Every Sunday Morning

Every Sunday morning,

When off to Church I’m going,

I know it’s the right thing am doing.

It’s the Lord’s own day

To Him His due I’ll pay,

Matching acts to what I say.

When the Church bells toll,

And the sound on my ears do fall,

And I hear the Lord’s strong call,

I know It’s time I must be out,

So with others to shout

And make my voice both clear and loud,

In praise of God, my Lord,

Whose power is more than sword,

As I cannot say with word.



You are here for a purpose


Your purpose hereDo you know your purpose?

You are here for a purpose.

You aren’t  here by mistake.

You are here by God’s design;

The product of his divine wisdom;

Put here for a mission;

A mission that none else can accomplish.

Get hold of your purpose

That you may do the will of He that put you here.

Dreams of Riches

Everyday millions of people around the world, if not more, dream of riches. They want to be rich and enjoy the things that riches bring. They admire and perhaps envy those who are rich and swim in wealth.

Many of these dreams end up being shattered. Only a few become rich.

Why are riches so difficult to come by? What is the secret of riches?

What would you tell a young person who comes to you seeking advice on how to become rich in this world?

Our story

Once upon a time, birds got to a new forest to settle.  The young birds settled on  the fresh trees with many leaves and pushed the old bird to settle on the dry tree that had no fresh leaves. They were happy and laughed at the old bird for settling on a tree with no eaves.

The old bird told them, “we must wait and see who is luckier in the end.”

The young birds laughed and said they were the luckier ones.

One day, the woodcutters came to cut down the for plank. They cut down all the fresh trees on which the young birds had settled destroying all the nests.

Considering that the dry tree on which the old bird had settled was of no use left it alone. The old bird’s nest was saved.

The young birds then understood that what an old man can see sitting down, a young man cannot see standing on the tallest tree.

Young people must listen to their parents and treat them with love and care. Do not say that your parents are old and of no use to you. If you wave their wisdom aside and proudly do what you like you are heading for doom.

Thoughts to ponder

The most successful people in the world are not those who sit and wait for opportunities to be tossed at them; but those who create their own opportunities as they journey through life.


The kid of people who surround you and the kind of people you most interact with determine the what you become and the kind of life you live.

Do you worry about what has happened and what may happen? One thing to know about worrying is it does not solve a problem. Instead, it can make a situation worse.

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. That is why every step that you take in life counts. Step by step, a journey of one thousand kilometers is accomplished.Follow WORLD YOUTH RALLY  on Facebook

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A serious reason to worry

There is something we should all worry about.Pa$ Ma Ngobs


Can you guess?


The high rate of love in the world turning into hatred is something to worry about.

Why does love in many marriages turn into hatred?

When two young people meet and agree to get married and spend their lives together, you will find love burning between them. You will hear them  say they will die if they do not get married. They will be passionate about each other. They will want to stay with each other all day. They will hate to be disturbed.

The day they get married will be the best day in their lives. You will find them smiling and smiling from jaw to jaw.

Yet after marriage, in very many cases, it will not take long before they start to quarrel; and the love will turn into hatred.  The marriage will end on the rocks.

What goes wrong?wedding

Why would a boy and a girl love themselves so madly before marriage but after marriage they begin to hate each other to the point of not DSC_0106wanting to see each other and end up in divorce?

What can be done to prevent love in marriage turning into hatred?

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What shall you be thanking God for?

Thanking God for our blessings  will open moreAre you aware of your wonderful blessings?

We humans have the tendency of being blind to our blessings or taking them for granted. We focus on what we lack or what we need and pay little or no attention to what we have.

It is important to be aware of our blessings, acknowledge them and thank God for them.

Count your blessings one by one. You will be surprised by what the Lord has done for you; and then you can say a mighty ‘thank you’ to Him.

Take these two questions:
1. Why is it important to say ‘thank you’ to God every night before you go to bed?
2. What shall you be thanking God for as you go to bed tonight? CIMG5502

What use is a spouse?

What use is a spouse?

If you know my stand with regard to marriage this question may shock you.

You don’t have to be shocked.

