Glory and honour to God

God loves you;
God put you here
For a purpose;
And places opportunities
In front of you;
You must not waste
Your opportunities;
He has given you wings,
Don’t waste your wings;
He has given you talents;
Don’t waste your talents;
God did not give them
To you for nothing;
He did not give them
To you to waste;
God gave them to you
To use for your good
And that of others.
Make sure you do that;
Be encouraged
To use your blessings
For the right purpose
And you will bring glory
And honour
To God, the most High.

The empty seat story (Be inspired today 155 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I have the pleasure to share with you the story of the empty seat and the lessons I learned from it.

One day, a long time ago, when I was a young man, I got late to Church on a Sunday morning, to find that many people were standing up instead of sitting down for lack of seats. The seats in the Church were limited that Sunday. There were many visiting Christians.

I had to join those who were standing to stand up.

But when I looked two benches ahead of where I was standing, I saw an empty seat – the only empty seat. For a long time, it was empty. No one took it. I told myself that surely it was reserved for some body. Many important personalities used to attend Mass in that Church. Hence, I jumped to the conclusion that it was reserved for one if them.

I guess the others around me thought the like me. None of us bothered to ask; and so no one took the seat. It remained unoccupied.

After a very long while, a young lady came in and walked straight to the seat and sat down without asking anybody.

I expected someone to whisper to her that the seat had been reserved. Nobody did. Nobody had tried to stop her when she was sitting down. Nobody questioned why she sat there. She occupied the seat till the Mass ended.

It turned out that the seat had not been reserved for anybody as I had thought. It was an empty seat that waited for anyone ready to take it. That person came – the woman; and took it. Those of us who had been there before her and never occupied it suffered throughout the Mass as we had to stand up.

This incident set my mind to work. It is a story that teaches many lessons. What do you learn from it?

I see a lesson on courage and self confidence. The lady exhibited self confidence. What do you think.

Many people jump to wrong conclusions every day like I did about the seat.

Why did I not find out? Had I asked, surely I would have been told it wasn’t reserved for any body and I would have occupied it.

I paid the price of my failure to seek and get the right information by standing throughout the Mass.

Information is power. When you are informed, you are placed in a position to take useful decisions. When you are not informed, you take wrong decisions. Hence, we must always seek to get correct, not fake information.

Another lesson has to do with opportunities. Opportunities open up to us everyday and we fail to take them because we do not see them. The reason may be we are not informed or we have jumped to a wrong conclusion about the situation.

If we do not take an opportunity that opens to us, someone may come from behind and take it.

We have to be vigilant and smart and seize the opportunities that God places on our path.

As you go about life today, be attentive to the things that will happen around you. Opportunities will open up. Seize your opportunity before someone comes from behind and does so.

Opportunities (Be inspired today 136 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

What are you doing
With your opportunities?
Some people sit
On their opportunities;
Some people sleep
On their opportunities;
Some people stand
On their opportunities
What of you?
If you sit on
Your opportunities,
Or sleep on
Your opportunities,
Or stand on
Your opportunities
You are putting them in
The wrong place.
Opportunities should be
Opportunities should be
Opportunities are
unrefined gold
Put on your path by God;
They are blessings
Still to reach you,
Receive and utilize them
Instead of sitting
Or sleeping on them.

Excelling with disabilities

I know many persons
Who are excelling
With disabilities;
Yes, many are shining;
What do you say they have?
I say they have other abilities
And how amazing!
These people don’t need
Your sympathy
But understanding;
And opportunities to make
The most of their abilities.
May we work towards a society
With opportunities
For people with disabilities
Or better still, other abilities;
To make the most of their

