Welcome three new members (solidarity forum)

Three new lovely members. We have reason to celebrate. In Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum, we value people. People are why we are doing this. Hence, each time we have one member, it is time to celebrate. Let’s celebrate these tree sweet new members.

Our way to celebrate is to shower them with gifts of love and support. Imagine if we each offer gifts of two or more likes and comments!

Here are our three new friends:

You are welcome George. You are among friends here. We are building a community of love. Feel at home with family.

I just spent some time on this blog and I love it. I find this blogger very warm. She’ll make an excellent blogging companion.



Gloria was with us but other commitments came in between. She’s now back. Take smiles from us Gloria. We love you.

I love you all. Happy blogging! Enjoy the time you visit and interact with these new friends.


Old becomes new

What we started by calling “Happy Birthday challenge” has a new name. We are very pleased with this new name. It gives the challenge more maturity and we are confident more people will be interested and join.

The new name comes with an additional dimension. Find out here.

On your birthday, we will profile you like this: A sweetie’s birthday. What comes next, you can find here.

On the anniversary of your blog, I’ll review your blog; and the other participants will visi nt you.

New day new things

When a new day begins,
Let new things start;
Do not stick to old ways,
Except they bring the good you want.
Whatever fails to deliver,
Must be caste aside;
Stop hitting a rock
When nothing comes of it.
New day, new ways;
That’s the way to go,
In this world of ours.
Go for the ways
That will give results;
New day, new ways.

The best in 2016

Another year has begun;
It is called 2016;
Do you see it comes with smiles
For everyone?
It comes with smiles for you and for me;
And as we embrace it,
We say thank you to God for 2015;
It went smoothly; at least we saw the end.
You must wish for the best in 2016;
And work for the best in 2016;
I have no doubt,
You will have the best in 2016.

New year resolution

When a new year is coming, many people make new year resolutions. This is good. A good new year resolution can transform your life.

The difficulty when it comes to new year resolutions is keeping them. They are easier made than kept.

Sharing on strategies to keep one’s new year resolutions can, thus, be a worthwhile exercise.

What can one do to keep one’s new year resolution? Is a new year resolution worthwhile? What is your new year resolution? Feel free to answer any, none or all.

Welcome to my new theme

What a bright new beginning for me!
I went to bed with mixed feelings;
Uncertain of what lay ahead;
But got up in high spirits;
Seeing the future as full of hope;
With a brand new theme for my site;
You can see it’s good;
Thank you WordPress;
You give us what makes us happy.
I greet you, all my friends;
Welcome you to my new theme.