Good night

Good night to you;
I say good night
To you. all;
May your night be
All that smooth;
Have a peaceful night;
Sleep well;
And have sweet dreams;
Let nothing disturb you;
Sleep without a hit;
And when yoou get up
In the morning,
Be healthy and strong,
Ready to squarely face
The challenges
Of the day.
Once again, good night.


Good night my love

Good night, my love;
I can’t wish you
Anything less than
A perfect night;
Night of sweet dreams;
I hope you will dream
Of me;
I dream of you
Every night.
And every night I pray
For you;
May you savor the sweet
Joy of love everyday
Of your life!
And as far as today
Is concerned,
I wish you a very
Good night.
Sleep like a baby.

The Still Moon

Conquered by the golden crepuscule
Where dissent was forbidden growth
Moon had no voice !

Fading sky lost it’s colors
To highlight the crescent
Yet the Sun pacified
Evanescing the Moon

Darkness yearned radiance
But oh! Poor Moon
Begged the Sun
For some illumination

Hovering Clouds demeaned the Moon
Shabbily capturing all it’s beauty
Yet the moon stayed all the same
Reflecting perennially the same stillness

Living with the dead fate
Every night it continues to smile
Emanating hope with nothing to own
Charming the mortals
Who still shoot for the Moon!


The Colourful Night

After a long time I could see the beauty around me that has probably always been there but I refused to notice and feel it. I realized why the Moon despite being spotted has been the subject of so many poems in english literature. Being the natural source of light at night, it is actually worth admiring! As there was a cool breeze blowing in my area last night, I saw the Trees dancing and the Flowers turning brighter while they bloomed with all their vigor. I am attaching a few pictures here that I clicked yesterday, standing by the gate of my house.

Also, I would request not to judge my photography skills for I am not really good at clicks and so suggestions are welcomed!😅

2018-06-01-14-11-41While the yellow moon played hide and seek with the trees, the flowers couldn’t help blooming and the night couldn’t get more scenic than this!

2018-06-01-14-17-34.jpg           There is no night for this dual colour bougainvillea as it sways timelessly!

2018-06-01-14-17-06This was the closest I could get to the moon!

2018-06-01-14-16-20             This is the little garden in my house where grass is still finding its way to grow.

*P.S :- The white light that is brightly visible in the photographs is the street light.


Hey friend, may be your day didn’t go as you planned don’t worry be joyful because tomorrow is there to make the necessary correction. 

May be your day was full of disappointment don’t worry be joyful because tomorrow will bring better appointment. 

May be your day was stressful don’t worry be joyful because soon you will harvest good profit of your labour.

 May be your day was fabulous be joyful as well and prepare for tomorrow because better days still ahead.

No matter the outcome of your day be joyful always…

good night. 


Keep going till you arrive

The night was so dark I could not see;
Where I put my foot, I did not know;
But I knew where I was going;
So I moved on, one step at a time,
I tested the ground before I put my foot;
Yet, many times I fell;
Potholes were here and there;
The road was not straight;
Many bends and uphills;
But I kept on going;
And each time I fell, I got up;
When I got tired, I rested;
And on my way I went.
See where I stand today;
I arrived;
My bruises are healed;
Now, I celebrate;
And what do I celebrate?
Not just victory but stay on power.
Because I stayed on,
Because I had the courage
To go through thick and thin to the end,
Victory played its way into my hands.
No secret is greater than this.
Stay on to the end;
Once you know where you are going,
No matter the potholes, the bends and hills,
Keep going till you arrive.