God is immense and inscrutable

In the universe, I do see
The unfathomable ways
Of an inscrutable,
Omnipotent God
Working in mysterious ways;
No human being can accomplish
As much as Almighty God;
All the marvels
Of nature you see,
And those you cannot see,
Nor even imagine,
Are the works
Of his divine hands;
The fruits
Of his omniscient mind;
All of humanity,
Working together nonstop
By day and by night,
For one billion years,
Cannot accomplish
A minute fraction, a dot,
Of what He has done.
We could spend billions
Of years
Trying to decipher
The mystery that is God,
And the creation
That he made in six days,
We shall end as ignorant
As we are at this moment;
Things of this
Omnipresent God
Are too immense for us
With our simple minds
To understand on our own;
Only by his grace can we do,
And only that which
Pleases Him to reveal to us.
By faith alone, shall we know;
By faith alone, shall we
understand his inscrutable ways;
And by faith alone,
By his grace, we will believe.

Quote (Supreme Being)

“Lack of belief in God as a supreme Being who created the universe and controls it is an indication of inferior thinking capacity. There are enough signs to tell every normal thinking person that a being exists that is superior to us brings us into the world, determines how long we stay here, and calls us back. That is too mysterious to understand it all. But he has revealed enough of himself to us to understand and believe.” Romilia Quotes

What we don’t understand

I wanted today better
But I am fine;
All days cannot be excellent;
Some will be good;
Some will be better;
Some will be excellent;
Even if it’s bad,
I still welcome it;
But make sure
The next day
I bounce back strongly.
Life is full of impossibles;
Did you ever hear about
Two oceans meeting
But not mixing?
The Atlantic and the Pacific;
They have a long point
Of contact;
They hug each other,
But no one crosses
To the other’s territory;
No mixing.
God alone knows
How he created this world;
If you don’t see it,
It will be hard to believe;
That is why
When people discredit
The belief of life after death,
The resurrection,
And Final Judgement,
I say they don’t know
What they are saying.
God uses signs
Like the two oceans meeting
But not mixing
As signs to help us
In our belief;
That what we understand
Is nothing compared
To what we don’t understand.
God is mystery;
Too deep for human mind;
Life, an ocean of mystery;
The vast universe
Hides unbelievable mysteries;
Beyond human imagination.

God alone knows

Has God ever slept?
Does God ever sleep?
Does God ever get tired?
How does He rest
If he gets tired?
Many questions
That are hard to answer,
They have not been answered
Since humans came on earth;
They are more than
Human brains can answer;
That’s the mystery of God;
Yet, some say
They want to understand
Before they believe;
How foolish!
Understood or not understood,
There is a mighty God;
Bother not yourself,
To understand the mystery
That is God;
And don’t be too full of yourself;
You are of too little a mind
To understand;
Many things, God alone knows.

Mighty God

A miracle is about
To happen as you read this;
Or I should say
A miracle is happening
Right away
As you read this;
I can see it coming;
Infolding under
Our own very eyes;
We cannot thank you
Enough O God Heavenly King;
Your ways are miraculous;
What a generous heart
You have!
Great are the miracles
You make every second;
You are a mighty God!
Maker of the universe;
A mystery and a miracle;
Beyond human understanding.
Mighty you are!
God of the universe.

The mystery of death

There is no sting
And đź‘Žmore painful
Than the sting of death;
No sorrow can surpass
The sorrow of loss
Through death;
Death is a mystery
God alone understands;
Death never rings a bell;
Death can come at any time;
Death comes when it likes;
Death may be delayed
But cannot be stopped;
Death does not hate anybody;
Death loves all;
Death cannot be bribed;
Death is incorruptible;
Money cannot stop death;
Power cannot stop death;
Influence cannot stop death;
Everybody fears death;
Nobody is too rich to die;
Nobody is too young to die;
Nobody is too handsome to die;
Nobody is too beautiful to die;
Nobody is too responsible to die;
Nobody is too powerful to die.
No amount of fear of death
Can stop death;
Prayer may delay,
But cannot stop death;
Do not pray that death may not come.
Pray that you may die a good death;
That you may not die
Before the appointed time
By God.
That you may accomplish your God-assigned mission before your death.

Story Time with Gary: Maria’s Diary

Enjoy story time today as I read from Maria’s Diary. Maria discusses the impact of Richard’s suicide from JOSHUA AND THE SHADOW OF DEATH.

Click here and enjoy the video.

