Quote (life)

However heavily the rain may fall,

It will not stop the day from breaking,

Neither will it stop the night from falling;

No matter how dark the night may be,

The next day will still break.

Nothing can stop life from moving on.

(Romilia quotes)


God’s time the best

With a clear mind,
Last night,
I went to bed;
Day had just given way
To night,
Sunshine had darkness
Yes, indeed!
With a clear mind;
Justice, I had done
To my day;
No portion of my time
Had I wasted;
Time well spent,
Wisdom itself;
Reason for thumbs up;
Come on, new day;
Whatever your bowels contain,
Expectantly, I wait;
Knowing God’s time
Is the best.
Always, it is the best.

Today’s daily prayer for the night 59

Heavenly Father,
As we sit down to pray,
We have received the homily
Of the Bishop of Sokoto
At the funeral Mass of
Seminarian Michael Nnadi,
Brutally killed by enemies of light in Nigeria;
Father, we commit the soul of this brave servant into your hands;
You children are crying in Nigeria;
Christians are dying in Nigeria;
Father, in our land, we are not better;
We are dying,
We are suffering;
We are in tears;
Mass is being said in forests
And on hills
Because the Christians have run away for their dear lives;
Father, help us
We are suffering;
Thank you for your love
Throughout this day,
Thank you for your blessings;
You empowered us to face
And overcome the challenges
Of today;
You gave us the strength
We needed even those on the hills to cope;
You removed doubt from our hearts;
Even though we are in tears,
Our trust in you remains strong;
We feared the day would be stormy as other days
You made it calm and peaceful;
We did not go hungry;
But some of us went without food;
Mighty Father,
You accompanied us throughout this day,
And we felt your presence;
Without you we would not have done much;
Thank you, for sending your angels to be with us;
Send your angels to protect those on the hills;
We love and trust you,
We believe in you with all our hearts;
As we end this day,
We pray for sound sleep;
As you always do, circle us;
Make the night hitch free,
For us, and our Christian brothers of Nigeria,
Our fellow Christians on the hills and in the forests.
Protect them O Lord,
And protect us;
We make our prayer. Through Christ our Lord, Amen!


Happy night

I wish everyone here
A happy night;
A night with no trouble;
A night of peaceful,
And sound sleep;
With good dreams;
May nothing disturb you
While you sleep!
May angels be your guards
Throughout the night;
Standing in every corner
Of every room;
With a heavenly melody
Drizzling down on you
With angelic beauty.
Happy night to you, dear
Loving friends!

Good night my love

Good night, my love;
I can’t wish you
Anything less than
A perfect night;
Night of sweet dreams;
I hope you will dream
Of me;
I dream of you
Every night.
And every night I pray
For you;
May you savor the sweet
Joy of love everyday
Of your life!
And as far as today
Is concerned,
I wish you a very
Good night.
Sleep like a baby.