We are on

I congratulate you all!
We are on
We are on the move;
Moving and going places;
There is no stopping us;
The one to do so
Is yet unborn;
And who knows?
Might never be born;
And so
We will keep moving,
Not in silence, though,
Moving and vibrating
Like a rocket;
Candidly, we will arrive;
We will keep moving;
We are on the move.
We are on;
We are fully on.
We are marching on.
My compliment to the team;
It’s a determined team.


The clock is always ticking

We will stop our earthly
Journey some day soon;
Life will never stop
Its journey;
The clock will always tick;
Even when it goes bad,
It will keep ticking;
Always on the move;
Seen or unseen;
Heard or unheard.

The clock is always ticking;
Time is always on its toes,
Running, if not flying;
Seconds grow into minutes;
Minutes grow into hours;
Hours grow into days;
Days into weeks;
Weeks into months;
Months into years;
Years into eternity.

That is how the stream
Of life flows;
It never stops.
Always moving;
Though to our naked eyes
The world is standing still.
You have to keep moving;
Learning, growing, expanding;
If you stand still,
You are left behind.

Always on the move

Where you are going,
Not where you are,
Is what does matter;
If you are in your
Dream place,
That is fine by me!
But don’t stop there;
Explore new horizons;
Set a new destination;
And start to go there;
If you sit on the spot,
You will soon vegetate;
In life, be sure to be
Always on the move;
Not moving backwards
But moving forward;
Always on the move;
On your way to success.