The Fact Remains

This world still evolves in the past tense. I quoted a proverb in Ecclesiastes 1:9 which reads, “there’s nothing new under the sun,” and I’ll be darned if it isn’t true. Solomon wrote this statement, 500 years before Jesus’ birth, to emphasize the cyclic nature of human life on earth and the emptiness of living only for the “rat race.” It’s a life separated from God. But, our gracious God continues to rain down His love on us… even amidst the turmoil.

I’m not a great biblical scholar, but it’s obvious we, as God’s children have not learned a thing. It’s clear the hardships of Jesus are repeating themselves in the modern-day. How odd to read the trials of Jesus and then observe Christianity today.

The Pharisees and Jews took it upon themselves to discredit the Son of man. Jesus came to save the world and to give us salvation, but we’ve still not learned our lesson. He was a man so brutally beat, chastised and ridiculed because no one believed him. It was easier to side with the laws of the land, then to be uprooted to another religion.

But, a few knew the truth about Him in biblical days. They did not fear the religious upheaval, but embraced the faith, which led them to Him. In all His splendor and integrity, Jesus ultimately proved His identity when He died for our sins.

Today, our system finds it easier to ruin and destroy His direction than to believe in our Savior, who came to deliver us, two thousand years ago. The evil brews to the point of boiling, for unbelievers are monumentally winning over the world. The fact remains, if not for the faith of believers who held on to their principles, the rampant corruption would go wild. This is a prophecy in the Bible that our world is quickly fulfilling today.

My Dad, God love him, always said it’s easy to find fault in a person. I believe goodness lies beneath hatred when the truth slowly emerges from the layers. I can’t help but think back when Jesus walked on this earth. His ministry was short, for evildoers who had little faith and didn’t believe in His integrity blemished it. Doesn’t this sound familiar today as many allow the media’s march to undermine the truth of God’s word? I cannot imagine the inner turmoil of those who do not have faith in anything for they relish in hatred.

I energize my faith in the name of God’s glory, for the great master and overseer of all evil, brings to light the doers of animosity. Just as in biblical times, the proof takes a while to expose, but eventually, the truth will be revealed for it is God’s will!

Pray for those who live in doubt and fear faith because they find it easier to condemn than to compliment. The fact remains, God’s love will intervene in their destructive behavior.

My dad’s words ring out once more!

Proverbs 26:24-26

“A hateful person disguises himself with his speech and harbors deceit within. When he speaks graciously, don’t believe him, for there are seven abominations in his heart. Though his hatred is concealed by deception, his evil will be revealed in the assembly.”

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What Time Is It, Really?

I want to thank my older brother for the outstanding message in today’s blog. In all of my writings, only twice have I found myself in a quandary of perplexing thoughts. Once was an incident which occurred when I arrived home from work and my wife was in a dialog with the “First Lady.” She wanted to speak to me, and for once, I was at a total loss for words. Today is the second time someone dealt me an inspiration where more questions than answers came to mind – so what time is it? We are now in the year 2019 of our Lord, but is this time based on the minute Christ was born?

Non-believers try to address different calendar clocks, but I merely ask as you look at your watches, what timeframe was it before Christ was born? The answer is B.C., which means “Before Christ.” Today, it is A.D. “in the year of our Lord.” So, how in the world can you possibly not believe in God? As explicit as this dating system is to everyone, I’m perplexed because the time on our watches today are based on the original point of origin, or life, created by Christ’s existence. Why are some still doubting there is a God?

Though the B.C./A.D. system was not implemented until many centuries after Jesus’s death, its purpose was to make the life and times of Jesus Christ the dividing point of world history. It is quite ironic… while doing research on the development of our calendars, I found articles with these details from other religious beliefs:

  • The Islamic calendar designates 622 A.D. as year 1 because of a holy journey Prophet Mohammed made in that age
  • In Buddhism, their God, Buddha, died over 400 years before Christ was born.

Upon analyzing the statements above, do you see other religions have important events timed on the birth of Christ?? Even scientists, who desperately try to disprove a God, base their findings on the B.C./A.D. system. How can one question our Lord’s supremacy? There is no doubt the birth of a Savior was significant enough to develop it into a time system!

