Who can stop you? (Be inspired today 355 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Who can stop you?
Nobody that I know;
You will succeed,
If you want to;
Your life will change
If you want it so;
It all depends on you;
If you say yes,
God will say yes;
If you say no,
Heaven will echo;
Therefore, don’t say no.
Say instead, yes.
That it may reach heaven
And bounce back to you.
You will make it,
If it is your desire;
Nobody will stop you.
Your success is in your
Own very hands.
Nobody can stop you.
You have a right to smile.
Smile now!


Remove the obstacle (Be inspired today 268 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you aren’t getting
To where you want to go,
Because an obstacle
Is blocking your way,
The wise thing to do,
Remove the obstacle;
And then you move on;
But first,
You have to know
What obstacle it is;
Unless you do know,
What it is
That stands on your way,
Hard will it be
To get it off;
Know what it is,
Then look for how to
Pull it off the ground;
To get to the destiny
That is yours,
Designed by the divine hand
Of the Almighty God.

Those challenges (Be inspired today 246 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I see challenges ahead;
So many obstacles
On the way;
But who is intimidated?
I am not;
Instead, they spur me
To double my effort;
Challenges are meant
For people to overcome.
And I am ready to do so.
You can’t go far in life
Without challenges;
So my friend,
Don’t be worried
That you face challenges;
They are for your good.

Triumphantly emerge!

I am standing on my stairway
To success,
And I see a chain of challenges
Lined up ahead of me;
I know from that, I have work
To do;
And rather than intimidate me,
These challenges motivate me;
I will go on and face them;
Like the great souls before me,
Who did exactly the same;
They met challenges on their way;
But never allowed any of them
To stop their march ahead;
They did not shy away;
Or allow themselves to be
By challenges whatever they were;
They mustered courage
And plunged ahead;
To emerge victorious;
I will plunge into any obstacles
I find on my way;
I will throw all my eight on them;
And surely,
I will triumphantly emerge.
Call it determination if you like;
For that is what it is;
Determination; resolve;
Passion and commitment;
All bundled up and put in one bag.
Like me, I hope you face
Your challenges, squarely,
And triumphantly emerge.

You will be victorious

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If too many challenges
You face;
If too may obstacles
Stand on your way;
If too many fears
And worries
Are your bedfellows
At this very moment,
If you have setbacks,
And a load of anxieties
And doubts,
Let me assure you,
You will overcome;
You will succeed;
I encourage you;
Take courage;
Put your trust in God;
He is ready to help you;
He has promised;
He wll stand by you;
Victory awaits you;
You will not be broken;
You will not be shattered;
You will not be defeated;
You will be victorious.

If you start badly…

Today, I got up to a slow start;
And did not feel happy
About it;
I do like when I get up to
A quick start;
I like when I get up bouncing;
And ready to go for the day;
To face the challenges ahead;
But things do not always go
My way;
That does not discourage me;
I am strong;
I always turn things around;
I always motivate myself;
I always turn negatives
To positives;
You will find many obstacles
On your way;
Turn them into opportunities;
Your stumbling blocks
Must become your stepping stones;
A slow start must be turned
Into a quick start.
If you get up with a tear
In your eye,
Turn it into a smile.
If your day starts badly,
Make sure it ends splendidly.
If failure comes to you,
Convert him and baptize him
With a new name – Success.

It is my wish

It is my wish
That you shine;
It is my wish
That God clears the way
For you;
That he removes all
Obstacles from your path
And enables you
To sail easily through;
It is my wish
That God provides for you;
It is my wish
That God makes the way
Smooth for you;
It is my wish
That you reap the fruits
Of your effort;
It is my wish
That what God has kept
For you
May come fully to you.
It is my wish
That you realize
Your potential to the full;
It is my wish
That your light may shine
And brighten the way
For many in the world.

Clear every obstacle

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Allow no barrier
To stand on your way;
Clear every obstacle
You find;
Be positive;
And turn your back
On the negative;
Stay focused on what
You want;
And never forget
Worthwhile goals are
Are not easy to come by.
But if you keep at it,
You will get it
In the end.
Let success be your goal,
And only goal.

Stay focused

Allow nothing to stand
On your way;
Clear the obstacles,
As they show up
Their ugly heads;
Know where you are going,
And stay focused;
Keep your determination
To get to your destination
Ever strong;
Do your best everyday
To reach the winning point
And be the champion;
And you will be surprised
How fast success
Will fly onto you.
And even if it comes slowly,
Give it time
To complete it’s journey.
Be resolved to win;
And let that be unshakable.
There is no doubt
Victory awaits you.

Obstacles? Clear them!

You will find them on your path;
You will find them everywhere;
You will find them as you struggle
To make it in life;
Many, many they will be;
And may be mild or overwhelm;
Some from near;
Some from far;
Some from others;
Some from you.
Some from enemies;
Some from friends;
Some from people you know;
Some from people you do not know;
Some from the closest people to you;
But whatever their source,
They can discourage;
And make you give up your fight to succeed;
You have to be strong and clear them off;
When you stand tall to them, they will vanish;
Let them know nobody can stand on your way
Whoever they are; whatever they do;
That you can do anything you want to do;
Go anywhere you want to go;
And though your success may be delayed,
It can never be stopped,
Unless you accept that it happens so.