Hidden on a mountain

What are you looking for?
Is it success?
I know where to find it;
It’s hidden on a mountain called Hardwork.
To get there,
Board a vehicle called Goal;
The driver’s name is Determiation;
On the way you will meet Obstacle;
Don’t listen to what he tells you.
You will also meet a well dressed man
Called Discouragement;
He is a good story-teller;
Who will tell you beautiful stories;
But pay no heed to them;
There will be someone along the way
To help you. His name is Persistence;
Stick with him until you get what you want.


Succeed all the same

As you struggle to find a place for yourself in this world, you will come across all kinds of people.

You will meet people who will love you and people who will hate you; people who will help you succeed and people who will throw banana peelings on your path to slide on them and fall.

You will come across people who will be jealous of you and people who will happily celebrate your successes.

But whether people help you or not, succeed all the same. No matter the obstacles on your path, succeed all the same.

Road block

IMG_0171If you are driving and your car comes to a road-block, what are you expected to do?SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Many options offer themselves to you. Whichever you take depends on your personality style and your attitude. What you do determines whether your journey continues or ends.

The same thing happens with the goals you pursue.  You will come to obstacles. What you do about them depends on whether you have a winner’s attitude or a loser’s attitude. It will also determine whether you will fail or succeed to achieve the said goal.

Do you have a winner’s attitude or a loser’s attitude?

People who have a loser’s attitude easily give up when setbacks come. They see setbacks or roadblocks as stop signs and give up.

IMG_20141226_222125Those who have the winner’s attitude see every roadblock or setback as a challenge and thus an opportunity to sharpen their wits and do better.

It is like you are chopping wood and your axe becomes blunt. You do not give up the work. If you have a winner’s attitude, you will stop and sharpen the axe. After that you will chop more wood. You will do a better job.

The winner’s attitude is what I recommend to you today. You will come across certain things as your journey in life today that you will not like. Consider them to be roadblocks on your path that call for a winner’s attitude to handle them. Instead of letting them anger you, discourage you, frustrate you, or stop you from doing what you want to do, turn them into opportunities to get to your goal with flying colors.

What else? Tell me.

IMG_0177If you want to make a difference in this world,
Learn to go the extra mile.

If you want to make a difference in this world,
Learn to do ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

If you want to make a difference in this world,
Learn to see opportunities where others see obstacles.

If you want to make a difference in this world,
Learn to do what else? Tell me!