Your name on the world map

I like you to put your name
On the world map;
Of personalities who matter
In the world;
There, you ought to have a place;
Does it seem impossible to you?
It wouldn’t surprise me;
No one says it is easy;
But someone says it is possible;
And that someone is me;
You just have to work hard;
Very hard;
And be focused;
And persevere
And persist;
And no matter what happens,
Don’t give up;
You can be sure
You will succeed;
You will put your name
On the world map;
Exactly my dream for you.
My lofty dream for you.
Your name should enter
The world map;
And directory
Of personalities who matter
In the world.
Make that your dream;
It is a worth while dream.

Make a name to be proud of

What are you doing
To your name?
Are you building
Or destroying it?
Are you making a name
That you will be proud of
Or one that you will be
Ashamed of?
What does your name mean
To those who know you?
What does your name mean
To those who hear it called?
Does your name inspire?
Does your name annoy?
When your name is called,
Does it draw respect
Or disrespect?
You have to manage your name;
So that it is fruitful
Not barren;
So that it bears sweet fruit
Not sour fruit;
So that when people hear it
They will feel happy not bitter;
They will smile not frown;
Yes, manage your name well;
So that your progeny
May inherit a blessing
Not a curse;
So that they may be proud
Not ashamed
Of their family name.
Mind what you do to your name.
Some names are great;
Some names are a disgrace.
Some names give honor;
Some names evoke hate;
Some names evoke love.
Think about the name
You are building
And the name
You will leave behind
After your earthly life.
Make a name to be proud of.

The name Joseph

If your name is Joseph, respect what the name stands for.
J for just.
Be just as Joseph was just.
O for obedient.
Be obedient as Joseph was obedient.
S for simple.
Be simple like Joseph.
E for example.
Be an example to others
As Joseph, the example.
P for patient.
Be patient like St.Joseph.
H for humble.
Be humble as Joseph was humble.

I like your name

I like your name;
I very much like your name;
It sounds good in my ears;
What does it mean?
Tell me what it means;
Do you like your name?
You should like your name;
It is a good name;
It sounds good in my ears;
I like you to be my friend,
So I can say your name everyday;
Because, really
I like your name;
And I respect it too;
When your name is called
I stand.
I really like your name.

Vote for a name

In 2017, I look forward to major changes on this site. One of them has to do with the name.

The name has changed many times since this blog started. In 2017, I want us to give it the final name. Some readers say the current name “Success Inspirers World” is okay. Some say they prefer the first name “Success Inspirer” which bis short and simple.

I am at a loss which to take and thought I should bring it to you. Kindly contribute. Which of the two names do you prefer? Why if you may explain?

Old becomes new

What we started by calling “Happy Birthday challenge” has a new name. We are very pleased with this new name. It gives the challenge more maturity and we are confident more people will be interested and join.

The new name comes with an additional dimension. Find out here.

On your birthday, we will profile you like this: A sweetie’s birthday. What comes next, you can find here.

On the anniversary of your blog, I’ll review your blog; and the other participants will visi nt you.

I was dumbfounded

What a surprise! The discovery I made when I was researching to respond to this prompt left me, to say the least,dumbfounded. Never did I imagine what I found about my name.

No saint is listed in any book of Saints that I have come across as Saint. This led me to think erroneously that this name was that of an obscure person whom my Godfather stumbled on and proposed to me.

My God-father was actually the one who proposed the name to me. When I was about to be baptized, he brought two names and asked me to chose one. I chose Romanus, attracted only by how it sounded. The other one was Callistus.

Today I am proud to know that eight people who bore the name Romanus became Saints. There was a Pope Romanus and Pope John XIX was Romanus before he became Pope. There were many Bishops who bore the name Romanus; a Medieval philosopher who was called Romanus; and a Latin grammarian was also Romanus.

What this prompt has done to me is immeasurable. It has opened my eyes to what I never knew about my name. I can assure you that if I were to start all over, I would give myself the same name.

Say Your Name
Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?