Don’t be discouraged!

Some days will be good; some days will be bad. Don’t be discouraged when they are bad. Sometimes you shall win and sometimes you shall lose. Don’t be discouraged when you lose. Some days your spirits will be high and some days they will be low. Don’t be discouraged when they are low.

The days that are bad and the days you lose, like the days that your spirits are down call for greater effort and not discouragement.

When such days or moments come, tell yourself even the great go through them too; and they are great only because they never allowed discouragement to take control of them.

As you go through life today, please, remember this. Keep on keeping on.

Don’t be discouraged.


Persistence and patience paid me

I got proof today that it is really good to persist and be patient when you are doing a good thing and the desired results are not coming.

I grappled with a piece of job for a very good while to no avail. I almost gave up. Then I recalled the lesson on persistence and patience I have taught thousands of times in over thirty years. I told myself I needed to walk my own talk. I persisted; and exercised patients.

Did that pay off?

Boy! It did.  I got it.

I will say it with more conviction now than I have ever before: do not easily give up. . If what you are doing is right, keep on until you succeed.

Persist and be patient. Give your effort time to mature and bear fruit.


Keep on digging

Some wells are shallow; some are deep. In some places you dig just a little and find water. In some, you have to dig deep before you find it. People do not like to dig too deep before they find water. Yet, if that is the reality of your land, you have no choice but to dig deep.

Life is like this. Some people easily find the success they seek. Some have to dig and dig before they succeed.

Just like if you don’t easily find water as you dig your well, you have to keep on digging until you come to it, if you do not easily find the success you need, keep on digging until you find it.