So, the bigger question is, are you now worried about your relationship with the Lord? Maybe some will be! We all need to take a closer look at where we stand with Christ for he is real and alive. Life is ticking down on our watches every single day. He is coming again, whether you choose to believe it, and it will be in His timing – not according to our time schedule!


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“There is no God” true or false?

DSC_1385“There is no God. I am absolutely sure about this. Stories about an all-powerful God who created the universe; created humanity; and will carry out a final judgment during which he will condemn some people to everlasting suffering while the good ones enjoy with him forever in heaven is the greatest scam of all times.”
These are not my words. I have heard people say this. There are people in the world today who say this and believe it; and argue heatedly; spitting fire to defend their stand.
The world is divided into those who believe in God and those who do not. Actually, the world has never stopped being divided on the issue of the existence of God.
IMG_0181There are people who believe in God with every fiber of their being. One can say they live in God and God lives in them. They breathe God. They have God for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s hard to say which is more apt to say, whether that they drink God or that they chew and swallow God. Such people become very angry to hear someone say there is no God. This can cause a fight.
I was brought up to believe in God. I have never stopped believing in God. I will continue to believe in God for the rest of my life. There are many in the world like me. Take away their belief in God and you take away their very lives. They will have no reason to live. More and more people join the community of believers in God every day. Billions of people in the world put God at the center of their lives.
At the other end, the number of people who do not believe in God is also growing at a rate that believers in God find to be worrisome. To these non-believers, if there were a God who is all-good and all-powerful, the world would not be so full of evil. Evil people would be punished and good ones rewarded. They ask how there can be a God and good people would suffer while bad ones swim in opulence; how there could be a God and bad things would happen to good people while good things happen to bad people.
This reasoning has actually eroded the faith of some people and sent them on the side of

Sister Francisca and Sister Geraldine with Ngobesing

those who doubt the existence of God. Thus we find our churches becoming more and more deserted as people run after earthly things: money, politics, careers, power, possessions, fame, and influence.
This, thus, brings us to pertinent questions: can those who believe in God dismiss those who do not with a wave of the hand and continue to believe in God alone leaving the unbelievers to their unbelief? What is actually the truth? Is there God or there is no God?
If we go by what has been revealed to us, then there is a God.

Those who want to depend on their human reasoning to understand the existence of God will find it hard to believe. God is too deep for our human reasoning to understand. God is the only one who can reveal himself to us. Without this revelation, we labor in vain to understand him. What we know about him is what he has revealed to us and which is documented in his holy book, the bible. The choice to believe this revelation is in each one’s hands. No one can force another to believe.
We humans in the world are like the seeds in the parable of the Sower. Many of us hear the Word ‘but do not understand’ it. The message does not sink in us. Many of us are seeds that fall on rocky ground. Many in our present world are like seeds that fall among thorn bushes. The worries about life and love for riches choke the message and it doesn’t bear fruit. Many of us are seeds that fall on fertile soil. We hear the message and it takes root in us. It finds fertile ground in us and so grows and bears fruit.
You have to decide what type of soil you are; or what type of seeds you are. This is simply to say that the decision to believe or not to believe in God is in your hands. Whichever you chose has immediate and long term consequences and rewards.
I fear for a world that does not believe in God. If the rate of disbelief in God continues I king_hand_photofear for the destiny of the world. If more people turn away from God than they turn to GOD, it means we will eventually kick God out of human society. Will the world not come to an end?
These are the thoughts that pass through my mind: God is the heart of the world. Take away someone’s heart and you take away life from that person. If we kick God out of the present human society, God will move away to create another world in another planet and life on ours will become extinct.
God exists. God is real. There is a God who created the universe; who is all powerful; who can do and undo. He has revealed himself to us. He has not revealed all of himself to us. He has revealed what he knows is necessary for us to know, believe and relate to him. If in time he judges it necessary to let us know more about him, he will further reveal himself to us.
Do not think that you can use your reason alone to understand GOD. He has given us reason. He has also given us faith to complement each other in our understanding of him. Let us use both and we will know that God is real; that there is GOD.Thanking God for our blessings will open more