My post of Wednesday 12th November 2014, centered on a letter my spouse wrote to me encouraging and supporting my dreams. I like to thank all those who supported her with their comments. I equally thank those who are still to do so.

If I accepted to publish that letter it was for a purpose: to kick off a discussion on the role that we can play in the success of our spouse.
There are many people who have succeeded thanks to the support of their spouses. There are also people who have failed in life-transforming projects because their spouses stood on their way.

What do you think of a person who is an obstacle to their spouse’s success? What have you achieved in life thanks to the support of your spouse? What is it that you have failed to achieve in life because your spouse stood on your way?

Should the success of a married person be the concern of their spouse?
Do you know a marriage that fell on the rocks because the spouses disagreed on a project that one of them was pursuing?

I encourage you to make your voice heard on this. You view might touch somebody somewhere. You never can know where your words can reach.

Spend a little time looking around this blog. I call it a gold mine.It’s for you. Enjoy it.
One request: I know you will like and comment. I request that you go on to share and reblog just one post that caches your attention. I will value this very much if you do it for me.

Something Useful Online Weekly Magazine



Thought of the Week

“A great teacher has always been measured by the number of his students who have surpassed him” (Don Robinson).

What do you think about this thought?

We are in the domain of blogging. Drawing inspiration from this thought by Don Robinson, how would you say a great blogger should be measured?

Can you give us the name of your blog and briefly share with those who are reading this and do not know your blog what it is about? Is there a post you would like me or other readers to read and leave a comment?

If you do not have a blog, what is it that you like in this blog? Has it inspired you in any way? Is there another blog you like? What is it about?

Do you like poetry? Why?

Say something to inspire, encourage or motivate someone.

If you do just one of the aforementioned things or answer any of the questions you are great.

Only great souls have time to spare lift up others.

How to defeat a giant in a fight

We fear giants, don’t we?

How do you feel about meeting a giant in a duel?That would scare me to death and I would sweat from head to toes.

From stories that I learned when I was young, I developed fear for giants. Today I think of them as huge, frightful and wicked creatures in human form.

The WWE Superstars shown on television are real giants. It seems they can crush an ordinary person in seconds like an elephant can crush an ant.

What then do I mean when I say you can defeat a giant in a fight?

I mean that if you know how to go about it you can actually do it.  It has happened. I have seen tiny people who have beaten huge ones.

Let us start with the folktales that relate how small creatures like rats, birds or  mosquitoes defeat lions, elephants, or other huge creatures; or the slow tortoise which beats the swift-footed hare in a race. Another case is that of David, a lad, who defeats Goliath, a giant.

We cannot dismiss these as folktales or biblical stories that do not depict real life.They actually reflect what is possible in real life. Many living giants have been pulled down by dwarfs.

In the 1990 World Cup opening match, little known Cameroon beat the cup holders Argentina hands down; and small businesses have come from behind and overtaken the giants.

You do not need to fear giants. You can crush a giant and become a giant yourself.

Are you a student not measuring up in class? You can beat that most brilliant fellow who is the giant of the class and become the new giant.

Are you an ugly person? No need for sleepless nights. You can become the most beautiful person in your community; or in the world.

Do you run a lousy team? It can become the best team and beat the giants.

Are you a poor blogger? You can beat the giants and become the greatest blogger in the world.

I hope you get what I am driving at.

Now, let us see how a giant is defeated.

  1. How did David defeat Goliath?
  2. How did Tortoise beat the fastest animal in running?
  3. How did Little bird defeat Elephant in a fight?
  4. How did Cameroon defeat Argentina in the World Cup opening match in 1990?

They had a challenge.

  • Decided to overcome it
  • Studied it.
  • Understood it.
  • Acquired the know-how to handle it;
  • Got into action.
  • Stayed there until they did it.

This is what you must do to beat the giant you are facing.

  • Resolve to beat the him.
  • Use your brains.
  • Prepare yourself well for the duel.
  • Study the giant in question.
  • know his strengths and weaknesses.
  • Know where he is most vulnerable; taking note that a chain is as strong as its weakest link; also that a tiny hole is enough to sink a ship.
  • Exploit his weaknesses.
  • Make use of your God-given talents.
  • Work hard to win.
  • Put in all of yourself.
  • As David, put God at the center of the fight.

