It’s nice

It’s nice
You love
Nice things;
And also not so
Nice things;
You are nice;
It’s nice
Of you,
To be so nice;
You are always
It’s nice
To be nice;
You are nice
To think
And say
Such a nice
To nice ones;
Nice like you.


Amazing people

Dear friend, what I like
Most about you is
How loving you are;
I don’t know if this word
Is enough to say
What I have in mind about you,
But what I mean is
You are super caring,
And patient and selfless;
And I find it simply amazing;
I feel lifted in spirits
To a very high level.
It’s comforting to know
The world has some
Very good people like you;
How rewarding it can be
To invest time and energy
To seek as many of them
As possible,
And bring them together
To work as a team
For an excellent world.
The marvels they will do
Will amaze you.
Are you ready for such work?

Midnight intruder.

                                   I must admit, I’m afraid of the dark. Everytime the night is upon me I shiver and tremble and my mind is filled with terrifying thoughts. That’s why I sleep with a night-light. Last night was just like any other night. I kept my small fish bowl light on and I tucked myself in well, careful to leave no body part uncovered. You see, Ghostare afraid of blankets (apparently). After doing that, I began to doze off and had just reached that creamy layer of dreamy sleep, when suddenly, I heard a THUMP! I woke up startled!

                       I was terrified, and I strained my ears trying to listen, hoping that the sound was a figment of my imagination. THERE IT WAS AGAIN! I jumped out of bed and looked around searching for a weapon. I took my phone and dialed 911 just incase I needed help, (does the police cater to miserable people being scared witless by ghosts?). I repeated the Pythagoras theorem over and over again softly, it was oddly reassuring. ‘Maybe the ghost is scared of maths?’ I thought, idiotically. As I tiptoed down the stairs with my heart beating wildly, I thought about all the boys I had kissed (none) and all the pizzas I would never be able to eat. That’s when I saw it, an eerie light coming from my kitchen. I could feel my skin prickle and I felt like vomiting, every muscle in my body screamed for me to run away like Usain Bolt. I bolted (hah! See what I did there?) down the stairs, screaming some absolute gibberish, I forgot what I said but it was something along the lines of, ‘DON’T YOU DARE DEPRIVE ME OF PIZZA CASPER!”.

                          I reached the bottom of the stairs and I stopped dead in my tracks, the scary ghost was my younger brother. Turns out he had run away from home and needed a place to stay, and since I live 20 blocks away, I was his best choice. Really though, the lesson I learnt from this was to not give my house keys to my family.

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