I am on my way;
I am traveling;
What an experience
So enriching;
Learning so much
As I go along;
Through the people
I meet,
And what I see;
To give me
An opportunity
To travel,
Is to give me
An opportunity
To grow.
Thank you, Lord
For my opporrunity.


I am proud to be a Catholic

I love everyone I meet. I do not discriminate. Your religion is not a barrier to me relating with you. I love you. I relate with Christians, Moslems, etc very well. But I am really proud to be a Catholic. I don’t hide this. In public I am happy to pray the Trinitarian prayer openly at occasions to identify myself as a Catholic.

But do you know? I don’t go into arguments with people about their faith or my faith or why they may not believe or practice as I do. I keep that aside. It’s not necessary. I discuss faith issues only with other Catholics.

I like people to freely practice their religion.

The world can be an excellent place if we stop judging other people’s religions and discriminating on religious lines.

To me, love should not be limited by language, color, religion, geography, politics etc. We should love all because everyone is created in the image and likeness of God.

Some people criticize us Catholics even other Christians also do. I do not get angry at them. I forgive them. I believe that anyone who understands the Catholic Church would not criticize it.

This post may tickle you to want to go into a debate with me about my faith. I will not. People take offence when you prove them wrong. My such arguments end badly.

I prefer you keep your faith and I keep mine. I respect your faith, you respect mine. Only God knows who is right, who is wrong. And if God wants to convert anyone, he will do it at the right time.

Once again, I wish to say I am proud to be a Catholic. If you are a Catholic reading this, I hope you are proud to be a Catholic?

We have a community Worldwide called Proud Catholics Movement Worldwide.

You can join if you like. It’s a vibrant Catholic community.

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We are journeying together as proud Catholics, growing in our faith by learning from one another and others, helping one another to become confident and bold in professing our Catholic Faith, and living the Catholic Faith truly so that others can see the light of Christ shining in and through us.

We are a virtual ongoing formation community through sharing, presentations, supporting one another, loving and supporting our priests, Bishops, religious and Holy Father through prayers, love and otherwise.

We know we will meet all sorts of challenges. We are ready to surmount them. Our focus is to grow in our knowledge of the Catholic Faith; follow the Catholic Faith as it has been handed down to us by the Teaching Authority of the Church; and to participate with joy and happiness in our SCC, Mission Station, Parish and Diocese, to build Christ’s Church on earth.

Please, pray for us. You may also join us. God bless you.

Proud Catholics Movement worldwide gains ground

The Proud Catholics Movement Worldwide is gaining ground. More and more Catholics around the world are joining and expressing their joy to belong.

The Proud Catholics Movement Worldwide is a Virtual Ongoing Formation Forum to continuously build the faith of its members and keep their passion for the Catholic Faith burning.

By grounding themselves more solidly in the Catholic Faith, they will be emboldened and their confidence enhanced to proudly share, defend and fight fair for their faith.

In this forum experts shall be called in from time to time to give enlightenment on important aspects of the faith.

In short, Proud Catholics movement Worldwide is a faith sharing and faith building forum for Catholics who are proud to be Catholics, have resolved to die as Catholics and wish to get the most from their Catholic Faith.

If you are Catholic and Proud to be one, you can join simply by joining the whatSAP group:

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Proud Catholics Movement Worldwide

The proud Catholics Movement Worldwide is for Catholics who are proud to be Catholics. They live their Catholic Faith proudly, share it courageously, boldly, confidently and joyfully.

If you are Catholic you can join simply by joining the whatSAP group.