A game of football

I’m nursing a big dream
In my heart;
If someone tells me
It is farfetched,
I won’t believe them;
I doubt what you say,
But I know I cannot fail
To achieve this dream;
I will get there;
To the mountain top;
Of course, it’s God
Who has the last word;
But I must play my part.
That’s what I am doing;
It’s a game;
Another game of football.


An explorer

I am an explorer;
I call myself an explorer;
And indeed, I am;
I am exploring the web;
I am exploring ways and means
To get to the mountain peak;
I want to get to the peak;
I see the peak;
What I want is a way
To get there;
Many, like me want to get there;
But only a few will ever do;
I want to be among those few;
Hidden on that summit
Is a treasure
That is found nowhere else.
I want to get there
And scoop my share;
Shall you join me?
To get to the mountain peak
Is a lofty dream;
I urge you to work for that;
The place is good for you.
Be an explorer like me;

And get to the mountain peak.

Even God cannot stop me

silhouette of man walking between two cliff

Photo by Jayant Kulkarni on Pexels.com

Look at the mountain,
I am on my way up;
And do you know where
I want to end?
At the summit;
Ask me if it will be easy;
I will say not at all;
But one thing, I know;
And about that I am certain;
I will reach the top;
Nothing will stop me;
Not even God will do so;
Get me rightly;
God can do and and undo;
He has all the powers;
He is for me to succeed;
He’s incapable of stopping me;
He can’t stop me;
And if he can’t stop me,
Who can?
I will be right at the top.

photography of person on green mountain

Photo by mirsad mujanovic on Pexels.com


I have a feeling

scenic view of the castle

Photo by Rick St. John on Pexels.com

I have a feeling
You will make it big today.

I have a feeling
Things will go well for you.

I have a feeling
Your spirits will be high up.

I have a feeling
You will have a breakthrough.

I have a feeling
You will have a turning point.

I have a feeling
You need to begin to thank God.

I have a feeling
God has much in stock for you.

I have a feeling
the best is yet to come.

I have a feeling
You future is in an ivory tower.

I have a feeling
You will reach the mountain top.

woman in black top and blue shorts on stone under blue sky

Photo by Tembela Bohle on Pexels.com

Drawing of a Woman ‘Mountain Beauty’

Drawing of a Woman titled ’Mountain Beauty’ by Michel Montecrossa


Description: ‘Mountain Beauty’, Mirapuri, 11th April 2014 ink, pencil, wax crayon on paper, 44 x 31,3 cm

Michel Montecrossa Homepage: http://www.MichelMontecrossa.com

To stay updated follow the Michel Montecrossa Blog: https://michelmontecrossaliveblog.wordpress.com

All Michel Montecrossa Paintings and Drawings, available as High Resolution Premium Quality Art Prints, can be seen as previews: michelmontecrossa.com/gallery/paintings-drawings
To know more about and plan your visit to Michel Montecrossa’s ongoing ‘The Energy Of Art’ Exhibition (Mirapuri New Art Gallery, Italy) and the ‘Deep Brain Art’ Exhibition at the New Art Gallery in Germany (Filmaur Multimedia House, Gauting near Munich) please visit these links:

‘The Energy Of Art’ Exhibition: click here

‘Deep Brain Art’ Exhibition: click here

Copyright: All Michel Montecrossa Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Digital-Art, Art-Objects and Movies © Filmaur Multimedia

Rocky and steep road

There lay my golden crown;
High up on the mountain top;
There, it safely lodged;
Far, far away;
And very hard to reach.
It glittered,
Smiling at me;
That I might come;
“Come, come to me;” it softly said;
Come claim me;
“I am your golden crown.”
Yet, how was I to get there?
The road was rocky and steep;
When I glanced at it glittering
So brightly,
My heart sank;
For I knew not by what magic
I would get to such a high mountain top;
And claim such a precious crown.
Then as I worried, doubted and feared,
I recalled what I had been taught;
To be strong, determined,
Courageous and never give up;
I have never forgotten such a lofty gift;
Those thoughts re-energized me;
And with faith and enthusiasm,
I plunged in;
To my joy, it did not take long;
I emerged victorious;
Finding myself at the mountain top,
And there I claimed my golden crown.
A similar path I recommend to you;
Your golden crown awaits you;
Get up and to the mountain top;
And claim your golden crown.
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