You will get it (Be inspired today 242 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

A lot of us are looking for ways to improve ourselves. We want to make more and better use of our talents.

In that search, some of us give up without getting what we want.

Some of us stay on no matter what happens till we get what we want.

The latter are the winners in life. When you stay focused and stay on in your search, the chance is you will find what you want.

Everything we want in this world is already there waiting for us. It is left to us to seek it and keep on seeking it till we find it.

Humanity will never stop stressing the importance of persistence or sticking to it.

If you are on the right track, and the road is rough, you have no excuse for not getting to your destination. All you need do is to stay on; to Keep pushing.

Are you on the right track? And are you ready to stay focused and stick on until you get what you want?

That is your challenge.

I can assure you that you will get it if you stick to it. If you don’t, know it is not the best thing for you. It is not meant for you.

What is meant for you will come if you stick to your endeavors to get it.


Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #62

Love is a funny thing, it can be quite lonely when one is without it especially at Christmas.  Whether it is lack of love of a family because there’s none in your life or you have many relations but there is no connection between you.  Whether it is lack of boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife or one good friend, the emptiness is not an easy thing.

However look around, you will see in your work places, in your journeys while coming in and going out in your daily life, there are many others in the same boat.  Trusting in the Lord is the best way to finding the one and it could happen tomorrow. Never give up on love.

Sweet Potato Chips with Chick Peas in my Grandma’s Special Tomato Chili Sauce was most enjoyable.

The winners’ rule

Are you the one
Who wants to give up?
I hear somebody wants to give up
Without achieving their goal;
Is that you?
You of everybody?
How can you give up
When you have not reached your destination?
Who told you that is how success is achieved?
You have to stay put my friend;
You have to hold tight;
You have to keep digging;
Forget about the blisters in your palms;
Let more come out;
But don’t give up!
Change your style if you like;
Or take a rest;
Or step back before you jump forward;
But never give up;
That is the winners’ rule.
You never give up;
Never,never give up.

You must go all in

How many times
Have you knocked
On the door of success?
Keep knocking
Until it’s opened to you;
No half measures will do.

How many times
Have you hit your nail
Into the wood of success?
Keep hitting
Until it’s fully driven in;
When it comes to success,
No half measures will work;

How far on your journey
Have you driven?
Keep driving;
Fill your tank to the full;
And never stop;
Until you arrive.

Out in this world,
If you want to make it
In a big way;
Know that half measures
Don’t do it;
You must go all in.


Your day is coming

Your day is coming;
When you shall find
What you want;
Keep on searching.

Your day is coming;
When the door shall be opened
Unto you;
Keep on knocking;

Your day is coming;
When you shall find
The answer you seek;
Keep on seeking.

Your day is coming;
When you shall harvest
The fruits of your labor;
Keep on laboring;

Your day is coming
When you shall find
The love of your dreams;
Keep on searching.

I kocked and knocked

I knocked, knocked, and knocked;
Hard on the door I knocked,
And hope reigned in my heart,
It would be opened to me;
But what I got was a slap on my face;
Silence all the way;
There I stood, anxiety on my face;
So badly desiring to get in,
And get a share of the cake
That on the table laid;
And delicious it was, indeed;
Yet, nobody to me opened,
And placed me between two options:
To give up and quit the place,
Or keep on knocking and knocking and knocking;
For the second I opted;
And on and on I knocked;
So hard indeed, I knocked;
Until with blood my head went red with blood;
Then all of a sudden it widely opened to me;
Spreading joy on my face;
Making me forget how hard I hurt,
When so hard I knocked.