Good news

Good news has exploded
Like a balloon;
So loud it sounded
When it dynamited;
The vibration went far.
A thrilling feeling
Went through my body;
In waves, it rolled.
I was so happy,
That I turned my eyes
To heaven
In gratitude.
Thank you, Lord,
For such good news
That is coming from you.


The good news is

The good news is,
We are getting there;
We are getting to where
We are going;
We are getting to our
We are getting there;
It doesn’t matter
How far away we may be
From the arrival point;
What natters is
We are getting there;
We are making progress;
We are on the right road;
And making progress;
And we have both older
And younger drivers
On board our car;
Our hopes are high;
Our team will arrive;
That is the good news;
It doesn’t matter when;
And who will be on board then;
And who will be driving;
The team will arrive;
New team or old team;
We are on the right road;
And making progress;
And every new day is better
Than the one before.
We are doing it;
We have reason to be happy;
To thank God;
To praise his holy name.
And that is what we will do;
Come join us;
To thank the Lord;
To praise his holy name;
For he is mighty;
He is great;
He is good now and always;
That is the good news.

Unequivocal Confrontation

Unequivocal Confrontation cover

It’s a sad day…. our land is divided and not by a river or earthquake, but by a disaster of biblical proportions. The Bible speaks of copulation pre-dating Christ Jesus where many men adhered to their weaknesses. In today’s society, women spar in retaliation as a victim in victimless situations. On this day, a gallant man of valor rides off into the sunset to battle another day of besieging quests.

Unequivocal Confrontation Pic 1

The deep red and fiery blue states are blurred in a multitude of collages. The headline news doesn’t scratch the surface as the story unfolds; it deepens like a fiction novel of Who’s Who. A script of unwritten measure is truer than life and Americans cling to the edge of their seats as though in a movie theater.

Political paid actors are poised in their best dressed, and the filth fills the air with a stench so surreal you can smell the money sifting through the fingers. Stephen King, are you listening?? Who wrote this playwright? Is this a movie made for television or is this forecasting our social future? Our obscure hearts intently fall to the intervention. The victims are the leading actors as the corpse of recollections escape the prison of captive algorithms.

The U.S. is in the clutches of Cadillacs and Lincolns lining the walkways. As the procession starts, someone is going to get buried when parliament votes. The pagans buy lottery tickets to see who wins the Powerball. Our country is jolted, rocked by an unequivocal confrontation.

Unequivocal Confrontation Pic 2

At the end of the day, shadows stretch across flawless lawns. The rank and file filter out, one by one, kicking off their muddy shoes. Oh God, save us for we have but one life to live! Was that Benedict Arnold echoing across the mahogany and walnut of the balcony, where no one gives a darn in the first place?

The broadcasters loosen their ties and try to predict the final quarter. Its 30-love, a net serve, and it’s all tied up at fifteen. I’m confused who taught them how to count from 49 to 51. There’s no rehearsing the coward’s “you’re out” number while the victims sweat. A nation full of integrity lies in an arena with no Pledge of Allegiance, nor prayer, only a lurking evil smirking at God, our Father. Where for art thou Oh Lord, as Satan rips another mortal to shreds? God save the Queen!

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Personal Diet and Yoga

Personal Diet and Yoga

“As you still practice yoga, an intuitive sense of what’s proper on your personal body will emerge,” he says. “just as you’ll adjust a favourite recipe to suit your personal tastes as you put together it time and again, so you can adapt a meal/diet plans to assist your practice regime.”

courtesy Puja Nagpal (6) (1)

Yoga with FoodAllTime & Yog Sattva

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The practice of yoga is inherently personal, directly experienced inside the solitary confines of the body’s inner panorama. And why you select to practice yoga is also personal, with as many goals for yoga as there are unique personalities and lifestyles histories.


But even as you approach the sticky mat together with your personal unique body type, physical geometry, injuries, quirks, and behaviour, what you are in the long run looking for via the exercise of yoga is the universal form.


With the aid of running together with your own personal styles within the universally accepted form of the asanas, what you in all likelihood wish to discover is a place of balance.

Eating can also be taken into consideration a practice in which you are looking for time-honoured stability. Like yoga, eating is an exceedingly personal activity-you discover ways to adapt your needs to the many popular dietary systems and diets.

Personal Diet and Yoga (1)

Inculcating a conscious eating regime can offer a ground that without a doubt supports and nurtures your yoga.

But in developing this form of supportive nutritional practice, one of the joys and demanding situations is knowing that (as with everything else in yoga) there may be no smooth “one size fits all” answer for finding the proper meals.

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Yoga with FoodAllTime & Yog Sattva

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“Oh, Girl!”

Originally published on atrangizindagieksafar


By: Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

Dealing with the lecherous stares.
The words unheard,
The expressions of subtle
Non-verbal nuances of thoughts.
Ears alert;
Listening to the unspoken word
Newspaper carrying headlines oft heard.
As the air whispers caution in your ear,
Amidst your own unique indulgent nature
And dazzling intrinsic sensuality. “Oh, Girl!”
Are you reading between the lines or
Are you looking hard for something that isn’t really there?


© All Rights Reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  atrangizindagieksafar, 2016.

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South Africa: what’s happening there?

Do you know what is happening to Nelson Mandela’s party in South Africa? Nelson Mandela lifted the ANC virtually to the sky and it freed the country from Apartheid. Then, it was the darling of the country and Africa.

Nelson Mandela is resting peacefully in the world beyond; but what is happening to his party. How did they perform in the recent local elections?