Frustrated bitter sad

I am frustrated;
I am bitter;
I am sad;
I come from the village;
I am a village boy;
I want to go to the city;
I want to live in the city;
I want to be rich;
I want to live in luxury;
I wonder if I have a chance;
I wonder where to begin;
I have no job;
I have no education;
I know nothing but poverty;
I was born in poverty;
I have grown in poverty;
I swim in poverty;
I bathe in poverty;
I live in poverty;
I see people living in opulence;
I see them in mansions;
I see some in ivory towers;
I admire them;
I wish I could be like them;
I think everyday about my life;
I cry every night;
I know not what lies ahead;
I see no light ahead;
I really want to succeed;
I am worried;
I am frustrated,
I am bitter;
I am sad.
I want to succeed;
I want to shine as others;
I want someone to help me.


Reason to mourn

Do you know why I am crying?
Tears are pouring down my eyes;
Like a storm that burst the sky open,
And assails the earth.
My sweetheart pierced my heart;
She took me to heaven
In a jet plane of love;
And threw me out of the window;
Without a safety jacket;
Like a log, I came down in a swoop,
Crashing headlong;
How I survived, God alone knows;
Even then, now, I am a vegetable;
How then can I hold back my tears!
Let them flow!
Weep on, heart of sorrow!
You have reason to mourn;