The Three Will Meet

As the sun glistened in the sky, so shall God’s love and mercy radiate below the heavens. The waters receded reflecting the beginning of life. The elegance of the ocean’s beauty permeated in every ripple and sparkled like diamonds. Marine life emerged, slowly inhabiting the pristine bodies of the sea. The earth turned green from the growth of new sprouts. Creatures with feathers perched atop cliffs and took their first flight in the morning breeze. Beasts of the earth moved along the ground frolicking and seeking food. God was pleased He created a perfect balance to the sea and land.

It is here the three will meet…

So, God decided it was time to create His own image and let him enjoy the fruits of His imagination. Man, the most sophisticated species, roamed the land and learned to hunt above and below the earth’s surface. But, our Creator realized man needed a complement, so he didn’t have to live alone. He made a correction to the plan and gave the man a submissive woman to love, adore, and honor. She was a goddess from heaven, where all human life evolved, and a rib created her. They cultivated the earth with the enjoyment of love, bringing gifts to God. What a masterfully crafted world designed by an architect far beyond our scope of knowledge!

It is here the three will meet…

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Then suddenly, out of the blue, cumulus clouds mounted, and storms roared destruction to His creation. Evil evolved, and lightning tried to conquer the earth. God was furious Satan, a fallen angel of all people, found pleasure in the flames of wickedness. So, Noah built an ark to help Him wash away the sin of the world, but to no avail. Evil came back with a vengeance. This time, God sent Moses with scripted laws in stone which gave guidelines for mankind to live by, but still, immorality existed. Now distraught, God insisted on filling the world with love, so He divinely created an offspring in His own image. This child would attempt to right the wrong in people.

There the three will meet…

Ultimate wealth now lies upon the edges of the origin of the earth. God vowed His son shall return and destroy all persisting evil. If you lay claim to worldly idols, be prepared… you won’t have them much longer. Death and destruction are in the forecast. God will eliminate sin with the same scorching flames evil derived from when Satan arrived on earth.

So, I shall run to meet Him, at His point of origin – the beginning of life. Like all sinners, I too will bear the heartaches of hell on the incoming tide. God will scold for poor choices, yet many will still choose the path of least resistance. Behold your breath, for the undertaking of God words, shall not be minced in heaven. I will stand with all of humanity, when the firestorm commences, praying our Father will save those who asked for forgiveness.

I beacon all believers to join me. Let us gather, in good faith, and bring love to the beach where Christ will come calling once again.

For there the three will meet – the Father, the Son, and… will you be joining me too in the celebration?




Isn’t it stupid?

Isn't it stupid to survive
A fierce storm in the wild ocean
To drown in a brook
Near your house?
Isn't it stupid to escape from
Dogs into waiting lions
In a lion's den?
Isn't it stupid to skip over
A stick on your path
That looks like a serpent,
Just to land on a serpent?
Isn't it stupid to jump
Without knowing
Where you will land?
Just to land where you don't like?
Always know what you
Are leaving behind, when you leave,
And what is waiting for you
Where you are going.

Mirakali’s Dance-Electronica Song ‘Ocean’ (audio & lyrics)

Dance-Electronica Song ‘Ocean’ by Mirakali

Together we walk hand in hand at the shore.
Together we see the future like a rising sun
reflecting its light inside our dreams.

Ocean of love, strong and wild.
Ocean of love, sweet and one.
Ocean of freedom, heroic and wide.
Ocean of tenderness, sweet like paradise.

Together we fly to the stars
with our starship of ecstasy.
With our love we are free
to be what we wanna be,
to see what love alone can see.

We touch the unknown, we cross the line.
We turn to the light, we speed it up.
Memories of tomorrow, power of the now,
reborn in the pearling tears of happiness
and bliss felt so sweet and deep.
Together with you in the same moment of love.

Dawn somewhere in another galaxy.
Creation of a new world in space and time.
Courage for a new life,
love for you and our life.
Wide like an ocean, free like delight.

Miraculous light, wonders of love.
The light in your brain like thunder and storm.
Expanding with every oceandream
of a new sensuality of love and bliss.

Waves of our ocean, flames of our fire,
great with infinity, free with eternity.

Ocean of love, strong and wild.
Ocean of love, sweet and one.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany


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Endless ocean of thoughts

Every human mind is an endless ocean of thoughts. Continuously they flow. Along the way, some are captured as water fetched from a stream; but the rest just keep journeying. No one has more right over these thoughts than another. You are free to capture as many as you can, group them together to form ideas with which you can change your life and change the world.