The good thing about life

The good thing about life,
What I like about life,
Or what pleases me
About life is,
If you know what you want,
Go for it,
And never give up;
You will one day get it
If you keep learning
How to get it
And implementing
The knowledge you get.
Life does not discriminate;
Whether you are black or white,
Whether you are
Tall or short,
Whether you are
Fat or small,
Whether you
Whether you are
Handsome or ugly,
Whether you are
Beautiful or plain,
You can succeed;
You can even get
To the topmost rung
Of the ladder of life.
In a nutshell,
It all depends on
What you do,
Or how you tackle life;
Everybody has a good chance;
I mean everybody;
True, that some may have
Better chances,
But in the final analysis
Your condition at take off,
The size of what you
Start off with
Or where you start off
Are not as important as
How you run the race.
Many have come from behind
And won the race
While those who were far ahead,
And most tipped to in
Never even featured
Among those who received
Consolation prizes.
Wherever you find yourself,
Is a gold mine;
Don’t sit on it
And give excuses;
Start to dig;
And never stop
Till you hit gold;
That is
What I like about life.
That is
The truth about life.
That is
The good thing about life. The road is clear for all.


Opportunities are stepping-stones
To success;
You may call them building-blocks
Of the edifice called success.
One by one, you bring up the walls of your edifice;
Stepping on them, you cross over to the green land of success.
They are not to be wasted;
They are to be valued;
They are to be well exploited
To accomplish the mission for which
They are put on our path.

Let’s talk about this!

There are lots of people who see no good in themselves. They see the best qualities in others; but look at themselves and see nothing to write home about.

Are you like this?

The neighbor’s children are all smart; theirs are not. The colleague is lucky, they are not. The other person is beautiful; they are not. The other person has a sweet voice; they don’t.

The list can continue.

This is what is meant by seeing the grass greener on the other side of the fence. We play up other people’s blessings and opportunities and play down ours. This is not healthy, is it?

Let’s talk about it.

Take your seat

I recently gave a talk to student-teachers. What I told them, I tell you also. I told them “You can make it to where your heart desires.”

So too can you.

They can make it to the top, just by doing their work.

So too can you.

There is no job that does not have the potential to take you to greatness. All depends on how you do it; and how you use the opportunities available in it.

We have seen cleaners who have ended at the top because of the way they cleaned. There are barbers who have built mansions; taxi-drivers who have done marvels; house-boys who have become university professors.

Whatever you are doing, do it to the best of your ability. Search for all the opportunities available in it; and make your way to where you like to go.

Do not underestimate your possibilities. You have a seat at the summit waiting for you. Shall you get there and occupy it.

If you are not ready, don’t worry. There is someone who is ready.

Dont seize your opportunity…

Opportunities are everywhere. Did you now that? They are everywhere for grabs by those who are smart. If you don’t seize yours, someone else will.

Once, I missed a very little opportunity, but it left a lasting impression on me. I got to Church when the Church was full. All the seats had been taken except for one which I spotted but concluded that it certainly had been reserved for an important personality. My mind went to the Hon. Speaker of the House who usually came to our Church.

This seat remained empty while many people were standing and none took it. The others must have thought like me that it had been reserved.

After about twenty minutes, a lady alighted from her car, dashed into church, looked round and seeing the empty seat, went straight and occupied it. Nobody stopped her. She sat comfortably throughout the celebration. It turned out that the seat had not been reserved at all for anybody. For a reason that no one could say, it was just empty waiting for someone to take it; and the person turned up.

This little incident teaches many lessons:

1. I gave myself a baseless excuse for not taking the seat.
2. I created an artificial barrier.
3. I was negative in my thinking.
4. I was quick to jump to a conclusion.
5. I did not find out from those sitting by if the seat had been reserved.
6. I either lacked courage or I was timid or indolent.

What was the result of my wrong action or inaction? I had to bear the consequence which was to stand up for the three-hour celebration.

Definitely, that was just one of millions of opportunities that were missed that day in the world because of baseless excuses or barriers that people put on their way.

Can you recall an opportunity which you failed to grab because of an unfounded excuse or an unnecessary barrier that you created?

You have to be alert to see the opportunities that God puts on your path for your good. Don’t only see them; grab them. If you do not, others will. Then you will begin to complain that God does not favor you and only favors others; whereas He puts opportunities right in your palms but you fail to grab them. Of course, when you don’t, another person does or others do.