New many things (Be inspired today 398 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

When a new week begins,
Let it come with
New dreams;
New plans and new ways;
Let it come with
New results as well;
If the old ways don’t work,
Know what you must do
With them;
Put them aside;
And when you leave them behind;
Forge ahead;
They belong to the past.
Carry along only what works;
No use carrying along
What does not work;
Generally, every new week
Should come with new many things.


Look for a new way (Be inspired today 296 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If the way you are doing it
Does not give the success
You desire,
Look for a new way;
Do not stick
To what does not deliver,
And is likely not to deliver.
It is a waste of time;
And waste of energy;
Try ways that you know
Are likelyto succeed,
Not ways you know will fail.
And as I said
If a method is not delivering,
Try another.
Think outside the box.

Finally a resolution for 2019 – New Year Resolution

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I have finally made my resolution for 2019.
It is a simple resolution;
Though I know I will have to make a great effort to keep it.
My resolution for 2019 has to do with learning in order to do better blogging. This is my New Year Resolution:
” I resolve to make 2019 a learning year for me. I will learn a lot in order to better exploit my talents and opportunities.I will learn something new every week to improve my blogging.
If, for any reason, I miss learning something new in the course of the week, I will pick up the next week. I will make sure I don’t go for more than one week without learning something new about how to excel in blogging. May God be my helper.”

This is my resolution. What about you?
Thanks for your very kind attention.

Has everything been written?

Has everything been written?
Can there be anything new
Under the sun?
I put these questions to you;
But if you want to know
What I think,
I will tell you,
What has been written,
Has been written,
But it is nothing
Compared to
What will still be written;
So much has been written,
So much has not been written;
So much will be written;
The ideas tank of the world
Can never be exhausted.
New ideas will continue to come up;
To flow;
Everything, indeed, has not been written.

Set for a new beginning

Up till now,
I sold myself short;
That is now over;
No more of that;
I am not doing
Of the sort again.
I will not sell
Myself short.
I am set for a new

Up till now,
I allowed myself
To be discouraged
So easily;
Over with that;
Once I set my mind
On a goal,
I will not allow
Anything whatsoever
To discourage me;
I am set for a new

Up till now,
I was distracted
Never again
Shall I be distracted;
I shall ever stay
Focused on my goal;
No room again for
Any distraction;
I am set for a new

Up till now,
I allowed negative
To invade my mind;
That, no more;
I shall look at
Every situation
Not negatively;
I am set for a new

Up till now,
I hated
No more of that,
I will welcome
But turn them into
I am set for a new