Off target

I failed to hit my mark;
And far off the target, I shot;
Ask me:
Was I distraught?
Yes, for sure, I was.
What about you?
If you miss a hit,
And far off you target
You strike
It’s but normal to be nuts;
Yet, if you’re wise,
You’ll be up on your feet
Aiming again;
Missing is part of life;
But don’t remain muddled;
Picking up your spear
And shooting again,
Is the way you
Hit the mark.


In a split second

It happened so fast;
The building had stood there;
For years it stood;
The admiration of all who came by;
And thousands poured in,
To see;
To admire;
To bring beauty to their hearts and minds
So imposing it looked;
As I stood there
Among thousands of others,
My eyes having its share of the feast of beauty,
I can’t say how it happened;
It went so fast
In a split second,
My ears were deafened;
The sound was so loud;
I thought my head would explode.
I thought the world was ending;
It was like a nightmare;
I wiped my eyes to see;
Just in a split second
Was a rumble,
The imposing edifice was a rubble;
A mighty heap;
Never to be seen again