What is being normal?

What is being normal? That’s what I asked myself yesterday while working. I was watching everyone that was wine tasting, having a great time. Some were just couples trying out wines, several people were on their anniversary, there were several bridal parties….They were laughing and joking and taking pictures and having fun….

As I was sitting on my stool, (which I never do because it is frowned upon but I was not feeling good which is “the usual” for me these days), I was “people watching”.  I was smiling and pouring wine and doing my job but as I was doing all of the necessary tasks, I was thinking, “why can’t I be like them?”….Perhaps they have bad days too. Many were older than me. Maybe they have health issues, maybe they struggle with anxiety, maybe they have experienced the empty nest, but at least they were OUT having fun….I can’t even do that.

I guess I was throwing myself a pity party.  Then of course when the winery closed and we closed and stocked all the bottles for today, I was aching so badly I did not stay and enjoy a glass of wine which is customary for employees to do…I didn’t want to. All the way home I wondered….

What happened to me?

Why can’t I be normal?



Many people are not yet aware that normal does not go viral.


First of all, normal is out of date. Normal has a normal head. What’s exciting about a normal head? Who cares? There are billions of normal heads in the world; and people see them everyday. It’s abnormal that is exciting; that causes attraction and can easily go viral.

My friend, move with the times. People are no longer looking for normal ways. Normal ways are common; flat; not exciting. People want what’s exciting; what’s uncommon; what’s extraordinary.

On social media, the posts that capture attention and go round the world are not the ‘normal’posts or common, ordinary things; but the things that have the unexpected twist in them; that are abnormal.

The heart of man yearns for exciting things; things that are not normal.

Take this post. It will be crazy to expect it to go viral. Why? Because it’s a normal post; straight and I can even call it flat. If you are reading it it is because you are special. Only people with very kind hearts will click like or comment after reading this.

Many people will be attracted by the title to come this way; and some will actually read a few lines but after that, they will go away without leaving a trace.

As you blog, if going viral is your dream, start to shift from the ordinary way of doing things. Gun for the extraordinary. Normal will take you nowhere. It’s abnormal that will.

This goes for creating anything: painting,drawing, composing a song, drawing a plan for a house, building a house, teaching, etc. Normal will not take you far. Try abnormal. It can take you places.