Know that there are human giants and non-human giants.

Illness, fear, failure, laziness, anger, sexual promiscuity, discouragement, poverty, self-doubt, procrastination, alcohol, smoking and more are all non-human giants lined up wanting to blow you off.

They will blow you off if you do not blow them off. You now know what to do to defeat them.

Crush them so that they do not crush you.

With what you now know is there any reason for you not to come out on top in your life? You will meet many giants on your way. Go ahead and be the best.

The greener grass


Right within my fence I stood;

On that little space of mine.

Then my neck I stretched,

For a much better view to make;

Of what across the fence there was.

What a great view I saw,

on the other side of the hill;

Much greener than where I stood;

The lawns were green,

Much greener than ever I’d seen.

“That is what I want,” the voice to myself was saying.

:”That is where I want to be.”

“That is where I want to live,

For the remaining days of my life.”

So saying, off for it, at once, I dashed.

No sooner had I reached;

Than my mind began to dance:

“What brought me here?”

The green was gone;

Vanished into thin air.

And then across the fence again my eyes roamed;

And there still it was; standing where I’d come;

Looking greener than green can be.

Then with longing my heart jumped;

Wanting to it again return.

But ‘too late my friend,’ I was told.

It’s gone and gone for good.

So bad for sure I felt

Yet nothing, indeed, I could do.

I’ve never stopped to wish

I had not left at all.

But now I know it’s true,

Greener the grass will always look,

On the other side of the fence.

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Surviving in tomorrow’s highly competitive world

wise pics

About the future of young people, many in my country are worried.

They wonder how the young will fare?

Where the young will get jobs tomorrow to live worthy lives and bring up their families with dignity.

Those in power are blamed for ruining the economies of their countries, and making it difficult for the young to survive.

I agree.

Many leaders do not care about the future of their youth. This is an injustice to the young.

If enough is done to prepare theM, they will handle their own problems  tomorrow.

What little kids of today do is astounding. They do things which kids like them could not do yesterday. Problems that adults find hard to grapple with, they easily solve.We attribute this brilliance to advancement in the quality of life and better learning facilities.

What we must do to equip the young to solve their problems tomorrow when they take leadership is to give them quality education. This is the key.

All young people are also advised to go for the best education to equip themselves well to survive in a very highly competitive world.

Quality education

Shall the youth

up to the task be;

When in control they are tomorrow?

Shall the youth the problems of their time solve?

When on the stage of leadership they stand?

Shall the youth their own  jobs create?

And the problems of crime  poverty and conflict solve?

These are pertinent questions to ask,

For a lot seems at stake,

And of the future, a lot in doubt.

Yet hope we must have,

For brilliant are the youth.

Quality education is all they need,

And up to the task they will be

When the reins of leadership they take.

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Why I think you are great

 I honestly think you are great.
Ask me why I think so?
I have spent more than half my life working with people, reading about people, helping, inspiring and motivating people to achieve their dreams and I have found that those who are most interested in what I share are usually the ones who are already great or who go ahead to become great.
Only people with great minds or the potential for greatness listen to what can help them achieve more in life. Small minds do not; and when they do not learn new ways, they do things the same old ways. That keeps them on the same spot.

A mind that does not learn does not grow.
I have looked closely at those who read my posts and make comments. I have found that they have great or promising blogs.  They are either great or have the potential for greatness.
That is why I congratulate you who have visited my site and encouraged me in one way or the other. The best is definitely ahead for you. In return I like to support you the best I can to achieve your blogging goals. My purpose and dream in life is to help millions of people get to where their hearts desire. I believe this can help make the world an excellent place.

Please, help me realize this dream. A little gesture can make a mighty difference. You do not have to get up from where you are. You only need to comment, click a button to share, reblog, twit or like any of my posts.

As someone wisely says, even the most formidable soldier cannot fight and win a war alone. I work extremely hard to make a difference in the world, but will go nowhere without others behind me. Hence, I pray you not to deprive me of your valuable support.

A million thanks in advance for that.DSCN0536

Without you nothing I am;

With you, everything I am.

Stand by me

That everything I can be

I may be.