise from the bottom to the top; from grass to grace; from rags to riches; from huts to towers. No one thinks they will make it; but they will, with flying colors.

Looking at my early beginnings I cannot believe where I am. I went to school on foot; traveled ten kilometers to and fro everyday.

YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANYTHINGIn primary school, I used a sharpened piece of bamboo stick to write, unable to afford a pen. Often, I borrowed a spare one from my bench mate.

In secondary school, after two school terms, I  left. My parents could not afford my fees.

Yet, I fought my way through; and found my place in the world. Today, when Rose tells me “people look at you and you are so smart and successful and confident..” (Rose Red), I say what matters in life is not where we are coming from as much as where we are going. Many people come from behind and win the race.

Many of today’s great were once at the bottom; insignificant, unknown, neglected, despised; but that did not stop them from getting to where they are today.

Often, we look at people and only see their shiny side. They have their own share of dark side.

Going uphill provides one the opportunity to end with strong legs.

Great days lie ahead for everybody no matter where they are coming from. What is required is the decision to make it to the top; the courage and determination to do what it takes to face the challenges on the way; faith and prayers and the persistence to keep on gong until  DSCN0486success is achieved.

In my long journey, I have been blessed with the courage, determination, faith and grace of God to make it to where I am. Yet, it’s only beginning. I have the conviction that whatever can be done, anyone can do it. That includes you and I.

Mind not much where you are coming from;

Mind where you are going;

And trust that God being your helper

You will get there.

Many shall come from behind and win the race.

Revive your dream

Once you had a dream, didn’t you?
That gripped you strong;
Where is it today?
Isn’t there a dream you’ve tried
To achieve but failed?
What are you doing about it?
What of that childhood dream?
You had to reach the stars?
Where are you with it today?
Abandoned in the wilderness?no dream is too big
Convinced it cannot be achieved?
Yet the truth is different, my friend,
That it can be achieved;
Not out of reach as you might think;
Only your thinking makes it so.
No dream does God put in your mind
That’s too big for you to achieve;

When He does give you a dream,
To achieve it fully He equips you;
So sad it is, therefore, when
Dreams are abandoned before they’re ripe.
This explains why I say to you,
once your hands are onRevive that dream you’ve thrown away;
Revive that great dream of yours;
Revive it before it’s late;
This time with all your might,

Go for it;
And rest assured it will be yours;
If long enough you go for it.