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Insanity (Part 4)

The clopping of horses hooves was accented by the groan and grind of wood upon the pitted dirt road. Henry noticed a young lady perched upon the rocking box of the old flatbed pulled by two black horses. Steam escaped their nostrils, and each breath sounded like a snort in the cold fall air. The woman’s skin was dark, but her pale eyes glowed in the night. She wore a cream-colored wool coat with a hood that covered her hair. The woman’s eyes seemed to cut through Henry as she stopped the wagon a short distance from where he and Lewis were standing.

“Well, are you boys going to stand there all night, or are you going to help me? Climb up in the back.”

Henry looked over at Lewis and raised his eyebrows. Lewis just shrugged and started for the old horse-drawn wagon. The pair climbed in, and the horses jerked the old flatbed forward. Lewis and Henry nearly tumbled off the back of the cart from the sudden start. Once they regained their balance, Henry looked over his shoulder and hollered, “Where are we going?”

The woman looked back, smiled, and said, “Henry, you ask the same question every Halloween. You know the spot we need to go to. It was our spot, back when you said you cared.”

“Back when I said I cared?” asked Henry. “I think you have me mistaken for somebody else. I don’t even know your name.”

The pretty woman scowled, “How can you forget your Delilah?” Delilah pointed to the dilapidated hospital. “I suppose it’s that place. They can make you forget anything they want.”

Henry smiled and tried to sound convincing. “Oh, come on now. How could anything make me forget someone as beautiful as you? Maybe I’m just having some trouble remembering, that’s all. How long has it been?”

Delilah turned and leaned on the back of the old box seat as the horses slowly trodded in a direction they seemed very familiar. “I guess it has been a year,” said Delilah. “I can forgive you for forgetting. Well, I can forgive you a little bit.” She stretched forth her arm, and Henry let his pale fingers wrap around her cold black hand. She pulled Henry, and he attempted to scoot closer to Delilah. There was something familiar about her beautiful face.

“Hey, you two,” Lewis’ voice broke into the enchanted moment between Henry and his new found love. “Three’s a crowd. I’m not sure how you have my buddy so smitten, but could we save the googly eyes until I’m not around?”

Delilah released Henry’s hand, spun to face the front, grabbed the reigns, let out a laugh that seemed to echo in the night air and slapped the leather straps across the horse’s backs. The horses jolted forward, and Lewis tumbled off the end of the cart. Henry watched in horror as Lewis rolled and bounced over dirt, gravel, and rock. His body finally came to rest. Henry held his breath. He saw his friend slowly begin to push himself off the ground. The smell of jasmine and lavender wafted in the air from next to Henry. He turned and jumped with a start. Delilah sat next to him as the driverless cart rolled up the hill, it’s speed decreasing ever so slightly.

Henry was wide-eyed with fear. “Who is driving this thing?” he asked Delilah.

Her laughter sent a chill through his body, and then warmth and calm replaced it. “Oh, the horses know where we are going, Love.”

Before Henry could ask about Lewis Delilah’s lips were on his own. His heart stuttered in excitement and the cold night air seemed to melt away. Their lips parted, and he opened his eyes. The warm sun was beating down on the two of them, and they were no longer in the back of the cart. Delilah now wore a sheer white dress, and her dark frame was easily deciphered beneath her covering. “Where are we?” asked Henry.

Delilah’s dark, smooth hand gently stroked Henry’s pale, rough face. “Don’t you remember?”

Henry pulled his knees forward and looked around. The two of them were sitting in the grassy meadow by the New River. Its waters sparkled like diamonds against the late spring sun. High bushes surrounded them save a small dirt trail that led from the outside world into their secret hiding place. Here the two could be alone, away from the world beyond. They had to hide from those who hated them for their love of one another and needed protection from the hatred that wanted to do nothing else but destroy the beautiful joy and peace they felt whenever they were together.

The memories began to flood back into Henry’s mind. He was with the love of his life. Henry reached over and kissed her until he was sure her lips would never leave his memory again. Her hands slid around his waist and pulled him close. It felt like an eternity of joy. Jasmine and lavender filled the air. Her smooth skin and soft curly black hair brushed against Henry’s face. Delilah buried her full, glossy lips into his neck and he sank his stubbled cheek and chin into her neck and gave her the softest of kisses.

The birds seemed to grow louder, the sun brighter, and the plants were greener as Henry let go and gazed into her haunting eyes once more. They held hands, and both let out a long, relaxed sigh.

“I don’t understand,” said Henry, “How could I forget?”

Delilah pointed over his shoulder, “Because of them.”

Henry’s mind seemed to lose focus, he lost balance, and his world spun around until it settled on the dirt trail and four large young men in t-shirts and hoods that hid their faces. They had come to take Delilah, but Henry would die before he let that happen.